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NFT Trading Card Game Like Gods Unchained - They Are Here To Stay!

In the arena of blockbuster NFT gaming platform, Gods Unchained is a top-scoring platform that has grounds in Play-To-Earn through trading cards. NFT based trading card game like Gods Unchained is all praised for redefining the gaming experience since users can play this game for free, buy cards, and trade them.

If you think this is just another card trading game, you must perceive the workflow. The original Gods Unchained platform has a total of 6 834 497 cards, which are further split up, like rare, common, epic, legendary, and mythic. Out of the total number of cards to date, 1 372 794 cards have been bought by players. Players will buy cards and start building their deck. At any point when they feel like selling their cards, they can do so, and in return, they’ll get GODS - platform’s currency. The acquired currencies can be converted into fiat money through any exchange.

If you want to develop a sensational NFT gaming platform like this, get our white-label NFT trading game platform solution, which you can completely modify.

What Describes Our Gods Unchained Clone The Best?

With the aid of our team of developers, who are high-on blockchain and NFT technologies, we are able to bring in NFT card collectible game like Gods Unchained to you. Our NFT card trading platform is a ready-to-deploy and easy-to-rebrand solution. Additionally, the solution is open to customizations from the user interface to anything you prefer. And crucially, the Gods Unchained is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and we can build the Gods Unchained clone on different blockchains.

Our Clients

Launch A Gods Unchained like NFT Trading Card Game In Less Span!

How NFT-Based Games Managed To Secure The Front Seat?

It is undoubtedly the Play2Earn feature that motivates online gamers to adopt NFT games. However, the usual online games do vest in themselves the Play2Earn feature, but why have they taken the backseat with the introduction of NFT-based games?

It is the uniqueness the NFTs bring with it that are triggering the rapid adoption of NFT-based Play2Earn games. As every collectible inside the game is an NFT that holds a long-term value, how will players refrain from thronging to such gaming platforms?

A Crisp Annotation For NFT Gaming Marketplace For Trading Cards

Once you get to know the flow of the game, you will get spirited and feel like putting your hands on it. A quick breakdown of how the NFT based trading card game like Gods Unchained works.

  • The original Gods Unchained platform has its own set of cards, and the players compete to collect them.

  • Players who manage to acquire the cards can build a deck out of them.

  • All the in-game cards are NFTs, and upon selling the NFT-based gaming cards, players will receive the native tokens (in Gods Unchained, “GODS” is the native token).

  • The tokens that players receive in return for selling their cards can be stored inside the Metamask or any wallet that the platform supports.

If you want to create an NFT marketplace like Gods Unchained and further inject it with a shot of uniqueness, then you can come up with your opinion. For example, you can modify the gameplay, introduce new strategies, decide the number of cards and their editions, etc.

Native Token Development
For Your NFT Collectible Card Game Like Gods Unchained

Typically, NFT games involving any sort of gameplay employs in-game currencies or so-called native tokens, and it is the same for NFT card trading games as well. These native tokens come into play when players decide to buy or sell the in-game cards.

Players have to use the native tokens when they choose to buy cards. And similarly, when they sell their cards on the platform to other players, they will get the concerned amount of native tokens. Some gaming platforms encourage the players to store the native tokens, which is termed staking. And crucially, players will attain rewards (which can be an additional number of tokens) for staking the tokens. Eventually, players can convert these tokens into fiat money by exchanging them on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our white-label NFT trading game platform development services are inclusive of native token creation. In the actual Gods Unchained platform, the maximum supply of $GODS (native tokens) is 500 million. Likewise, you will decide the total supply of tokens to circulate on your platform, and we will develop them just the way you want.

How Does Our NFT Gaming Platform Stands Apart?

If you have an urge to unearth the uniqueness of our NFT trading card game development solution, then we need an arena to put them down. When we state we provide white-label Gods Unchained clone solution, that doesn’t mean that we just do the “Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V” job. We don’t actually mirror the original Gods Unchained. Rather we bring into life a similar gaming platform with its own set of exclusive features.

Remarkably, we don’t push you to get our ready-made solution as it is. But we pay heed to even your basic customization requirements. We evaluate the latest market happenings and incorporate the features accordingly. Moreover, if you are choosy to decide the features, we give you the full privilege.

And above all, we will build your card trading platform on whichever type of blockchain you settle on. Aren’t these amenities making our white-label solution a unique one? You can’t deny either.

Benefits Of Sticking To Our NFT Gaming Platform Development Solution

  • Decentralized Our Gods Unchained like NFT trading card game, is 100% decentralized, meaning the platform doesn’t rely on a centralized authoritative system.

  • Transparent One of our core principles is remaining transparent throughout the project completion. And we make it a priority to keep you prompted regarding different phases of development.

