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Smart contracts are software, coded with blockchain technology for the purpose of automating process execution. To explain without any frills, a smart contract is a bunch of promises that are set between two parties to eliminate the intervention of a third-party. The job of a smart contract in an application or platform is to validate transactions that get initiated by the users.

With the development of smart contract-supported online platforms, users can benefit from availing of secured and faster services. Furthermore, since smart contracts are self-executing, there will be no occurrence of errors, which will be a possibility, if it is otherwise.

With Appdupe as your blockchain tech partner, you can create your own smart contract for a plethora of decentralized projects. Also, we would like to add that besides developing enterprise-range development solutions, providing curated marketing services also fall under our specialization. Let us know what we’d like to cover for your business venture!

Our Extensive Range Of Smart Contract Development Services

Smart Contract DevelopmentThe core of any decentralized platform is the smart contract that is embedded in it. Right from Ethereum smart contract development to building smart contracts on any other blockchains, our development team will nail it.

Smart Contract For StakingWe can build smart contracts exclusively for managing the staking function, where token owners will stake a specific number of tokens for a specific period on the platform to gain rewards.

Smart Contracts For Real Estate TokenizationReal estate tokenization is one of the evolving hypotheses that enables users to convert their real estate properties into tokens. When a property owner and a buyer express consent for trading, the smart contract will execute the transaction.

Smart Contract For dAppDecentralized applications or dApps are backed by smart contracts, which will determine the way the application has to function.

Smart Contract For Digital Wallet A digital wallet is a blockchain-based software that carries the purpose of storing digital assets, which requires multi-sign for validating the transactions. If you have plans to develop a digital wallet, set out to us.

Smart Contracts For Reward Distribution Decentralized platforms distribute rewards to platform users who stake a particular number of tokens for a certain time period. We can develop smart contracts for your platform that will govern the process of distributing rewards to eligible users.

Custom Smart Contract DevelopmentWe can build smart contracts tailored to your business model by letting you choose blockchain tech.

Smart Contract Auditing One of our core services includes smart contract audit services to ensure there aren’t any vulnerabilities through a set of automated test cases.

Smart Contract OptimizationDeploying smart contracts on the blockchain consumes gas to a greater extent, which will simultaneously increase the gas fees. Our developers will help you in reducing the gas fees by optimizing the smart contracts.

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Our Other Unique Smart Contract Development Services

Our blockchain-native smart contract ecosystem designates itself in varied applications and offers glitch-free service for the smooth functioning of the application.

Off-chain computationOff-chain data constitutes the data that is external to the blockchains, maybe real-time data or that which is present on other blockchains. Smart contracts consume the data over the on-chain for computation which is exclusively brought from off-chain using Decentralized oracle networks (DONs).

Off-chain – On-chain merge The DONs bring the off-chain data to the on-chain, thus unlocking advanced smart contracts for building applications on the blockchain. This can substantially grow endless use cases of smart contracts.

Financial smart contractorThe smart contracts enable the aggregation of the DeFi ecosystem to global market-related price data for stablecoins, lending and borrowing, and other protocols.

Split royaltySmart contracts are created to distribute the royalty among multiple contributors. The royalty splits, for example, when the music link created by a smart contract is shared, then users who access the music file pay the price, which is distributed to the owners or creators and others equally.

Random allocationRandom allocation using a smart contract involves the cryptographic function called a verifiable random function that decides whether the user will win the NFTs during the trade.

What Are The Attributes Of Smart Contracts?

Transparency & Credibility The entire operation of the smart contracts will be automatically recorded on the blockchain, hence being visible to anyone. Besides, smart contracts that are deployed on the blockchain cannot be destroyed or altered, which showcases their trustworthiness. Hence, smart contracts are both transparent and credible.

Automated & EfficientThe execution of smart contracts will occur automatically based on the trigger from the respective on-chain transactions. This automated execution totally avoids human intervention, which will otherwise cause errors. Hence, they’re highly efficient.

