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Remitano Clone Script
Launch a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Like Remitano Today!

The emergence of cryptocurrency as an exponentially secured transaction medium has been nothing short of disruptive, with more and more businesses and individuals adopting the highly decentralized currency to buy and sell stuff. Owing to its innate difficulty in grasping the working and proceedings of a specific cryptocurrency, it didn’t reach its potential. Enter Peer-to-Peer exchange platforms, which revolutionized the way crypto exchanges are made, with a relaxing overtone of security and speed. We proffer you an opportunity to cash in the universal appeal with our Remitano Clone- an all-encompassing P2P cryptocurrency like Bitcoin exchange application that’ll sure to skyrocket your entrepreneurial efforts.


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What is a Remitano Clone?

Remitano Clone is a holistic cryptocurrency exchange application that operates among individual buyers and sellers, a.k.a. peer-to-peer transactions on the lines of one of the widely used crypto exchange firms, Remitano. Infused with superior superimpositions of security tools, the Remitano clone enables superfast Bitcoin transactions and an exclusive wallet for storage purposes. It’s time you consider going global with our eccentric Remitano Clone!

Highlighted Features
of Remitano Clone

Steal a look into the features that make our Remitano Clone a world-class P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Escrow Wallet

Confidentiality gives rise to confidence in the trade as our Remitano clone flaunts the Escrow wallet that establishes funds' security during the transaction process. A clean differentiator!

Trading Bots

Effortless leverage of profits is now possible with crypto trading bots that automate the buying and selling process based on real-time statistics.

Proximity Match

Deploying an intelligent matching engine that sorts out traders along with the various filters and preferences, users can zero on their most compatible trader.

GDPR Compliance

Our Remitano Clone stringently adheres to the regulations of GDPR and is an entirely legal crypto exchange solution.

Dispute Management

The smooth flow of business operations is ensured by a comprehensive dispute management system that aids prompt resolution of disputes.

Payments Integration

With the number of payment options exceeding over 300, buying and selling cryptocurrencies is now a cakewalk with our Remitano Clone.

In-App Messaging

Enable your users to get to know the sellers and every nuance of their offering through an in-built chat module that works like magic.

Advanced Analytics

Proffer the business owner with analytical reports of pivotal significance that embodies a comparison of the platform's crucial performance metrics.

Cryptocurrency Swap

Feeding with live market valuation and price opinions, users can swap between available iterations of cryptocurrency to facilitate margin trades.

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Security Features
Of Our Remitano Clone Script

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Ramp up the security level of user wallets by imposing a two-factor authentication besides the staple PIN and password verification.

  • DDoS Mitigation

    Denial-of-service attacks are non-existent as intelligent DDoS mitigation services protect our Remitano clone.

  • End-to-End Chat Encryption

    Complete privacy is asserted with wholesome encryption of in-app communication services serving as a breather for the platform's stakeholders.

  • Anti-Phishing Software

    Shielding the massive data functionality from the clutches of hampering intrusion from the Internet, the anti-phishing software integration establishes heightened security.

  • Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection

    Malicious links are effortlessly eliminated with the ingrained CSRF protection conferred to our Remitano clone script.

  • Multisig-enabled Wallet

    An extensive overtone of security is ensured as every wallet in the P2P exchange platform requires multi verification and authentication for access.

  • KYC/AML Verification

    On the grounds that your Remitano clone must be free from fraud, every user is verified per KYC regulations of your country.

The Best-in-Class P2P Crypto Exchange Software of the Decade. Now at an affordable price.

Remitano-Like P2P Crypto Exchange Platform Development

Appdupe’s luminary crypto exchange solution, the Reminato Clone, is the perfect blend of towering security and striking features, cumulatively imparting a superior cryptocurrency trading experience. Our smart deployment of breakthrough technology ensures users trade with peace of mind without a fuss.

How Does Remitano Clone Script Work?

  • 1

    Sellers willing to sell their Bitcoin must register into the exchange platform where Bitcoins are automatically sent into the escrow wallet for secured transactions.

