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Security Token Offerings aids entrepreneurs in enhancing their investment funds. STOs assure investors of their possessions in your company, bringing immense capital to your business. Appdupe, a renowned STO development company, ensures to offer you secure and highly reliable STO launch services at affordable prices.

Our developers have the best experience in the industry who make every possible effort to bring all of the client’s expectations to life in STO creation. The services we offer under Security Token offering platform development cover up anything and everything from consulting, whitepaper drafting, website creation, smart contracts, and so on.

What Is Security Token Offering?

The culmination of the STO is that it combines the benefits of ICO and IPO. It maintains the right balance between getting capital at a low cost while abiding by the security laws. Security Tokens are blockchain powdered crypto tokens that accredit certain ownership rights to the investors in your company. Since the security tokens are subjected to federal rules and regulations of respective governments, it gains the trust of investors to invest in your business.

In simple words, security tokens represent a share in the company. Unlike the traditional stock exchange, shares issued as security tokens can attract more investors at a lower cost. Besides, digital tokens also bestow more credibility and security to investors and token issuers.

Our Clients

What Are The Different Types Of Security Tokens?

  • Equity TokenThe equity token represents the ownership of the company stocks. It is similar to the traditional stock, except the databases are recorded using an immutable blockchain.

  • Debt TokenDebt tokens are distributed when the companies have no stocks or assets to tokenize. These tokens guarantee future payback of profits or assets.

  • Reserve Assets TokenReserve assets token represents physical assets like gold, land, building, etc. Companies involved in trading of these types of assets can make use of STOs to give certain rights over the tangible assets to their investors.

  • Utility TokensUtility tokens can be issued to draw funds for the advancement of the business project. This token gives later access to the clients to specific products/services.

What Assets Can Be Tokenized?

Want To Amplify Your Project Funding Through Security Token Offerings? Hire Our experts for premier STO Development Services.

Benefits Of Security Token Exchange Platform Development

  • Security Since security token works using blockchain technology, its immutable nature constrains data tampering. As a result, digital tokens are far more secure and are resistible against any offline and online risks.

  • More LiquiditySecurity tokens enable the acquisition of fractional ownership, which minimizes the investment cost. This permits investors to buy smaller stakes, which favors selling illiquid assets (real estate, art, collectibles, etc.) while retaining their original value. Also, tokenization of assets makes it globally available to a wide audience contributing to the increased liquidity.

  • Expands Investor BaseThe fractionalization of digital assets and security assured by the digital tokens encourages more investors to put their money into these STO. This brings in more capital and expands the investor base for the token issuers.

  • More Appealing It is no wonder that these tokens are far more attractive than traditional fundraising methods. The reason is the low cost of token creation, global accessibility, regulatory compliance, etc., makes STO more appealing to investors as well as the organization.

  • AccessibilityBy tokenizing the assets, it makes them more accessible to people anywhere across the globe. Moreover, security token exchanges give the freedom to token holders to buy and sell anytime bounded by regulatory compliance.

What Are The Features Of Security Token Offering?

  • Programmable EquityPermits illiquid assets to be digitized through a programmable code and distributed as equity issuance.

  • Fractionalization The STO representing the company’s stock can be divided into sizable assets and given as security tokens to the investor.

  • More LiquidityThe security token owned by the company has a portion of the said asset liquified. It enables the user to buy or sell the token at its set price.

  • SEC regulatory compliance The U.S. Security and Exchange Commission(SEC) formulates a set of regulations for exchanges. In regards to that, STOs completely comply with those SEC laws.

  • Venture Capital Investment STOs guarantee absolute security and reliability that drives more institutional investors, thereby boosting the capital investment.

  • Improved Market EfficiencyBy employing technological advancements to empower the recognizable structure of STO, it assures security, leading to gain the trust of the investors. It thereupon leads to increased investment in the project.

  • No intermediatesSTOs can be directly dealt between companies and investors without intermediaries. Hence, it completely eliminates the brokerage costs.

Security Token Offering Services That We Provide

Security Token Offering Development

Own a security token and engross international investors to invest in your project. Our professional expert can build you a security token exactly befitting your business needs and related investment requirements.

Security Token Exchange Platform Development

The security exchange platform provides a secured environment for users to exchange tokens. Want to establish your own digital exchange platform to favor the trading of security tokens? Our developers can offer the right kind of support to accomplish the job for you.

