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Decentralization removes the dependency on bureaucratic hierarchy and proffers a middlemen-free working model. As far as cryptocurrency exchanges are concerned, most are decentralized, where the trading pairs are automatically mapped with each other from the liquidity pool. A DEX crypto platform lets traders carry out peer-to-peer transactions and is bolstered by secured smart contracts.

We have a range of white-label decentralized exchange development solutions that are incorporated with several enterprise-grade features and backed by robust trading engines. Our white-label DEX platforms are pre-built to aid cryptopreneurs in launching the exchange platform in the shortest turnaround time. You can head to us with your requirements and specifications for developing your crypto exchange, and our team will analyze them, derive feasible ones, and build your crypto trading platform.

Know What A Decentralized Exchange Is

A Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is an exclusive online platform for trading cryptocurrencies, and the trading process isn’t bound by any custody. All the crypto transaction details are stored on the blockchain network on which the exchange is built. The trading activities are automated where the underlying smart contracts will match the crypto buying and selling requests from the liquidity pool. Whereas in a centralized crypto trading platform, the transactions are captured and stored inside the platform’s internal storage systems.

Our Clients

Our Decentralized Exchange Development Specialization In Different Blockchains

Polygon Polygon is an efficient blockchain network in terms of supporting speedy transactions and interoperability. Polygon functions on the basis of Proof-Of-Stake consensus, and users can stake, buy and sell MATIC (the native cryptocurrency of Polygon). Also, the users have the privilege of validating the transactions occurring on the network.

SolanaSolana is an open source, permissionless and fastest blockchain network, which works on the Proof-Of-Stake (POS) method. The intent of Solana is to facilitate faster transactions while at the same time keeping the cost low, and it has accomplished the same.

Polkadot Polkadot has been introduced to solve the interoperability and scalability issues. Polkadot’s architecture is a flexible one, which lets building new technologies upon it. POS is Polkadot's working mechanism, and stakers of this blockchain network can indulge in governance activities.

Binance Smart Chain Binance and Binance Smart Chain run in parallel to support the network’s throughput. Though Binance launched the BSC network, the company claims to have made BSC a completely decentralized network. Notable features of BSC include permissionless, decentralized, open source, and interoperability.

Ethereum Ethereum is a decentralized network that has grounds in the Proof-Of-Work (POW) consensus. In Ethereum, the transactions are stored in blocks that carry distinct codes. Miners who spend their computer power identifying these codes are rewarded with ETH tokens. Though network congestion is a problem, Ethereum 2.0 resolves it.

  • How Does Our White-Label DEX Development Solutions Claim To Be Business-Friendly?

    We are an entrenched blockchain applications development company focusing on designing and delivering ready-to-deploy white-label solutions. Our white-label decentralized exchange development solutions are perfect for an entrepreneur aiming to stretch out into the DeFi market in a double-quick time and with an industry-grade DeFi exchange platform.

    Get your DeFi exchange platform developed out of our pre-configured and fully-tested white-label solution that will be cost-effective, delivered within time, and fits your technical specifications.

What Are The Features Pre-Configured In Our White-Label DEX Platform?

  • In-Built EscrowThe DeFi exchange’s in-built escrow system supervises the transactions happening on the platform and ensures safer transactions. The cryptocurrencies are transferred only when the lender and the borrower accept the terms and conditions specified.

  • Transaction HistoryAll the previous cryptocurrency exchanges that took place on the platform are recorded and made available to the users under the transaction history.

  • Payment GatewayWe’ll let you customize the payment gateways that can facilitate the transaction of traders. But in general, we integrate multiple crypto payment gateways into the DEX platform.

  • Crypto WalletOur white-label decentralized exchange is customizable with any crypto wallet you pick. Traders can choose the desired crypto wallet and sign-up/sign in to proceed with storing cryptos.

  • Pop-up NotificationPop-up notifications are meant to keep your DEX platform users informed with all the real-time updates related to trading.

  • Admin DashboardAn all-inclusive admin dashboard gives you an overview of all the transactions on the platform and helps in operational management efficiently.

Not Sure About How To Proceed With Our Decentralized Exchange Development Services?

Step-By-Step Functioning Of Our Decentralized Exchange

  • Account SetupAssume the scenario of a user signing up for your DEX platform. As an initial action, the user has to get registered to create their trading account.

  • Crypto Wallet Sign-UpIn order to proceed with order making and transactions, the user has to choose any of the crypto wallets from the platform and sign-up (if they’re new) or sign in (if they’re already registered with a wallet).

  • Order InitiationOrder making or match making is where a user with a buy/sell request will find the trading pair. Here, the process is automated, and the Automated Market Maker (AMM) will find the trading pair as soon as the user initiates their order requests.

  • Transactions Once the AMM finds the trading pair that matches the request, the transaction will be executed. The buyer can choose any of the payment gateway available and make the payment. The cryptos transferred will then be stored in their respective crypto wallets.

Stages Of Our DEX Development Process

  • 1

    Initial ConsultationOnce you request an initial consultation with us, our team will reach out to you and take it further. Initially, our analysts will get to know your Decentralized crypto exchange development requirements and other specifications in case you have any.

  • 2

    Demo SessionFollowed by the consultation, our team will sit with you for a detailed demo session featuring our white-label DEX platform development solutions. In the demo session, you’ll know the entire list of features and functionalities of our solutions.

  • 3

    CustomizationPost the demo session, we leave it to you so that you can come up with any sort of customizations. In case you are chaotic, our consultants are there to help you with giving shape to your customization ideas. Once you give us the customization checklist, our developers will head to implement the same into the ready-made solution.

  • 4

    Quality AnalysisThe customized DEX platform will be ensured to have zero vulnerabilities by carrying out the required testing methodologies.

  • 5

    DeploymentDeployment is about making your custom-developed and thoroughly-tested DEX platform live for the commencement of trading.


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  • How Does Appdupe Fit As A Perfect Choice For Decentralized Exchange Software Development Services?

    Firstly, our experience in this blockchain industry counts for more than 10 years. Over these years, we have accomplished strong roots in developing and deploying 900+ blockchain applications that have met the industry standards and our customers’ curated requirements.

    Every organization out there tries to solve a specific problem and eventually turns it to be their USP. In that sequence, we are focused on providing white-label aka market-ready development solutions that help entrepreneurs like you in curtailing the enormous time needed to build & launch any blockchain-specific platform. We deliver decentralized exchange development services that align with our customer's projects, timelines, and budgets. Overall, you can expect personalized and business-grade DEX development services from our team.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A decentralized exchange is a non-custodial and secured online platform for trading cryptocurrencies. The function of any decentralized exchange is to facilitate the cryptocurrency exchange and automate the process of finding trading pairs.
Some of the unique yet critical features of a decentralized exchange include a crypto wallet, transaction history, in-built escrow, admin dashboard, push alerts, and integrated payment gateways. However, there are additional features that will differ from one exchange to the other.
As of the present time, Binance is the largest crypto exchange platform that hosts the largest number of trades and supports over 43+ fiat currency payments. We have a pre-configured Binance clone, which is a ready-to-go exchange development solution that is customizable.
Any crypto exchange platform hosting P2P crypto trading will impose transaction fees from both the buyer and the seller, which accounts for revenue.

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