  • 2

    Once the trade is confirmed and the seller receives the payment, Bitcoins are transferred to the buyer wallet, and a 1% transaction fee is added to the escrow account.

  • 3

    Users are enabled to storm into the Remitano clone instantly by entering the imperative information like email address, username, password, etc.

  • 4

    The KYC verification is initiated as user documents under local laws are uploaded and are notified once the authentication process has been completed.

  • 5

    Admins can effectively monitor the buyers and sellers and can place ads, including the crypto price and payment details.

  • 6

    Once a buyer requests an order and finds the suitable seller, the seller transfers the ordered crypto to escrows and sends the proof through in-app chat on payment completion.

  • 7

    When the seller confirms the payment status by clicking ‘Payment Received,’ the cryptos from escrows are directly moved to the buyer wallet.

  • 8

    If the buyer completes the payment and still does not receive the ordered cryptos in his/her wallet, a dispute can be raised against the seller by the ‘Dispute Resolution’ option and will be notified to the escrow.

What do you get
with our Remitano Clone?

Every iteration of our inventive Remitano Clone consists of the following crucial offerings to scale up your crypto business.

  • Android App

  • iOS App

  • Web development

    Web Front End

  • Powerful Admin Panel

  • Free Software Updates

Exhaustive List of Features
of our Remitano Clone

  • Swift RegistrationUsers can willingly enter the P2P exchange platform by registering through email addresses, phone numbers, or local social media credentials.

  • User ProfileAccount attributes such as username, password, location, preferred payment method, etc., can be configured by users.

  • Search SellersBy entering the critical parameters such as currency, exchange rate, etc., users check out potential sellers of the cryptocurrency.

  • Order RequestUsers are proffered with the ability to instantly post order requests by mentioning the type of cryptocurrency needed, price, exchange rate, and the payment method, etc.

  • Matching EnginePowered with an astute matching engine that connects buyers with sellers based on a range of criteria, including rating, exchange rate, geolocation, etc., to automate crypto exchanges.

  • Live ChatImmediate resolvement of queries and better construction of deals are ensured as buyers and sellers can negotiate over a secured in-app chat feature.

  • Payment IntegrationTo expedite uncomplicated transactions, users are provided with a multitude of payment options, including PayPal, Amazon Pay, credit/debit cards, Net Banking, and much more.

  • Geo LocationSelecting compatible sellers is now a cakewalk as users can handpick sellers based on their preferred location, language, currency, etc.

  • Withdraw/Deposit FundsHarnessing the revolutionary blockchain technology, users can send/receive payments for buying/selling cryptos without a hitch.

  • SupportUsers can instantly avail to telephonic technical support and other means of trading assistance from the platform's business owner.

  • Admin DashboardConferring admins with a telescopic view and a range of control parameters, effective management of the entire crypto trade proceedings is assured.

  • Manage UsersAdmins have access to a consolidated list of the user base of the platform along with their complete details such as user ID, documents, trade history, etc.

  • Manage TransactionAdmins are accredited with detailed information about transactions taking place on the Remitano clone, including transaction history, exchange rate, timestamps, parties, etc.

  • Manage VerificationKeeping track of user accounts, along with their verification documents, is maintained through this feature.

  • Analytical ReportsAdmins are concorded with tailor-made presentations based on real-time transaction statistics and other crucial business metrics.

  • Support CornerAdmins can readily resolve any technical issues or discrepancies between users and also engage in affirmative action to upgrade the platform.

  • Review and RatingsUsers can express their opinion about the trade experience at the end of every transaction through awarding ratings and reviews on an exclusive field.

  • Multi-AuthenticationInfusing an additional security layer, users are provided with two-factor authentication, availing adequate protection against CSRF and XSS attacks.

  • Multilingual SupportTo leverage a global user base, business owners are entitled to provide their services and support in multiple languages.

  • Social Media IntegrationRegistration and Login are streamlined by exporting user data from their social media accounts. A critical time saver!

