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Launch NFT Platform for Influencers and Celebrities

The age of social media created a new bunch of celebrities who are popularly known as influencers. These influencers are generally content creators who have created a following for themselves on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, OnlyFans, etc. by posting different types of content like videos, photos, memes, short videos, etc. But the question of what these creators get in return for the work and time they invest except for the followers has been prevalent for a while now. NFTs can probably change this narrative by enabling these creators to mint their tokens and generate revenue out of it. But again how do they do it? That’s where the role of an NFT marketplace for Influencers comes into play.

Develop an NFT marketplace for influencers where they can list their content and creatives for auction/sale. Be early to reap the maximum benefits of this new era. Contact us now!

What is NFT Marketplace for Influencers?

An NFT marketplace for influencers is similar to any other NFT marketplace except for the fact that it will be a platform exclusively for content creators who have gained a good number of following to list their digital works as non-fungible tokens. The fans, followers, or any random investor will be able to buy, bid, or sell these NFTs on the platform. All the users will be able to integrate their digital wallets like MetaMask to the platform and add their NFT collection to it. Yeah, it is as simple as this.

Now, get in touch with us to know more about the development process.

Our Clients

Microbuddies NFT Collection

Wanna give a test ride of our NFT collections? Make your footprints on our exclusive NFT collectibles - Microbuddies. It is an NFT strategy game that indulges cute and adorable collections of microbes that are emphasized with the production of GOO - native currency.

We dealt with their project, handing from pilot scale to its accomplishment. The client is surpassing huge revenue with their extensive gaming experience portfolio that leveraged infinite audiences. With a meek passion, we also revolutionized their gaming with a lucrative gamut of our marketing services.

XT.com - Cryptocurrency Exchange and NFT Marketplace

Bag piles of cryptocurrencies at just one tap on XT.com, a massive revenue generator in this crypto economy. A leading firm that adopted and utilizeds our tech stacks and now skyrocketed with a brilliant NFT marketplace and cryptocurrency exchange platform.

We unified their goals to make the fascinating marketplace for showcasing digital avatars, built XT smart chain features, and enabled the platforms on multiple devices.

Partnership With EOS

Our partnership with EOS has led to substantial development of blockchain platforms, especially dApps administered with a top speed of transactions, proven configurations, and security above the threshold. We utilize their compliant technological stacks that can manipulate the features of the inventive platforms leading to the finest inspiring business-grade services. We widen our scope by tailoring their standalone operating systems and adaptive technologies at one shot.


Partnership With Polygon

Inching every small step to accomplish our dApps, we partnered with Polygon-Matic, a leading blockchain firm. Polygon is an off-chain or decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that handles transactional operations with high throughput. Sequencing the Ethereum scaling solutions and frameworks to meet the requirements of building dApps is our vision and reason for the partnership. Uncoiling fast-driven transactions, low gas fees, and low carbon fuel expenditure will enhance the usability of the platforms.

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The Varied Types Of Content Creators

  • CelebritiesCelebrities are obviously the top-tier influencers with the largest fan following. You bring in celebrities into your marketplace you attract millions of their followers along with them.

  • ModelsThe art of modeling has been commercialized in recent times attracting a huge crowd. And models themselves are followed by thousands on social media.

  • MusiciansMusicians have been celebrated as stars since ages. There is no doubt in how people would rave about owning some of their NFTs.

  • ArtistsArt and artists is a part of humankind since the beginning of time. Collecting arts is already prevalent tokenizing them would only excite the collectors more.

  • WritersWe created languages to write words that can make fellow beings feel great things that would be impossible otherwise. There are millions of readers out there who bring in their writings.

  • Game StreamersGaming is a sector that has been attracting the GenZ and the millennials big time. To attract the young crowd, get the game started.

The Ecosystem Of NFT Marketplace For Influencers

Let’s take a look at the members of the marketplace.

  • Creators

    The creators are the sun, around who all the others revolve around in the marketplace ecosystem. Any content creator can list their works as NFTs in the marketplace.

  • Collectors

    Collectors are art enthusiasts who are interested in buying good works from creators. Technically they are the potential buyers of the ecosystem.

  • Traders

    Traders or flippers are the ones who keep the trading live in the marketplace. They keep on buying and selling the NFTs for better profits.

Why Do You Need A White-label NFT Platform for Influencers?

