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Blockchain technology is gearing forward pertaining to its adoption in multiple businesses in view of transparency, sheer security, and data immutability. As a blockchain application development company, we laid our foundation in 2017, which was too early, and hence we grabbed the first-mover advantage. We signed up for blockchain business application development and have delivered multiple successful projects in the shortest turnaround time from then on. As we continued to explore the use cases of blockchain technology, we stumbled upon cryptocurrency, DeFi, and Non-Fungible Token development services. Currently, our whole sort of blockchain app development services includes Crypto exchanges, Crypto launchpads, NFT marketplaces, DeFi exchanges, and other dApps. Over and above, we provide comprehensive digital marketing services to both blockchain and non-blockchain projects.

Our Custom Blockchain Development Solutions Are Inclusive Of

  • Blockchain ConsultingWe have been providing pioneering consulting services for businesses and entrepreneurs who approach us with blockchain development ideas and marketing solutions.

  • NFT Marketplace DevelopmentWe have made available a wide range of customizable & white-label NFT marketplace development solutions. Based on your requirements, we can develop both decentralized and centralized marketplaces that are stacked with features for buying, bidding, and selling NFTs.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange DevelopmentOur team develops easy-to-use and highly secure cryptocurrency exchanges that can be configured to support multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. We have set up a portfolio of ready-to-launch crypto exchanges like Binance clone, LocalBitcoins clone, WazirX clone, etc.

  • Blockchain Game DevelopmentWe have a separate wing of the blockchain game development team that focuses majorly on P2E NFT gaming development. We are ready to develop any genre of games like action, adventure, battle, racing, etc., and integrate them with P2E options if you require them.

  • Smart Contract DevelopmentAnother expertise of ours includes smart contract development, auditing, and optimization services. The smart contract is the main element for decentralized NFT marketplaces, Crypto exchanges, and other blockchain apps.

  • DeFi Platform DevelopmentGet our decentralized blockchain-based fintech development solutions in the attire of DeFi platform solutions. Under the category of DeFi, we have pre-developed DeFi exchanges, lending/borrowing platforms, staking platforms, etc. Choose our custom-buildable DeFi platforms and launch your platform in less time.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet DevelopmentOur crypto development team takes up crypto wallet development projects that are highly reliable and can be personalized to support the cryptocurrencies you specify.

  • dApp DevelopmentYou can reach out to our team for dApp development for any of your business needs. We will incorporate your feasible customization ideas into the app and make it completely aligned with your business requirements.

Our Clients

Blockchain Development Services You Can Avail From Us

Blockchain Consulting Our clan of subject matter experts and certified blockchain developers are here to assist you with any blockchain-specific consulting services. Set out to us your business needs and specifications, and we will help you with framing them into a final product. Here is a breakdown of our blockchain consulting services.

  • Business use case analysis

  • Feasibility study

  • Competitor analysis

  • Current market analysis

  • Blockchain suggestion

  • Tech stack suggestion

  • White-paper documentation

Blockchain Development Our blockchain software development projects start with knowing our customers’ project requirements and budget constraints and designing a framework based on that. Post development, you can also reach out to us for scalability and maintenance services.

  • Framework or architecture design

  • Design and coding

  • Smart contract development & integration

  • Marketplace development

  • Marketplace integration with NFT games

  • Feature-set integration

  • External services integration

What Are The Existing Types Of Blockchains?

Public BlockchainPublic blockchain networks are open source, meaning anyone can use this blockchain and customize it to suit their application development needs. Moreover, public blockchains are transparent, and any data or transaction details can be cross-checked.

Private BlockchainPrivate blockchains are centralized in nature, where the blockchain creator vests the power to control the network. Enterprise businesses can benefit from this private blockchain as scalability, security, and speed are guaranteed.

Consortium BlockchainThe consortium type of blockchain network shares the attributes of public and private blockchain networks and thus is a semi-private network. In contrast to a private blockchain network, which is controlled by a single entity, here, a group of entities controls the networks, thus making it decentralized.

Why Should Businesses Adhere To Blockchain Technology?

  • Advanced security protocols

  • Decentralized management of data

  • Data transparency

  • No intermediaries

  • Automated execution of transactions

  • Easy record management

  • Real-time data tracking

  • Reduced cost

Pick Our Team For Custom Blockchain Development Solutions

We Are Proficient In These Blockchains

  • Ethereum

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Polygon

  • Cardano

  • Solana

  • Avalanche

  • Hyperledger

  • EOS

  • TRON

  • Fantom

  • Aurora

  • Chronos

  • Optimum

  • MoonBeam

Highlights Of Our Blockchain Software Development

  • Customization We offer customization options for almost all of our white-label solutions ranging from cryptocurrency exchanges to NFT marketplaces to DeFi platforms. Our customization provisions aren’t only limited to the features and smart contract integrations but are also applicable for choosing the blockchain network. Yes, you get to choose the blockchain for your blockchain software development.

  • ScalabilityGenerally, you will need to scale up your platform or application if it has to process millions of requests. Scalability issues will never be the case since you can opt for our scalability services at any time in the future.

Our Way Of Bringing Shape To Your Blockchain Software Development Ideas

Requirements Study

Our team takes up the customer’s proposal and starts by discussing the requirements and preparing a checklist.

Feasibility Check

After gathering the requirements for blockchain app development, our analyst team will perform the feasibility study and arrive at a set of feasible requirements based on parameters like the current market, competitors, and target audiences.


Our design team will give a shape to the feasible requirements by designing a draft and will get approval from you. Our designers will provide customized UX/UI design for your blockchain business application development.

Smart Contract Integration

Our smart contract developers are experienced in building and deploying smart contracts in multiple programming languages. We will develop and integrate smart contracts accordingly if you develop decentralized NFT marketplaces or crypto exchanges.

Development & Testing

The development phase comprises developing the features, marketplace for trading, and integrating external APIs. After overall development, testing will be done in different phases to validate the responsiveness and functionality.

Deployment & Maintenance

We provide blockchain development solutions on platforms you require (iOS, Android, or web portal) and deploy them. Post that, we keep monitoring the functionality of the platform/application to help you with upgrades and maintenance services.

How Can We Be A Befitting Blockchain App Development Company?

Over the years, we have evolved to be a team of blockchain specialists comprising blockchain developers, analysts, and marketers. As an early entrant into the blockchain industry, the team at our blockchain app development company has acquired enormous exposure to different blockchain projects of different complexity levels. As stated earlier, we have been signing up for blockchain development projects on different blockchain networks like Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, etc. If you need blockchain consulting or blockchain development services, head to us for reliable and timely project development.

Blockchain Business Application Development

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A blockchain app development company is specialized in building and delivering blockchain-focussed platforms or applications based on the requirements.
There are multiple companies that are offering blockchain development solutions, and Appdupe is a pioneering company with an adept team of blockchain developers.
Metrics like the complexity level of requirements, blockchain network to be used, features, and other customizations will define the cost of developing blockchain apps.

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Mobile App Daily - Top NFT Marketplace Development Company Award
Goodfirms - Top Blockchain Development Company Award
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