Fractional NFTs: Know the merits of Fractional Ownership of NFTs

Exceptionally performing NFTs are a luxury to this golden era earmarked for digital assets and the market. The demand for NFTs leads to bringing alive all decades of innovation into this crypto sphere.

Non-fungible tokens are one-of-a-kind digital assets manifestations that reside in the blockchain.These assets are different from the regular one’s for they are immutable, as their name suggests.Meaning, Fungibility is a typical characteristic where a crypto asset can be exchanged for another similar asset. But NFT is exceptional, thus it is a dependable and authentic asset for ownership, being rare and highly expensive.

Looming industries of blockchain have ruptured the barriers of limitations and now move forth towards creating abundant and innovative NFTs. However, the astute ideology behind the fractional share of ownership is to benefit the token holder in possessing some part of that NFT. Fractionalized market capitalization has already exceeded $200 million which we are now referring to!

Hence you can leverage the skills of our top-notch developers who are prepared to bestow your desirable fractional NFTs!

Fractionalized NFTs: A general overview

Fractional NFTs or F-NFTs is an extended scope of any non-fungible token as they are divisible into fractions. In other words, a whole NFT is divided into fractions and sold to different individuals who come forth to obtain that fractional share of that token. The rationale behind fractional NFTs is mainly to ease the affordability of the NFT to anyone without any partiality. The intact form of an NFT is fractionalized by a smart contract that is predetermined by developers to give the token holders some percentage of ownership of that NFT. These fractional tokens can also be traded or exchanged on the market to gain profits.

Our Clients

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Inching every small step to accomplish our dApps, we partnered with Polygon-Matic, a leading blockchain firm. Polygon is an off-chain or decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that handles transactional operations with high throughput. Sequencing the Ethereum scaling solutions and frameworks to meet the requirements of building dApps is our vision and reason for the partnership. Uncoiling fast-driven transactions, low gas fees, and low carbon fuel expenditure will enhance the usability of the platforms.

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Fractional NFT Marketplace Development:
Launch a Fractional NFT Platform With Us

The instrumentality of our skyrocketing NFT development agency captivates and unleashes prototypes and customized fractional NFT marketplaces. The development of the marketplace will enhance liquidity and also let investors buy the NFTs at an affordable price and register in the blockchains. This gravitates to this highly favored option of selling asset ownership by means of fractionalized NFTs thus manipulating the market. The hardest hit ever, the thunderclap for entrepreneurs and NFT enthusiasts to avail of this grant from a diverse range of tokens.

Our fractional NFT marketplace development gives a kickoff to your venture by constructing this trending NFT platform. This revolutionary trendsetter delivered by us will be a market-fit platform!

Systematic workflow of Fractional NFTs - Fractional NFT Ownership Marketplace

Today fractionalized NFTs have the same methodology and principle just like any other standardized NFT platform.

Owners of the NFTs will pledge them in the customized smart contract.

These digital contracts fractionalize a whole NFT to a set number of fractions that are already predetermined by the platform or the owner.

Owners of these fractionalized tokens will make a reserved price or exit price. This price will be the minimum charge incurred which can be paid for the redemption of NFTs.

The owner has all the privileges and ownership rights over those NFTs which could be sold in fractions.

How to redeem the fractional NFTs?

If any user wishes to purchase the intact NFT, then they will have to give the exit price. Some platforms will place an auction if any buyer is ready to pay that amount so that the winner will get that NFT. Whereas this is not the case with other platforms, whoever pays the exit price immediately can claim ownership of that NFT. It is proven and assured that fractional owners are benefitted and thus use this instrument to generate revenue.

It is a known fact that only fungible tokens can be exchanged for another token without altering or molding their characteristics, in their original form. Hence, a smart contract is created to generate ERC20 tokens associated with non-fungible-based ERC 721 tokens. Ultimately, it significantly indicates the owner of those ERC20 tokens gets the percentage.

The smart contract will be able to differentiate and justify the data of fractional NFT to other conventional tokens as it holds it securely. The smart contract is legitimate as it manages the supply of multiple fungible tokens which represents the fractional share of NFTs.