Security One of the core features of blockchain tech is immutability, meaning it is not prone to hacks. As smart contracts are coded using blockchain technology, and all the transactions are stored in the distributed ledger, there is no possibility of hacks.

Empower Your Business Platform With Smart Contract Integration

Crucial Use Cases Of Smart Contracts

  • Identity ManagementIndividuals can preserve their identity or personal information through smart contracts. Our expertise smart contract development team will help you create smart contracts for self-identity.

  • Gaming Blockchain-powered games are secured with smart contracts to auto-execute various transactions like rewards distribution to players, in-game assets trading, and a variety of other functions.

  • Media & EntertainmentMedia and entertainment are two of the swiftly growing industries, and now, they are progressing their way into blockchain technology. With smart contracts implemented in online media/entertainment platforms, content owners can claim ownership and monetize easily.

  • Finance & TechnologyFintech platforms are the ones that need to be more secure, transparent, and reliable. If you are planning to develop fintech platforms featuring insurance, mortgage, bill payments, international trading, etc., get smart contract development from us.

  • Supply Chain ManagementSmart contract development can be of great help in supply chain management. Since smart contracts claim to auto-execute on the basis of pre-mentioned conditions, the entire operation from manufacture to distribution can easily be optimized without hassles or human intervention.

  • Healthcare Streamline healthcare operations like verifying and preserving patients’ details. With smart contract development, every healthcare-related operation can be processed without errors.

Blockchains On Which We Build Smart Contracts

  • EthereumMake the most out of the Ethereum smart contract development that renders benefits like scalability, huge network size, and EVM compatibility for building applications.

  • PolygonSmart contract development on Polygon will be the best for developing dApps. Polygon is known for supporting faster transactions, staking, and low transaction fees.

  • SolanaWe are experts in smart contract development on Solana, and we can provide development services for any type of blockchain project you propose. With your platform or application built on Solana, users can experience faster transactions and minimal gas fees.

  • HyperledgerIn contrast to other blockchains, Hyperledger is a permissioned and private blockchain network. Hyperledger will also be suitable for developing decentralized applications, and our developers have hands-on experience in developing dApps on Hyperledger.

  • StellarStellar blockchain supports multiple currencies, instant transactions, and low transaction costs. Choose Stellar smart contract development for developing platforms that function with high precision levels.

  • TRONCreate decentralized applications with TRON smart contract development that claims to process transactions at a faster rate. With TRON, you can get to develop dApps that are scalable, efficient, and secure.

  • EOS Let us create new-age decentralized apps with EOS smart contract development. EOS doesn’t charge any transaction fees and provides governance to users.

What Does Our Smart Contract Development Services Cover?

  • Develop dAppsOur dApp development services cover a wide portfolio like crypto wallets, tokens, IDO/IGO launchpads, gaming platforms, etc. Propose your business idea to us, and we’ll give it shape.

  • Ensure Interoperability We can build cross-chain compatible smart contracts that will enable the interaction between different blockchains. So, your platform users will benefit from interoperability, which will again boost the liquidity.

  • Customized Development SolutionsWhen you develop your decentralized platform from us, you can take away the customization benefit. Customize the features, smart contracts, and the blockchain tech to be used.

  • Cover Diverse Industries We are capable of providing development solutions for projects featuring diverse industries like finance, healthcare, media, entertainment, gaming, etc.

Get Smart Contract Application Developed From Us

Why Should You Prefer Our Smart Contract Development Company?

  • Customized smart contract development

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Experienced in handling different blockchains

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Constant project support

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A smart contract is an auto-executing and digital agreement that is built using blockchain technology, which makes it secure, immutable, and transparent. Smart contracts will replace the need for middlemen's involvement since process execution happens automatically.
Yes, smart contracts will soon be adopted by businesses to streamline their process and operations. Hence, now is the time to create your own smart contract and integrate it with your platform.
There are multiple blockchains that are suitable for developing smart contracts. We develop smart contracts on various blockchains like Ethereum, Hyperledger, TRON, Polygon, Solana, EOS, etc.
Contact a smart contract development company that can create customized smart contracts for your dApps.

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