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Launch a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange platform with our robust coinbase exchange clone scripts. Our exchange development solutions exercise stringent security protocols to make trading digital currencies enjoyable.

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What is Coinbase Clone?

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that uses a peer to admin business model. Popular coins, like Bitcoins, Litecoin and Ethereum, can be bought, sold and exchanged on the platform. Although the choice of coins is limited on the platform, Coinbase plans to host more crypto coins in the near future.

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Cryptocurrency is increasingly being adopted as a medium of exchange in many parts of the world. In order to buy, sell and exchange coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum or any altcoin for that matter, a robust cryptocurrency exchange platform is required. The most efficient way of developing the platform is by employing a whitelabel solution.

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Planning to Start a Coinbase like Crypto Exchange App?

An increasing number of cryptocurrencies are emerging almost every day. To meet the growing demands, exchange platforms are required to facilitate the smooth trading of virtual coins. We offer secure, reliable and cutting-edge Coinbase clone scripts that code for award-winning features like multi-currency wallets, real-time market charts, easy-to-use trade options and more.

How does Coinbase work?

Users will need to sign up to the cryptocurrency exchange platform. A complete account can be created by inputting credentials such as name, email and password and verifying the email address thereafter.

To begin using Coinbase, users will need to either link their bank accounts or a credit/debit card to the exchange platform’s account. The two modes of buying cryptocurrency are different from each other in terms of transaction speed and limits. Users who choose to link their bank accounts are limited to make high-value transactions such as $2500/week. The downside is that it takes 2-4 business days for purchased coins and sales to reflect in the Coinbase account. Whereas users who choose to link their credit/debit card will have the currencies they purchase and exchange shows up in their Coinbase accounts immediately. The catch is that this choice has higher transaction limits - $250/week.

If the user chooses to buy coins using a bank account, then he/she will be prompted to verify and validate one or two test transactions. In the case of linking a debit/credit card, users will have to send a screenshot of the card they want to link with coinbase.

After setting up the account, users can proceed to buy and exchange cryptocurrency. Before every transaction, a breakdown of the service fee and amount of coins being purchased will be displayed to the user.


Responsive User Interface

Get a minimalistic, easy-to-use interface that is quick and responsive. Our team of developers will make sure that your UI is free of glitches and bugs.

Transaction history

View the history of all cryptocurrency transactions that users made on your platform through either a simple view or an advanced view that will display elaborate transaction details.

Communication channels for traders

Our coinbase clone scripts offer your platform with in-app chat features. Traders, both buyers and sellers, can easily communicate with each other to come to an agreement through this feature.

Two-factor authentication

Setting up additional security protocols will further protect your users and your exchange platform. Implementing the two-factor authentication will especially protect wallets from being hacked.

Push notifications

Keep users up-to-date with the status of their transactions, search results with the use of push notifications.

Robust escrow wallet

Facilitate smooth transactions between buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency with escrow wallets. Hold on to crypto coins and transfer them to buyers after they agree to the seller’s terms.


Give the users of your platform the option to advertise the crypto coins they have to offer. For a fee, depending on the duration and reach of their ad, users will be able to create advertisements within minutes.

Live markets

Traders will be able to view the market value of cryptocurrencies in real-time on your platform itself.

Multiple coin support

Supporting multiple types of cryptocurrencies will widen the scope of your platform. Go beyond popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, incorporate alternate coins as well.

Smart contracts

Automate transaction verification processes by setting up conditions. This way, you can offer your platform’s users a quick way to process cryptocurrency transactions.

Plan of action

Why do users prefer the Coinbase platform?

We chose to build a comprehensive clone of Coinbase since it is the leading and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform in the market. Its popularity is underpinned by several reasons. They are:

  • The user interface of Coinbase is easy-to-understand and use.
  • The exchange platform is fortified with security features like two-factor authentication.
  • Quick cryptocurrency transfers are facilitated.
  • Cryptocurrency can be easily purchased with fiat currency
  • Coinbase charges users a tiny percentage of their purchase amount. Unlike the high fees that other platforms in the market charge, Coinbase’s fee per transaction is much lower.
  • Users of the platform can scan the QR codes of their recipients to transfer coins.
  • Coinbase offers its services through intuitive smartphone applications on both and Android and iOS.


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Why our Coinbase clone?

Our Coinbase clone scripts are designed for avid entrepreneurs who want to develop a unique, innovative and market-winning cryptocurrency exchange platform. We have developed scripts that are easy-to-modify, easy-to-understand and completely bug-free. The exceptional qualities of our codes grant you 100% customizability features so that you can change every aspect of the clone software to suit your business needs. Offer cryptocurrency traders an easy-to-use, intuitive cryptocurrency exchange platform. Get started with our exchange platform solutions today.

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Coinbase is the leading exchange platform in the market. Our clone software emulates their award-winning features, which you can customize for your business requirements.

You can choose to have any number and types of virtual currencies for trade in your exchange platform.

Our clone software uses two-factor authentication to secure the wallet of your users and the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The amount of time it will take to develop the exchange platform will depend on the number of features you want to add, edit or customize.

Our scripts are rigorously tested and innovated over time. They are easy-to-modify, secure and reliable.

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