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What Is An IDO Launchpad?

IDO launchpads are the present-day fund-raising platforms for crypto-related projects. The blockchain world has witnessed a few other models in the past to raise funds but deliberately failed due to certain drawbacks. IDO is the evolved and matured version that solves all the setbacks of all those previous models.

To get enrolled for Initial DEX Offering, an entrepreneur approaches an IDO launchpad and shares their whitepaper, yellow paper (technical data), and furthermore details. A team in the launchpad verifies the project and allows them to list their tokens on their decentralized platform. This process of verification in DEX platforms instills trust in the investors who are looking out for visionary projects to invest in. This attribute of providing credibility to projects and the decentralized nature has made IDO stand out as the ideal model for fundraising.

Talk to our team of blockchain experts and start building a launchpad to uplift brilliant ideas.

Polkastarter Clone - Create and Launch a New IDO Launchpad Like Polkastarter!

Web 3.0 is here! A new decentralized beginning in the virtual world is grooving. And blockchain technology is finding its way into the thick and thin of things, supposedly bolstering itself as the future. As a part of this new future in the making, countless entrepreneurs are coming up with brilliant blockchain projects. But, how do they build these projects? As their first step to inching towards their vision, they need to raise capital. The most efficient way of raising capital in today’s crypto world is Initial DEX Offering. And these fund-raising events are held on IDO platforms like Polkastarter.

Create a DEX platform that can empower upcoming crypto-based projects with our Polkastarter clone now and lead your way into the revolution like a boss.

Our Clients

What Is A Polkastarter Clone?

Polkastarter clone is a pre-engineered solution of the leading DEX platform Polkastarter. It is crafted carefully with all the exclusive features that make the Polkastarter clone an ideal platform to raise funds. It also gives entrepreneurs a head-start to launch their IDO platform instantly by adding some tweaks to it as per their ideas to make it unique. With our Polkastarter clone, your entry into the lucrative crypto world is just a few days away. Get connected with us to know more about this awesome readymade solution.

Polkastarter - An Overview

Polkastarter is a well-renowned decentralized platform for fundraising. It enables upcoming projects in the crypto world to raise funds to develop their ideas in a decentralized and interoperable environment by cross-chain token pools. It has been lauded by a huge crowd of crypto-enthusiasts for its secure ultra-fast swaps, cost-effective transactions, user-friendly design, and for making buying and moving assets between blockchains a feasible one.

This platform was first to go live in December 2020. It has witnessed some tremendous growth in the short time and turned out to be one of the globally acclaimed DEX platforms that have hosted numerous crypto projects. The native utility token of Polkastarter in POLS. The value of POLS has grown 500% times from the time it was launched, proving the massive progress of the launchpad. Launch an IDO Token launchpad on Polkadot and escalate your standard in the market.

What Are The Use Cases Of Polkastarter Clone?

Fundraising Startups approach a DEX platform like Polkastarter to raise capital for their project via Initial DEX Offerings. It is a prominent use case for any IDO token launchpad.

OTCTokens can be traded privately between two individuals. The seller and the buyer negotiate and fix a price accepted by both parties and trade with private OTC deals.

WhitelistingUsers can get access to discounted sales by whitelisting themselves on upcoming projects that they are interested in.

Features Of Our Cross-Chain Decentralized IDO Launchpad

Cross-Chain SwapThe IDO Launchpad Like Polkastarter enables users to trade tokens across different blockchains seamlessly.

Fixed SwapThe crypto projects can list their tokens for a fixed price. This fixed price will remain constant for all tokens until the initial supply is bought. This provides stability to new tokens.

Anti-Scam MeasuresAnti-scam measures are implemented into the platform to provide trust to the users. Thus, the users will be able to check the details of a token like token contract age, poxy patterns, blacklists, token holders, transaction volume, etc.

Liquidity MiningLiquidity mining programs can be run on the platform. The users who contribute to the liquidity can be incentivized for their participation.

Private Pools & WhitelistingPolkastarter, like IDO launchpad, allows projects to whitelist users and provide private sales for them. Password-protected pools can be organized for such IDOs exclusively for the whitelisted audience.

Permissionless ListingsDEX platforms like Polkastarter promote a permissionless environment to stay true to the word decentralization. Any user can create and launch a fixed swap token pool using the protocols.

How Does Our Cross-chain Decentralized IDO Launchpad Work?

A breakdown of the workflow of our Polkastarter like IDO launchpad,

  • The new crypto projects approach the DEX platform with their whitepaper, yellow paper, and other documentation to get listed.

  • The submitted records are verified by the launchpad before listing them in the upcoming projects.

  • The users can sign up with the launchpad and start surfing around the listed projects.

  • A detailed report on each project will be available, which the users can go through before requesting a whitelist.

  • The projects accept the whitelist request as per their limit.

