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The current era is converging towards metaverse, sprawling across different domains, and popular gaming platforms, like Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Splinterlands are ideal examples that many of us are popular with. We, a metaverse NFT development company, offer fully-functional metaverse platform development solutions that carry along with customizability and scalability as privileges for you. Our technology analysts and blockchain developers are working on ways to introduce metaverse in multiple domains, thereby letting end-users extensively immerse themselves into the metaverse. What can we develop for you? - Metaverse NFT marketplaces, applications, and decentralized platforms. What’s your pick?

What Defines A Metaverse?

As the word metaverse is being trumpeted, here is the exact definition the word holds. Metaverse, in plain terms, means a virtual world that lets users indulge in a spectrum of activities, like playing, conducting events, social interaction, trade assets, and just anything one does in the real world. Technically, the metaverse is an amalgamation of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Blockchain Technology, which are infused in the right proportions.

As a metaverse NFT development services provider, we offer metaverse NFT development, NFT marketplace development, metaverse gaming development, and any development services that correspond to the metaverse.

Our Clients

Unfurling The Market Prediction Of The Metaverse

Though many keep speculating about the future of the metaverse, many are already curious about adopting it. Beyond the fact that the metaverse hypothesis is in its infancy and many commoners still aren’t aware of what it holds, interestingly, the concept of the metaverse is striking up commoners with marriages and other live events being held in the virtual world on earth - The metaverse.

As per the statistical data of Bloomberg, the global revenue of the metaverse is expected to reach $783 billion in 2024, and the major revenue contributions will come from gaming platforms and in-game advertising, which will account for around 70%. Besides gaming platforms and advertising, the entertainment segment in the metaverse is predicted to chip in more than $200 billion in 2024.

Follow Suit Corporate Whales In Developing A Metaverse

Corporate behemoths have already taken their steps to conquer the metaverse, and the notable ones are Facebook, McDonald’s, Nike, Microsoft, and YouTube. Be it any application, the real-time user experience that one gets exposed to is becoming the obvious choice for users. Why not appraise about leveraging the potential of the metaverse development in the forthcoming season by tying up a deal with us?

What Are Our Metaverse Development Services?

  • Metaverse NFT DevelopmentAs much as we are known for blockchain technology development, we have a big name for custom NFT development. In this NFT-verse, how about the idea of developing metaverse-based NFTs that are unique, rare, and attractive overall.

  • Metaverse NFT Marketplace DevelopmentWe don’t just confine to metaverse NFT development but also develop marketplaces where NFTs can be traded effectively. Opt for our white-label metaverse NFT marketplace development solutions that are fully functional, denoting that the solutions are set to launch.

  • Metaverse Gaming Platform DevelopmentWe are ready to unveil our white-label metaverse gaming platform development solutions that will stir up the enthusiasm of players to a higher extent. Tap into our range of customizable gaming platforms, like Decentraland clone, Axie Infinity clone, Gods Unchained clone, Zed Run clone, etc.

  • Metaverse Social Media Platform DevelopmentWhat can be more staggering than launching a metaverse social media platform? Custom-build a metaverse social media platform that lets users interact and socialize with people while gaining immense virtual experience. You pick the type of social media platform, and we will deliver it.

  • Metaverse E-commerce Platform DevelopmentLaunching a metaverse e-commerce platform has the ultimate potential to improve the shopping experience of users by proffering them with superior features, crucially, virtual try-on.

  • 3D SpacesWe leverage leading-edge technologies to bring into being virtual 3D spaces. Get ahold of our 3D spaces development services, like 3D modeling, 3D visualization, etc., that can be integrated into your metaverse/blockchain projects.

Are You Super Inginited To Launch A Metaverse Platform?

The Future That Vests In The Metaverse

  • Engaging Digital InteractionSince the whole setup of the metaverse centers around digital avatars and interactions between them, individuals will find it all the more bewitching to interact with peers and navigate through the platform to perform other activities.

  • NeutralityWith the attention of businesses and individuals turning to the metaverse, gradually, people from different walks of life will find it affordable to access the landscape of the metaverse. In the impending years, the metaverse will become accessible to all, and the users are in for a virtual delight.

  • PotentialityThe adoption of the metaverse has possibilities to invade different industrial segments, like tourism, entertainment, retail, education, and everything. Ultimately, immersive virtual reality will become prevalent.

  • SustainabilityBolstered by blockchain technology, the metaverse is here to stay, stretching its legs into different real-time applications, like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, gaming, and an arena of decentralized finance applications.

What Are The Services That Fall Under Our Metaverse Development?

  • Hosting On Decentralized Networks Our blockchain developers will seamlessly host your metaverse projects on decentralized networks of computers, thereby ensuring the smooth transmission of data, which further paves the way for consistent real-time connections.

  • Smart Contract Development Our metaverse development solutions include developing and implementing smart contracts that hold the purpose of facilitating secure and permissionless transactions for your metaverse platform.

  • Interoperable StandardsWe employ multiple interoperable standards for your metaverse project, which includes text, audio, images, video, 3D vectors, scenes, items, and sequences.

  • Payment Wallet IntegrationWe will integrate your metaverse platform with digital wallets and payment gateways that are convenient to access globally. Furthermore, the platform will facilitate swapping and provide access to liquidity pools.

  • Scalability & MaintenanceIn order for your metaverse platform to withstand high usability, we provide scalability/upgrade services along with maintenance to make sure the smart contracts, nodes, and networks don’t encounter termination.