  • Peer-To-Peer TradingOur platform facilitates players with peer-to-peer trading experience, where they can trade cards with co-players without the necessity of middlemen.

  • Multiplayer EnvironmentWith an intention to galvanize the players’ experience, our gaming platform supports a multiplayer environment, where different players can come together and compete with each other.

Strike Into The Play2Earn NFT Gaming Avenue By Launching Our NFT Collectible Card Game Like Gods Unchained

Types Of Booster Packs For Your Gods Unchained Like Platform

Card trading games aren’t simply about collecting, building a deck, and selling. Rather, it is about collecting and building a powerful deck, with which players can take home triumph. To build such a powerful deck, players will need to buy cards from the booster packs available on the platform. Here is a list of four types of booster packs available on the original Gods Unchained.

Rare This sort of booster pack comprises 5 cards: 1 rare card and 4 common cards. As of Gods Unchained, players who wish to buy one pack of this type will have to pay 0.00104 ETH or $2.49.

EpicThe epic type of booster pack has a total of 5 trading cards: 1 epic, 1 rare, and 3 common cards. With 0.00293 ETH or $6.99 in hand, players can buy this pack.

Shiny This is the highest charging booster pack costing $149.99 or 0.06293 ETH with 1 shadow, gold or diamond legendary card, 1 rare card, 1 shadow, gold or diamond common card, and 2 common cards.

Legendary 1 legendary card, 1 rare card, and 3 common cards are the constituents of this pack. And this pack charges $24.99 or 0.01049 ETH.

As we center the customization feature, you can decide the type of booster packs along with the number and price for your Gods Unchained clone development.

GamePlay Of Our White-Label Gods Unchained Like Platform

Gods Unchained like gaming is full of adventures while guaranteeing a stream of excitement for players. Here, you will get an outline of how games like Gods Unchained should be played.

Sign Up

Signing up for the game is mandatory and doesn’t require any registration fees since this game is free-to-play. Just entering an email address and creating a password will be enough as the initial step.

Deck Building

Since this is card-based gaming, building a deck is everything. As a starter kit, every new player will be given a set of 70 cards, having two copies each (a total of 140). To build a deck, players will need to group 30 cards of their choice and also have to select a god.

Selecting A God Power

Each god will have four powers and the players can choose only one power, which cannot be changed until the end of the game.

Battle Up

Once the players are buckled up, they can participate in the battles, defeat their opponents, and get rewarded. There will be different tournaments happening on a daily and weekly basis.

Our Range Of White-Label
Card Trading Gaming Platform Development Solutions

We know that NFT card trading games are striking a massive hit in contemporary times, and thus, we bring forth different NFT-based card trading game clone solutions.

How Do We Build Your NFT Gaming Platform?

  • 1

    Interpreting Your Requirements Our analyst team will devote their time to understanding your requirements on sitting with you for a detailed meeting session.

  • 2

    Demonstrating Our Pre-Developed Gaming PlatformAs our core business is delivering white-label platform development solutions, we will showcase the functionality of our pre-developed gaming platform. Post the demonstration session; you can shoot away your customizations. Upon gathering customizations from your side, our developers will scrutinize the feasibility and devise the development plan.

  • 3

    Tailor-Building Your Play2Earn Gaming PlatformFirst, our developers will start off with customizing the back-end. Next to that, we will build the platform’s database and finalize the platform by adding the front-end customizations.

  • 4

    Testing & DeliveryWe test the platform extensively to reinforce the platform’s functionality. Our testing team will prepare test cases that are needed for validating the customization requirements you submitted. After an extensive testing session, we will deliver the final product, which will be a fully-customized NFT trading card game development solution.

Bullets That Will Convince You To Partner With Us

An in-depth understanding and solid years of experience in blockchain technology are highly necessary to create NFT marketplace like Gods Unchained. Get to know the boxes we tick that urge you to develop your gaming platform from us.

  • Completely ready-made solutions

  • In-depth customization

  • Agile development process

  • A skilled team of analysts, developers, and testers

  • Provision for multiple blockchains

  • Chronic technical assistance

You Are Closer To Initiate An Ally With Us For NFT Turn-Based Trading Card Game Development

Tech Stack

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We build trading cards belonging to the type “rare” using the ERC-721 token standard. For NFT trading cards falling under the type “common,” we use the ERC-1155 token standard.
For this question, our development team will be the befitting one to give you the exact answer. You can directly connect with our developers via [email protected], and they will revert.
Why not? We make it a possibility since our veteran blockchain developers are masters in every blockchain technology.
The play2earn gaming concept is picking up pace, and you need guidance from our subject matter experts who can detail you about the same. Feel free to ask out your queries before heading to the development.

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