Strong points of fractional ownership of NFTs
Fractional NFT Platform Development

Grab these reasons that point out why venturing into fractional NFTs is creditworthy:

  • Better liquidityInstant and enhanced liquidity is a promising benefit of this fractional NFT marketplace. Top-rated NFTs will not be sold easily as only some of the investors will be able to buy them. But while fractionalizing these NFTs, it fragments the whole ERC721 token into diverse fractions of multiple ERC20 tokens which simplifies the process of selling them individually. This controls the liquidity issues which also drives the attention toward the NFTs.

  • Enhanced LiquidityYou can easily determine the market value and trend on fractionalized NFTs. To assess the value, you can just fractionize them and trade 10-20% of them in the market without selling them as a whole.

  • Custodian’feesEvery year the real owner of that NFT which is fractionalized will get a curator fee or custodian fee. NFT owners have the right to set a reasonable fee which is governed to ensure whether the fees are not high.

  • Easy to monetizeFractionalized NFTs would be a best-streamlined revenue generator venture that benefits the owners in all aspects.

Strikingness of Fractional NFTs - Fractional NFT Marketplace Development

  • Reserve PriceThe Reserve price is the fee that any user has to pay who is willing to start the auction for claiming the NFTs. Hence, as a fractionalized NFT owner you can have the voting rights to fix the reserve price for the NFT.

  • Equivalent InvestmentsNow fractional NFTs have made small and moderately grown investors to invest in the market that was set for large business investors to make their investment.

  • Profit AccumulationIf the whole asset is traded and sold then Ether obtained from the sale is segregated among all the individuals having the fractional share.

  • Convenience and FlexibilityYou have a great opportunity to resell your fractional share of NFTs whenever you wish.

Heterogeneous Applications of Fractional NFTs

Fractionalized NFTs are great financial resources for entrepreneurs to invest in. Here you can encounter a plethora of applications and then the choice is up to you! So let us travel over these multiple use cases of fractional NFTs.

Fractional NFTs in gaming

The ravishing blockchain game like these noble and entertaining play-to-earn games gains a competitive edge by letting players earn by participating or trading the in-game digital assets. Majorly all these assets are NFTs which players obtain as premium rewards.

Now, blockchain games turn the table towards fractional NFTs, where you can sell supreme in-game assets as fractions. Here, the community members have fractionalized the NFTs and traded them by showcasing them in Niftex, a fractional NFT marketplace.

Fractional NFTs in the Metaverse

Metaverse is now a trendsetter that sets audiences into a virtual reality and augmented reality-based environment. It is grabbing momentum by mesmerizing investors to inaugurate their venture in this ingenious 3D space. Some of the popular brands that vote for metaverse are Facebook, Decentraland, and Sandbox.

Metaverse-based real estates are eye-catching and the NFTs are backed with unique smart contracts which comfort the ownership deals, payment distribution, royalty claim, and transfer of legal rights seamlessly. Looming fractionalized NFTs in the metaverse is more simple for trading NFTs, where the divided fractions of NFTs represent a fractional share of every owner.

Fractional NFTs and Real Estate

Not only limited to metaverse-based virtual assets but also investors can also look at real-world properties. Without tedious and hectic paper works like in the traditional trade of real estate, it is just vice versa in claiming a fractional share. Also, it was really not possible for all the investors to afford real estate properties, thus this can be resolved by fractional NFTs. Thus with minimal investment, it is possible to fetch at least a share of a prestigious real estate property.

Fractional NFTs and Arts

Exclusive works of popular artists deserve infinite credible worth but that’s not enough! These artists also need to be rewarded for their incredible and creative service, hence in this picture comes NFTs. Now, artists can behold and preserve their ownership rights on their works after the launch of fractional NFTs. Now, it is possible for small investors to look for expensive art without considering or regretting the price. Also it is a win-win situation for both artists and buyers.

Fractional NFTs in Music

The compositions of music and notes remind me of glorious memories. Millions of fans of music albums and artists are getting influenced by every record-breaking composition. Now, using fractional NFTs the royalty of any music NFT is shared and distributed to fans. It becomes a mutually-benefiting sale of fractional ownership in possession of the NFT.