Revenue Model Offered
in Remitano Clone

Our Remitano clone is devised to infuse the ascendance of multiple revenue streams to rejuvenate your P2P cryptocurrency exchange business.

Commission FeeFor every successful transaction taking place over your platform, you can receive a prefixed percentage of the amount as commission. This is your staple methodology of generating revenue from the application.

Freemium FeeBy providing the necessary services for free, and charging for special features like unlimited ad posting, access to multiple payment methods, verification badge, etc., business owners can supersize their offering.

Publication FeeYou can inflict a substantial charge for integrating new cryptocurrency into your platform. For any exchange platform with automatic trading features, publication fee collection is mandatory irrespective of user transactions.

Web MiningBy deploying advanced computers for cryptocurrency mining, business owners can chip in a fair percentage of revenue, which can be increased by upscaling the crypto exchange platform.

PromotionsLease out your platform spaces like banners to third-parties and charge a good chunk of the amount as a promotion fee. You can also sponsor in-platform user ads for a charge.

Launch a highly secured, feature-rich P2P crypto exchange platform like Remitano.


Why start a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Remitano?

Platforms like Remitano have transformed the way crypto exchanges are done with their natural ease of usage and lightning-fast transactions. Here are some of the benefits you’ll acquire by launching a Remitano like P2P crypto exchange platform.

Escrow Wallet

Immersing the transaction process in a highly secured environment, the cryptos are transferred to the escrow wallets and only when the transaction is completed, and it is moved to the respective user wallet.

KYC Verification

Pristine transaction ecosystem is ensured as every user in the platform is verified in accordance with KYC regulations to register as an active user.

Proximity Match

Only the most compatible sellers are suggested to the buyers by employing various sorting algorithms accumulated into a powerful matching engine.

Dispute Management

Any disputes within sellers, buyers, and escrows are promptly notified to admins and can be effortlessly resolved at the quickest possible time.

Feedback Mechanism

Reasoned trading decisions are encouraged as users can register their opinions at the end of every transaction taking on the platform.

Private Chat

To know sellers' identity and compatibility, users can connect with them through the in-built chat feature anytime.

Benefit In Our Remitano Escrow Clone Script

For Traders

By filling a form, users can list their tokens in the exchange platform.

Users can avail of the lucrative affiliate program.

Users can chip in extra money through the referral program.

Deploy the intelligent trading bots to track crypto trends.

IEO can be leveraged by the users willingly.

For Admins

Admins can readily access user profiles, transaction history, and block any user in case of suspicious activity.

Admins can automate the KYC verification process through software integrations.

Multiple revenue streams, including commission fees, listing fees, the premium fee can be inflicted by admins.

Admins can readily permit traders who wish to sell tokens on your exchange platform.

Admins can proffer crypto trading options like binary trading, P2P lending, margin trading, etc.

How to Launch a Platform like Remitano?

Developing an all-including, holistic Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange platform might seem like a tedious task, but with our superlative solutions, you can instantly start a platform like Remitano and seize your entrepreneurial glory. We facilitate the following solutions:

White-Label Remitano Clone PHP Script
Customized Cryptocurrency Exchange Software
Readymade Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

An 100% Customizable Remitano-like P2P Exchange Crypto Exchange Platform for your Business.



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DDoS Protection
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Why Choose Us?

At Appdupe, we situate our headlining team of distinguished developers who collaborate with crypto industry mavericks to conceptualize and create a world-class P2P exchange platform. Below are some of the reasons why global clients choose us for their P2P crypto exchange development.

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Revenue generation is made easy as you can get paid through commissions, transaction fees, promotion fees, third-party advertising, etc.

Depending on a plethora of factors such as features to be integrated, tech stack to be deployed, and required customization, the cost varies from project to project. Connect with our experts to know the exact cost of development.

You can become a fully operational business owner in the shortest time possible as our Remitano clone can be launched in a matter of days.

With integrations such as affiliate programs, liquidity API, trade on binance, margin trade, etc., your business can scale big in a short time.

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