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Create Your Unique NFT Minting Platform With Our Robust Solution

White-label Minting platform is an NFT creation and minting app that allows anyone to create and sell NFTs without the need to code smart contracts and have any knowledge about blockchain technology. It does not need all that jazz to sell the NFTs. Rather, the platform lets creators easily and instantly sell their newly minted NFTs.

For people who are looking for ways to monetize their digital assets, our best-in-class NFT Minting platform is the entry point. Anyone can upload GIFs, images or videos and issue it as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain network.

What is NFT Minting?

NFT Minting is a lucrative process where digital art becomes a part of the Ethereum blockchain network. It is non-interchangeable and tamper-proof. It will be represented as a Non-Fungible Token which can then be purchased and traded by the investors, and their performance can be tracked on a real-time basis in the market.

Our Clients

Process Of Minting An NFT With Our White-label NFT Minting Solution

The process to mint an NFT in this platform is a mere cakewalk. Let us break down the steps.

What Items Can You Mint As NFTs?

NFTs are globally welcomed in the market due to the unique trait that they paved the way for ideation and creation. Therefore, be it tangible or intangible goods, they are providing value to their particular item. Let us look at the types of items that can be minted.

  • Digital artwork

  • In-game assets like skins, virtual currency, avatars and weapons

  • Music

  • Valuable collectibles like digital trading cards

  • Tokenized real-world assets like real estate, designer sneakers, cars, etc.

  • Virtual property

  • Video footage

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Elite NFT Token Minting Platform Solutions We Provide

  • Mintable Clone SolutionOne of the top platforms in the NFT industry and in AppDupe’s list of best products! Gain the largest traction of fans of cryptocurrency by providing them with a platform that focuses on simplicity. With this platform, you are just minutes away from creating the best in class NFTs.

  • Async Art Clone SolutionAn ideal platform for artists and art lovers to find each other. Artists can create ever-changing art pieces- an advantageous attribute that entwines with the platform—millions of dollars. Lifelong income is guaranteed.

  • SuperRare Clone SolutionA ready-made NFT marketplace clone solution to help artists showcase their exclusive skills by letting them create one of a kind crypto art pieces that can be sold to the market at the best rates.. Using this platform, artists can earn a percentage of secondary-market revenue through royalty fees and witness more earnings.

  • Cargo Clone SolutionWe have developed this meticulously by making sure to be useful to everyone, and we hope we have achieved it well. Because with our Cargo clone, the user does not need to be tech-savvy. Safety is definitely not a compromise, as it runs on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Perks of using our NFT Token Minting Platform

Ready-to-launch NFTsThe NFTs can be easily shared across your own marketplace or across different channels instantly after minting it. In next to no time, the artists can join the selling platform.

Ownership Speaks VolumesThe creators or celebrities can say with confidence about their virtual ownership, as the crypto token will forever be minted on the blockchain network by making it unique and verified.

Say ‘no’ to Crypto Requirements!Anyone can create their NFTs on the platform without the need to have cryptocurrencies in their investment portfolio. We want the NFT marketplace to be more welcoming and to justify the same; artists can get started mint their rare creations without possessing any crypto.

AuthenticityNo more complex rules or tech-savvy tools to make the minting complicated. Because our crypto collectible selling platform is something that lets anyone create their own treasured token, the reign is at the creators’ hands!

Innards of White-label NFT Minting Marketplace Solution


We make it easy for you to get started with minting first NFTs.

  • Upload the digital asset that you want to mint.

  • Customize and preview it with a palette of interesting design tools.

  • And, you are ready to mint it.

  • List your NFT for sale in the market and receive profitable offers from prospective and stun your target audience!

No cryptocurrency investments, no coding knowledge to create smart contracts! Voila! Because we have got you all covered.

Launch your own NFT Minting App with us!

AppDupe has been a leading endorser for the top influencers, brands and investors to mint NFTs. Our cutting-edge technology and immense knowledge in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have piqued many ambitious entrepreneurs and investors to join us. Learn more about our modern development services.

CreationWhether it is a numbered series or a rare digital asset, you can create it without any hitches because of the highly user-friendly interface and there is no gas fees to be paid by the users for utilizing the NFT selling platform.

DisplaySync the existing smart contract and make it easier for your huge fans to engage with your NFTs. Drain out the noise of the public ERC-721 token standard.

White-label MarketplaceMake the sale of NFTs easier with Buy It Now or Auction sales in your NFT marketplace. Accept the currencies that are widely used by your audience and rise in popularity quickly.