  • Once the Initial DEX Offerings of the project are live, the users can start buying the tokens.

Launch A Native Token Like POLS
For Your Cross-chain Decentralized IDO Launchpad

As a part of our Polkastarter Like IDO Launchpad Development, you also get to develop a native token for your launchpad similar to POLS of Polkastarter. It is necessary to launch a native token for various reasons, with liquidity mining being the most significant of all. The native token can also be used as the governance token, meaning the native token holders will have the right to vote in the future decisions of the platform. Undoubtedly, the native token can be used as the primary token for payment of transaction fees. This increases the liquidity of the token. Reward the native token holders with perks like access to participate in the sale of some exclusive projects. Your token can be developed on any blockchain network as per your business interests.

Benefits Of IDO Platform Development Like Polkastarter

  • Quick TradingThe DEX platform offers the decentralized project tokens instant trading facility. The tokens can be purchased by whitelisted users for a minimal price and traded for higher prices later.

  • TrustworthyThe IDO launchpad team will verify the documentation submitted by all upcoming decentralized projects. Only if they are convinced that the project is sustainable, it will be listed on the platform. This develops trust in the projects.

  • Immediate LiquidityThe tokens of new crypto projects listed on an IDO launchpad are paired along with an altcoin, providing the required liquidity pool instantly.

  • EconomicalIn decentralized platforms like Polkastarter clone, the cost to create a new smart contract for tokens is minimal.

  • A Fair TradeUnlike an ICO or IEO in an IDO, everyone, irrespective of being a biggie or a day trader, gets to buy tokens if they have been whitelisted the project.

Categorization Of Projects Listed On Your Platform

Trending ProjectsPresent your users with a list of projects that have received a warm reception from the audience recently.

Recently ListedThe new projects that have just been verified and listed can be found here by the users.

Upcoming ProjectsAnnounce in advance about the projects that may see the shore soon here. The users can study the project and brace themselves to invest in them.

Lowest PriceThe projects that have listed their tokens for a less expensive value can be logged here.

Highest PriceThe projects that have listed their tokens for high prices can be indexed below this category.

Most ViewedGive the users a picture of the decentralized projects that have been visited by more number of individuals when compared to the other projects.

Insight Yourself On Our Roadmap
For IDO Platform Development Like Polkastarter

  • 1

    Planning The first phase of launching an IDO platform is analyzing and working on a plan to develop an ideal DEX launchpad that suits your vision.

  • 2

    Whitepaper Drafting Once done with the planning, our team of skillful writers drafts a whitepaper that presents a detailed report on the vision, mission, and tokenomics of your project.

  • 3

    Design & Development Now that we are done with the written part, our team of designers and developers will collect and curate the key operable features of your launchpad and start developing a website.

  • 4

    Token Creation While the platform is being built, we simultaneously create a native token for your launchpad.

  • 5

    Marketing & Fundraising Make the announcements on the launch of your platform to the world with effective marketing campaigns.

  • 6

    Listing Services Get your native tokens listed on other fundraising platforms to raise the capital to build your product.

  • 7

    Product Development Once you have raised the required funds, let's get into the development process of your launchpad.

Why Choose Us For A Polkastarter Like IDO Platform Development?

  • Masters Of BlockchainNot to boast, but yes, our developers have mastered themselves when it comes to blockchain technology. They have made it by building diverse projects for our various clients.

  • SecurityWhen you launch a White-label Polkatstarter Clone, it is important to build it with high-end security features, and we understand it and ensure your platform is framed with enough security measures.

  • Multi-Chain CompatibilityWe build you a Cross-chain Decentralized IDO Launchpad that enables efficient transaction of multi-chain tokens.

  • Meticulous Testing Process We run numerous tests meticulously on the fully-developed IDO platform to ensure there are no glitches.

  • Long-Time SupportAppdupe provides long-time support to our clients. We keep continuing our support services to clients even post-launch of the platform.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The blockchain is always your choice. You name it, and we help you develop an IDO launchpad in it. We also can build a multi-chain platform if your idea requires it. The prominent blockchain networks we work with are Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Polygon, Polkadot, TRON, Binance SmartChain, FLOW, EOS, Tezos, and whatnot. For example, we can also develop the Polkastarter like IDO launchpad on Ethereum.
Yes, we do. We create a native token for your Polkarstarter Like Fundraising Platform. The token can be of any standard as per your requirements.
In addition to the Polkastarter clone, we also build the BSC Pad clone, TrustPad clone, SolStarter clone, DAO Maker clone, etc.
Our Polkastarter clone is a pre-engineered solution that can be launched instantly by tweaking it as per your needs. However, the exact time to develop one depends on the number and complexity of the customizations you ask for.
Yes, we provide a multi-channel marketing service to promote your IDO launchpad. It includes Discord marketing, Press release, Social media ads, email campaigns, Bounty programs, etc.

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