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It’s Time To Actualize Your NFT Game Development Like CryptoKitties!

Blockchain games are on a mission to disrupt the online gaming industry and have been successful in doing so. Since blockchains are open-source and don’t require permission, any adept developer can build games on them. Trailing this, there are multiple grounds with respect to the incredible growth and adoption of NFT games.

Are you constantly trying to comprehend why NFT games are widely preferred? Then you must know the value of each collectible inside the game that players can purchase and get mileage out of it. In the line of top-striking NFT games, Cryptokitties is a not-to-be-excluded one.

The hypothesis of Cryptokitties like games is employing really pretty cat-like avatars that are highly unique and can be bought, nurtured, and sold. As of the last 7 days, the overall sales volume of Cryptokitties is $253k. While you have got our Cryptokitties like game development solution, why would you look further? You can call us even right away!

Bringing Forward To You Our Cryptokitties Clone

The rate of adoption of NFT games in contemporary times is high, which may galvanize you to launch one. However, the entire approach to developing any NFT gaming platform counts in effort and definitely takes a longer period.

To help you set out on the NFT space with a gaming platform, we offer specifically-curated Cryptokitties software that gives the nod to comprehensive customizations. Voila, develop a blockchain gaming platform that houses enchanting kitties/avatars and lets players acquire striking experience.

Our Clients

Unfolding The Workflow Of Our CryptoKitties Clone Development Solution

The whole concept of blockchain technology may seem exhausting. However, accessing NFT gaming platforms is next to simple and that’s also one of the remarkable reasons for high user adoption. Here, we have come up with a picture of how our Cryptokitties like gaming platform solution works. See through!

  • Sign-upTo start off, potential players need to sign-up for your Cryptokitties like platform. Firstly, the platform asks for providing the email address and a nickname (which is optional). No prolonged registration process!

  • Wallet IntegrationThe immediate step after registration is wallet integration. As the concept of this gaming platform is to purchase the avatars, breed, and trade them, storing all these avatars requires a wallet. If you want your platform to be integrated with wallets of your choice, we will get it done.

  • Purchase AvatarsTo commence off playing, gamers need to purchase avatars, which are 100% distinct and available in the marketplace, by transferring funds from their digital wallet. There is no set limit to purchase the number of avatars.

  • Participate In BattlesLet players tap into the battle! The platform hosts different battles and players can let the avatars into the battle. It will be so much fun to participate in battles and take home multiple rewards.

  • Breeding Breeding is where players will match two avatars of different genders to acquire offspring. Here, players can use two of their avatars, which they bought from the marketplace. The offspring produced as the result of the breeding process will belong to a different generation and have a set of unique traits.

  • Selling If the players feel they want to sell their avatars on the marketplace at any point in time, they can do so. Owners of avatars can create an auction, fix a minimum auction price, and the end date to sell the avatars.

Our Line Of Action To Develop Games Like Cryptokitties

What do you think the approach we carry out to develop your NFT gaming platform similar to Cryptokitties? This section is dedicated to imparting knowledge on how we give shape to your gaming platform to make it an unexceptional one.

Curating Avatars Kitties are in themselves cute. Agree? However, every kitty needs to hold unique features and be appealing in addition. Our clan of designers will devote themselves to coming up with unique kitties. Generally, kitties on the platform will own attributes, like color, glasses, accessories, etc. if you want to add some more attributes to them, you’re more than welcome.

Designing The Platform The critical phase is the designing and development of your marketplace platform. We know the need to keep your platform distinguishable from other platforms as well as keep players tied up. We achieve these by employing virtuoso developers who will come up with an elegant design and that sits well with your requirements.

Feature-Set Integration As much as it is necessary to make the design of the platform appealing, players must also seek it simple to access the platform. Do you know? We can customize anything from kitties to features, thereby delivering customer-centric platform solutions.

How Our Cryptokitties Like Marketplace Is Extremely Highlighting?

Hey, if you are still in the consideration stage on whether to get our Cryptokitties clone software, we have got you covered with some highlights of the software solution.

Rarity is the foremost and key attribute of every virtual kitty we develop for your platform. Our blockchain developers make use of ERC-721, a token standard for NFTs, to assure the digital kitties are completely unique.

Our platform allows the breeding of kitties, which will hold a totally different set of attributes and uniqueness.

Our platform employs a Genetic Algorithm that contains multiple sets of genes. So, to create kitties, this algorithm will be deployed, which will produce kitties with different genes based on permutations and combinations.

Tracking your ownership in accordance with the kitties you purchased, is possible through the smart contracts underpinned with each kitty.

Before winding up the list, the Play2Earn opportunity offered on the platform cannot be ruled out. Play2Earn is a feature that proffers gamers amazing rewards in the form of cryptos on accomplishing certain objectives.

  • Why Especially Our Cryptokitties-like Platform?

    By now, you could have got a perception of how the Cryptokitties like marketplace will be and how it works in real-time. Basically, Cryptokitties or similar platforms that support creating rare avatars, breeding, and selling them involve transaction fees. Every time players perform any of these activities on the marketplace, they will have to pay transaction fees through their wallets.

    From this, you need to understand that players/platform users should find it smooth to make transactions. And that’s where you need to rope in our Cryptokitties like gaming marketplace solution. We ensure to develop a flawless back-end that zeros in on supporting quick transactions. Cool!