A Line Up On The Possibilities In The Metaverse

  • Immersive Virtual Reality

    The immersive virtual reality can be made accessible to end-users by making it compatible with multiple devices. VR coupled with AR will let users explore a second universe where they can interact with people, travel, learn, play, and even indulge in investments.

  • Digital Assets Trading

    Investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs has become a vogue. Trading digital assets like artworks, real estate properties, etc. that are in the attire of NFTs can be even advanced with the implementation of the metaverse setup.

  • Lifestyle

    Though the metaverse is predominantly coupled with gaming applications, the use case of the metaverse is even beyond that. The idea of the metaverse can define our entire lifestyle, starting from working, conducting virtual events, shopping, investing in real estate properties, etc.

We Are Here To Give The Perfect Shape To Your Metaverse Development Project

We Develop The Required Tokens For Your Metaverse Platform

You know the metaverse is a virtual replica of the real world. Similar to how businesses/individuals need fiat currencies in the real world for purchasing assets, shopping, visiting places, etc., in the metaverse, one needs digital tokens, which are specified as “metaverse tokens.” So, irrespective of the type of metaverse application you develop, you need to initiate the supply of the metaverse tokens.

Being a blockchain metaverse development services provider, our team will develop the metaverse tokens in addition to custom-building your platform. You name the tokens and define the supply, and we will formulate them.

Tailor-Build Your Metaverse NFT Marketplace!

If the spurring popularity of the metaverse influences you to stretch out your legs into it, then we are here to couple you with our reliable development services. Our blockchain subject matter experts are working on different blockchain technologies with the ultimate aim of introducing the hypothesis of the much-hyped metaverse in segments like music, art, gaming, real estate, etc.

Our metaverse NFT development solutions comprise customization options in the first place, with which you can define the metaverse platform the way you desire. As a crucial add-on, we let you choose blockchain technology for developing your platform.

Our Metaverse Gaming Platform Development Solutions

In the arena of metaverse applications, if the gaming segment catches your attention, then you need to get exposed to our range of white-label metaverse gaming platform development solutions. Our enthusiasm-filled blockchain game developers have infused superiority in the gaming platforms that never slips out from proffering gamers with first-string gaming experience. Here is the category of our gaming platform development solutions.

2D Gaming Platforms From board games to adventure, we have a long-winded list of 2D gaming platforms that are developed by our maestro gaming application developers. If you are looking for personalized development of your 2D gaming platform, we are up for getting to know your specifications.

3D Gaming Platforms 3D gaming platforms are the attention-grabbers for gamers irrespective of the type of gameplay. Our gaming platform development team has expertise and experience in developing bewitching 3D games that are sharp-witted in attracting players and manage to ensure long-term engagement.

Play-To-Earn Gaming Platforms The most-appraised gaming platforms these days are Play-To-Earn platforms. We have trailblazing Play-To-Earn gaming platform development solutions, like Gods Unchained clone, Axie Infinity clone, Decentraland clone, etc., that can be launched immediately. Which one would you pick?

Make Inroads Into The Metaverse By Acquiring Our Blockchain Metaverse Development Services

How Do We Shape Your Metaverse Marketplace?

Developing Virtual Avatars

Virtual avatars are the replacement of individuals who take part in accessing the metaverse platform. Just like in video games, where each player will be represented by a computer-generated avatar, your metaverse platform will also employ digital avatars. So, you can specify the number of avatars and the attributes, and we’ll create them accordingly.

Developing The Digital Landscape

Next, we will develop the landscape, where the gameplay happens. Suppose your choice is to develop a gaming platform based on the metaverse, then you can choose to add buildings, estates, and crucially, the number of each property.

Developing Collectibles

Once your platform’s landscape is ready, we will start adding collectibles to it. Gaming platforms are the best examples when it comes to explaining collectibles. For example, if you take a gaming platform, the possible in-game assets or collectibles can be weapons, suits, powers, etc. So, according to the metaverse platform and the collectibles you choose, we will develop them.

Wallet Integration

The collectibles that will reside on the platform can be traded with cryptocurrencies. While developing your platform, we make it a priority to integrate it with digital wallets for housing their cryptos.

Tech Stack We Employ for Building Your Metaverse Platform

  • Blockchain Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Extended Reality (Mix Of AR+VR)

  • Distributed Computing

  • 3D Technologies

  • 5G Communication

Bullets That Ascertain Your Partnership With Us

We, metaverse NFT development company, are settlers in providing a gamut of development services that fall under blockchain, NFT, crypto, and DeFi. Our team of subject matter experts is solid believers in “innovation and optimization.” As much as our team works on bringing into effect innovative projects to the table, they are also high on optimizing the solutions to fit the needs of the customers. Below are the highlights of getting your metaverse platform developed from us.

  • Expert team having grounds in blockchain technology

  • Ready-to-launch platform solutions

  • Fully customizable solutions

  • Usage of the new-age tech stack

  • On-time delivery

  • Persistent project support

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

With veteran blockchain development specialists by our side, we are proud to state that we take up the metaverse development for different domains, like gaming, real estate, education, etc. Let us know your choice!

As the number of blockchain technologies is getting introduced, we don’t restrict ourselves in sticking to any blockchain in particular. Our developers are experts in different blockchain technologies, like Ethererum, BSC, Polygon, etc. You can determine the blockchain you prefer.

Generally, the uniqueness of digital collectibles are categorized into common, rare, epic, etc., So it is you who can decide the uniqueness and the number of digital collectibles in each category.

Yes, you can approach our team for post-launch technical support. Our experts will guide you through.

We will inform you of the deadline regarding your platform coming alive once we assemble all your project requirements. Post that, we will evaluate the feasibility and then come up with the deadline.

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