Fractional NFTs as Collectibles

NFT collectibles are precious and credit-worthy possessions that have their own market. Today, it is much easier to buy NFT collectibles when they are manifested as fractional NFTs. CyberPunks Fractional NFTs are one of the greatest hits that procure the strong-points of a fractional NFT marketplace.

Real estate: highly transformable Fractional NFT application

It is not tough today or that we take a lot of effort in purchasing a real estate plot, say a building or any land. Fractional NFTs are infused in real estate trade by converting the documents to fractionalized tokens. This advanced method revises the traditional methodologies and conflicts by settling the argument of both seller and buyer in the easiest approach. Thus, fractionalized NFTs are created to produce liquidity for real estate tokens of large sizes. These NFTs exceptionally facilitate the real owners or landlords' aid in making decisions and handling through community members backed by a tokenized form of land documents.

  • Provides additional layer of transparency

  • Can also own a physical counterpart of the asset

  • Breaks down the barrier of financial constraint

The real estate industry gets a thunderclap with Fractional NFTs

In the domain of real estate trades, fractional ownership backed by its registration over blockchains as fractional NFTs aids the landlords to effectively and legally sell their lands. Decentralized web-based blockchains and smart contracts take over the control thus no intermediaries are involved. Hence, partnering costs and stipulations of time periods are not needed. Thus, it becomes an obvious fact that fractionalized NFTs are the most reliable way to raise funds.

  • The assets can be co-owned by multiple people

  • Enhances the benefits for investors

  • Significantly regulates the ownership

  • Seamless data transferring with encrypted data storage

Fractional Ownership of NFTs in Real Estates

Accustomed mode of selling real estate involves glitches like fraudulent ownership claims, high entry restrictions, centralized authority control costs, and paperwork for documentation all are eradicated with fractionalized NFTs. They remove the shortcomings these landlords have been facing for years by replacing them with blockchain technologies and smart contracts which register and track the transactions that remain eternal. Our one-stop solution developers involve themselves in helping real estate sectors and landlords to trade their assets to top investors.

  • Relieves the stress of traditional real estate ownership

  • Increased liquidity and democratization in the NFT Market

  • They enable easy monetization of the assets

  • Curator fees are set by the NFT owner in the platform

Leading-edge Fractional NFT marketplaces

You can have a glimpse of various Fractional NFT marketplaces that are available with its fully-functional infrastructure:

UniclyUnicly is a seamless NFT marketplace that sets diverse methods to trade NFT collections. Also, users can tokenize their NFTs simultaneously creating tradable bundles of NFTs in distinct sizes. is another exceptionally performing platform for investors to seek. Here, minting and trading fractionalized NFT collections is possible. Users can develop their fractional NFTs and also obtain fractional shares.

OtisA technically feature-packed NFT investment platform that handles investments pertaining to NFT collectibles and arts. Also, users can seek this platform to support their NFT portfolio with the assistance of purchasing fractional shares of tokenized real estate assets.

Rely upon our fully-grown Fractional NFT Marketplace Development Company

Our esteemed blockchain and decentralized web solution providers always succeed in letting our clients win the relay by coining their impeccable crypto or NFT-related solutions. Our progeny never ends and is now revived once again by providing technical assistance and adept tech stacks to entrepreneurs like you to get a breakthrough in your journey by creating a fast-paced fractional NFT marketplace. Just like OpenSea, you can uncover your mask and immerse yourself in our reliable and simple methodologies.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

There are customized solutions for NFT marketplaces that can be launched with compulsive UI/UX designs, and advanced front-end and back-end security.
It is possible to create an NFT marketplace like a universal NFT marketplace like Opensea that sells more than 150 types of NFTs. Availing of its white label solutions and drilling customizations is non-time consuming instead of developing it from the scratch.
To fractionalize the NFT firstly it has to be secured in a smart contract that fractions the whole NFT or ERC 721 token into fungible tokens or ERC20 tokens, each of which represents fractional ownership.

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