A List Of Exceptional Features In Our Gaming Solution

  • Customizable KittiesWe know your users will prefer highly personalized kitties, which possess attractiveness and uniqueness. Hence, our software solution holds the feature for customizing the kitties based on the different attributes present in our software.

  • Minting Platform users can choose the kitties they wish to buy and employ them in the game. Using the minting feature, users can mark the ownership of the kitties and buy them.

  • Clock Auction Users who own kitties and want to sell them can put up those kitties on auction by specifying the minimum auction price and the expiry time.

  • Breeding Breeding opens the way for introducing new kitties on the marketplace. Users are free to breed any two kitties of their choice, which brings in a whole new kitty.

  • Advanced Search BarThe search bar simplifies the user actions in terms of searching. Using the advanced search bar, they can quickly find the kitties that are up for sale, adoption or present on the platform.

  • In-built WalletThe objective of an in-built wallet is to let users store their virtual kitties and the cryptocurrencies they hold. Using the in-built wallet, making payments for buying kitties or breeding will become easy.

  • Liquidity ManagementTo make sure users are able to trade kitties at the time of their choice, the platform is equipped with the liquidity management feature.

  • Multilingual To broaden your user base, our Cryptokitties like gaming marketplace comes with a multilingual feature. You are free to select the languages you want us to add to the platform.

Versatile Admin Dashboard - Lets You Go-Round The Platform!

Our NFT game development like Cryptokitties is furnished with a sophisticated admin dashboard that provides you with 360-Degree access to the platform. The dashboard keeps you informed of all the happenings of the gaming platform in the form of real-time analytics.

From grasping the number of users registered on the platform to tracking the transaction fees obtained through trading, the admin dashboard claims to be an encompassing feature.

A Layout On The Smart Contracts For Your Cryptokitties Like Platform

Each kitty on the platform will hold a set of specifications ranging from attributes to ownership. These details that are employed in identifying the kitties are stored in smart contracts. And importantly, there are different smart contracts possessing a different set of data with respect to the kitties. Here, you will get to perceive the breakdown of smart contracts we have furnished in your CryptoKitties clone development solution.

  • KittyMinting This smart contract holds the information regarding the newly created kitties.

  • KittyBaseAll the attributes of kitties, from Gene code to birth time, are stored in this smart contract without any attribute being an exception.

  • KittyOwnershipThe ownership records of kitties claim uniqueness. Moreover, all the kitties are defined as tokens, and each token is built using an ERC-721 smart contract to make them unique.

  • KittyBreedingBreeding is an important functionality that takes place in the marketplace for producing offspring. Whenever users indulge in the breeding process, this smart contract will be deployed.

  • KittyAuctions Trading is another imperative functionality, which happens on the basis of auctions. This smart contract encompasses the auctioning details.

  • KittyCore This is the master smart contract as it is an aggregation of all the above-featured smart contracts. This smart contract will put together every other smart contract to ensure everything works as framed.

What Are The Definite Revenue-Fetching Sources?

You may be super-spirited to develop games like Cryptokitties. Before getting completely drenched with the idea of developing such a gaming platform, become aware of the sources of revenue it would yield.

Gen0 Kitty Sale As a platform owner, you can release Gen0 kitties to the platform, which users will buy and breed them further. Every user who buys the Gen0 kitties will pay for it, which adds to one of the main revenue streams.

Sale Auction FeeUsers who put up their kitties for sales via auctions and sell them successfully will have to pay the commission fees. In Cryptokitties, the sale auction fee is 3.75% of the total sales fees.

Siring Auction FeeApart from exposing the virtual kitties for sales auction, users can also put those kitties up for siring auction, which means any user can breed with the kitty of this user. Users must have to pay feed to accomplish this kind of auction.

How Does Our Cryptokitties Clone Software Claim To Be Exclusive?

To give you a layout on what makes our Cryptokitties like game development solution distinguishable from others, here is a digest.

Benefits Our Partnership Will Render You

If you are about to finalize us as your partner to create your own NFT game like Cryptokitties, we have got you covered with a set of reasons to reassure you of your decision.

  • Veteran blockchain developers & subject matter experts

  • Reliable platform development solutions

  • Reliance on the latest tech stack

  • Product support

  • Consistent project updates

  • On-time delivery

Tech Stack

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Without a doubt, we can develop you an NFT gaming platform that features any type of virtual avatars. Simply, we will put your preferences before anything else.
As we use the ERC-721 token standard for developing the avatars for your platform, you can blindly believe in the uniqueness of every avatar. If you think you need better clarity on the token standard, you can discuss it with our subject matter experts anytime via [email protected] or +9197911 01817.
Before ascending to customize your platform, we will first show you the demonstration of our clone software, which will help you get an overview. Once you are done with that, you can come over and tell us the customizations you need to place.
Accomplish it with our scalability feature! We know the NFT marketplace is subject to constant advancements, and to help you sustain, we provide the scalability feature that will allow improvements to be added to the platform.

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topdevelopers.biz - Top Blockchain Development Companies Award
itfirms.co - Top Blockchain Development Companies Award
Mobile App Daily - Top NFT Marketplace Development Company Award
Goodfirms - Top Blockchain Development Company Award
Softwareworld - Top Rated NFT Marketplace Development Company Award
Topdevelopers.co - Top Blockchain Development Company Award
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