Our Apex NFT Minting Services

  • Single NFT Worth speaks here. Select a rare NFT and mint it easily. Increase the rarity and kindle the curiosity of your target audience.

  • Batch MintingWant to release a series of NFTs at once but have no idea how to? Our white-label NFT minting platform lets you mint NFTs in a numbered series without any drags and glitches.

  • KnittingIncrease the social engagement in your crypto investor community by grouping uncommon NFTs and share real-time statistics with them through the NFT creation and minting app. Social engagement= increase in the user base.

Enterprise? Creator? We have the right solution for you!

Prominent features of our NFT Minting Platform

  • StorefrontA one-stop destination for you to know about the details of NFTs, bids, auctions, owner, price history and much more.

  • Advanced SearchLoitering around to find the favourite NFT is a long-forgotten thing. The platform supports category tagging and management functionality for making the searches easier than ever.

  • ListingThe aggregator to let the world know about your creation. How can it be not special? Our NFT selling platform has the indisputable feasibility to create listings easier than any marketplace.

  • Auction and BuySwitch between any one of the buying systems in a jiffy. Set a bar for the worth you believe your NFT deserves. You can detail the bid amount, expiration date and a watchlist.

  • WalletOur white-label NFT platform does not require any cryptos with you to list your NFTs. Yet, you can add this feature according to your needs. You can add it to let them store their NFTs safely also. It might be an in-app digital wallet or integration of existing hardware wallets.

  • Ratings For a better community and to boost fame, the platform comes with a rating feature on a scale of 1-5. Content creators and business firms get the worth they deserve right here!

Step-by-step Process Of NFT Minting Platform Development

Before masterminding various solutions that our big-league business analysts team could offer, we discern all your references, points and ideas. Scrutinizing all the ins and outs of market size and trends, we check the economical and technical feasibility of your idea.

After brainstorming through various viable ideas, strategies and designs, we will put it live before you to find if we are attuned to your business vision to create an NFT Minting platform. Followed by our panoramic discussion, we create a peerless plan within the defined deadline.

Once we are over with the crystal clear discussion about the cost component and upon approval by you, we will begin with designing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a splash of arresting colours and a breezy user interface.

We begin the implementation with an accurate route as drafted in the plan. Post the final feedback from your end, we dust off the technical bugs and operational glitches to present you with the perfect product. At last, it will be ready to shoot on different app stores.

Why should you invest in developing the NFT Minting Platform?

  • You can mint and trade millions of NFTs for a thriving existence in the NFT industry.

  • Myriad of NFTs being traded from every nook and cranny of the world.

  • Stunning classifications of features to lease your NFTs to make it the powerhouse of revenue.

  • The NFT trading industry is still untapped for you to plunge in and make a fortune.

You are just a few steps away from getting into the glorious NFT industry. Make it big now with our white-label NFT minting platform

Why opt AppDupe for White-label NFT Minting platform development?

The NFTs have stolen the limelight within the blockchain industry. Though there are multiple NFT minting platforms out there in the cryptocurrency market now, it can be backbreaking to get in line with the drifts of blockchain technology. Thereby failing to allow easier minting.

However, AppDupe is a well-known blockchain development company that is infused with all the latest knowledge about the NFTs and the cryptocurrency industry. With years of experience in the field, we are completely confident about the advanced technologies we use, and many successful startups and entrepreneurs are the evidence of our positive results. When our developers have their dab hands at creating white-label NFT minting platform development, there is no going back from making delivering the best project.

Unambiguous transparency. Complete Customization. Nifty developers. Round-the-clock technical support. Make it yours!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Unfortunately, we cannot reveal the fixed time to launch the white-label NFT minting platform as it varies depending on the customizations, business requirements, and integration of all the different add-ons. However, we deliver the project to you on the mutually agreed timeline decided beforehand.
The cost to launch an NFT minting platform with AppDupe depends on the configuration you need. You can reach out to us now and get the cost estimate.
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are primarily created on the Ethereum blockchain network on the ERC 721 and ERC 1155 token standards because of the extensive support on many NFT marketplaces.
Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise in quality and yet manages to deliver the readily-deployable NFT minting script on the mutually agreed deadline.
We have a masterful NFT developer team who have specialized and drenched in this fast-changing field. The projects we deliver are completely tested, agile and trustworthy. You can avail of extensive post-launch services from us too.

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