STO Marketing

It is only through marketing that you can let the investors know about your security tokens and make them come forward to invest. We have a devoted team for marketing who can promote your STO campaign through emails, social media, PR marketing, etc.

Tokenized Asset Offering

It emphasizes tokenization of assets while complying with the regulations of the respective government bodies. If you also wish to transform your business digitally, we can help you build security tokens to back your assets and attract more potential investors.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are gaining popularity for it offers more reliable and transparent transactions employing security tokens. Want to have it for your business? Team up with our professional smart contract developers and build one for yourself.

Blockchain-based Product Development

With the futuristic view, Appdupe has experts to develop tokens, decentralized apps, and other blockchain solutions for ultramodern businesses.

Equity Token Development

Equity tokens assure certain rights to the investors, such as a share in profit, dividend, etc. We help you tokenize your assets and raise funds through the right equity token for the purpose.

Fuel Your Fundraising Efforts By Drawing Strength From Technology With Security Token Offering! Connect With Our Experts For Expedient STO Development Services.

Pre STO Activities

1 Identifying Use Case

2 Legal Consultation

3 Whitepaper Drafting

4 Website Creation

STO Development

1 Creating Tokens

2 Crowd Sale

3 STO Marketing

Post STO Activities

1 Technical Support

2 Product development

Our Pre And Post STO Launch Services

Pre-STO Services

An STO whitepaper serves as the most crucial marketing document consisting of legal disclaimer, detailed product description, technical architecture, etc. We ensure to create a crisp and informative whitepaper to impart a clear idea of your product to the investors.

STO Website Development

Designing a Website
Realising the importance of websites in attracting investors, we make every effort to design a brief and enlightening website.

Token Development
Our technical STO team creates a powerful security token armed with security and transparency features.

Crowd Sale
This is where the company sells its token to the public for raising funds for their projects. Your security tokens get listed on the security exchange platforms for trading.

STO Marketing
It is through marketing you could reach out to the right investor. For this, we employ an effective PR & media strategy for maximum reach.

Post STO services

Technical Support Services
Once the product is launched to the public, if any issue arises we ensure to provide the necessary assistance. Thus, resolving all the technical issues via chat, mail, etc.

Product Building
It is necessary to have a product to ascertain the launched security token. Our development experts build you a robust and user-friendly app based on blockchain technology to back the operations of your security token.

Our Security Token Offering Development Methodology

Requirement gathering

As the first step, we understand your requirements and conceptualize the ideas to efficiently design the app

Architecture and Designing

It involves choosing the right blockchain like Ethereum, EOS, etc., based on the client’s wish. Accordingly, we define a roadmap for the Security Token Offering Platform Development.

Pre STO Launch

At the Pre STO launch stage, we draft whitepapers representing your business ideas, publish STO marketing websites, and so on.


The development stage involves the creation of STO adhering to the regulatory compliances.

Testing And Deployment

Final step before the launch is to deploy the security tokens in the testing environment. Only after ensuring that it is all fit to go live, the product is released on the exchange platforms.

Have An Idea Of Tokenizing Your Assets For Crowdfunding Purposes? We Help Companies To Launch Legally Compliant Security Tokens!

Why Choose Our STO Development Services Company?

Appdupe is an esteemed STO development company that works smartly in assisting growing companies to tokenize assets for crowdfunding. The tech stack we adopt holds the potential to create security tokens on different platforms like Polymath, Harbor, Swarm, and a lot more. We gather our client’s token requirements and utilize custom development modules shaping them as per their specific business needs. Along with that, we ensure the security tokens abide by legal compliance, thereby bringing the best to your business in every aspect. So, wait no more! Get in touch with our experts today and rope in valuable investors for your project with STO creation.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

STO represents the company’s stocks. They are tokenized and sold on global platforms to raise funds for the business project.
You can google search STO development companies which would display you a long list of companies. From that, you can filter the best one by checking their websites for client testimonials, number of successfully completed projects, competence of their developers, etc.
We sign a non-disclosure agreement at the beginning of the project that ensures your details are kept confidential. You can be assured of that.
Absolutely. Our custom-made solutions are flexible enough to be molded according to specific business needs. Whatever your requirements are, spell it out to us, and we give shape to it.
Yes, Definitely! We provide technical support even after the launch on the agreed terms and conditions while signing the contract.

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