The NFT space is one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in recent times. Celebrities flexing their NFTs on TV shows or sports stars flexing it in a sports tournament is now a common thing. One of the famous sayings in the NFT space is “one day in the NFT space equals one month in the real world” And yes it is true. The earlier you enter this space the more you benefit from it. Today with the rise of the need for an exclusive NFT platform for influencers a white-label NFT platform will aid you to enter the NFT space at the earliest.

A white-label NFT platform is basically a pre-built NFT marketplace that awaits only the customizations for your business. The customizations may include design changes, logo, etc. which do not consume much time thereby giving a headstart against your competitors. So, don’t wait because time never waits for you. Give us a call and let’s kick off your NFT marketplace for influencers instantly.

Looking To Occupy A Unique Niche In The NFT Market?

The Significance Of Influencers On The NFT Space

Since the advent of social media, the role of influencers in any business has been formidable. Taking this forward into the NFT space will be a cakewalk.

Authentic Collaboration This is similar to the brand-celebrity collaborations that are already in practice. The NFT projects can use the fame of the influencers for promotions and whatnot.

Ownership Flexing NFTs is now normal, we can see celebrities and influencers flexing the NFTs they own on TV shows, sports, etc. This raises the value of NFTs straightaway.

Awareness Spreading the word has always been the major role of Influencers. When a new NFT project comes in Influencers can create awareness for it.

The Prominent NFT Token Standards You Should Know

ERC - 721 ERC-721 is a global token standard that defines a minimum interface a smart contract must implement to allow unique digital assets.

ERC - 998 The ERC-998 is an updated version of the ERC-721 token standard. It not only represents the unique characteristics of the digital assets but also adds composability to the tokens.

ERC - 1155 ERC-1155 is a token standard that enables a combination of fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens, and more on a single deployed contract.

Create A Native Token For Your Influencer NFT Platform

A native token is a primary token that will be used as a coin of transaction to buy, sell or trade the digital assets in the marketplace. By creating a native token you have an opportunity to grow a community for yourself organically. Every creator, trader, and collector that onboards with your marketplace will have to own the token to go forward with any kind of activities on the platform. These activities will subsequently add value and liquidity to your tokens. So, yeah let’s build one for you.

Benefits Of NFT Marketplace Development For Influencers

  • RoyaltyInfluencers who sell their unique and creative content on the marketplace can enjoy royalties on each secondary sale.

  • Access To Global AudiencesSince NFT marketplaces don’t have any entry barriers, content creators will have access to audiences worldwide.

  • SecureInfluencers can sell their creatives on the marketplace since it is backed by smart contracts. Not just they can preserve their creative works but they can also perform transactions more securely.

  • Convenient Right from signing up for the wallet to executing the transactions, every platform-related activity will be hassle-free.

How does an NFT Marketplace for Influencers Work?

  • 1

    Registration/Sign UpInfluencers who are new to the platform will start by registering the required details. During the registration phase, they will be required to sign up or link their crypto wallet too.

  • 2

    MintingNow, the influencers can upload their creative works on the platform including the ownership details. Once they agree to pay the gas fees, the minting process will commence.

  • 3

    NFT ListingThe minted digital creatives will then be referred to as NFTs that hold a unique set of properties. These NFTs can be put up for sale by mentioning the sale type, price, and closing date of the sale.

  • 4

    Trading Upon viewing the NFT listing, buyers may place bids. At the end of the auction, the NFT will be transferred to the buyer who placed the highest bid. And the smart contract will be responsible for executing the trade automatically when the required conditions are met.

Introduce Your Influencer NFT Platform That Carries Elite Features

Key Features of Influencers NFT Marketplace

NFT ExplorerThe NFT Explorer lets users view all of the NFTs on the platform based on their categories.

Search BoxUsers can find NFTs and other user accounts by inputting the relevant terms in the search box.

Search FiltersThe search filters will enhance the process of finding the NFT collectibles. Filters like sort by sales, type of blockchain, etc., are effective and you can add more useful features to the platform.

Watchlist Among the multiple collections of NFTs, users can watchlist their favorite collections. By doing so, they can track the trading volume, floor price, number of owners, and number of items in each collection.

Ranking NFT collections are ranked based on their trading volume, floor price, owners, etc.

Crypto WalletTraders or users can buy and store cryptocurrencies for buying NFTs on the platform. We can integrate any number of crypto wallets you request for.

How do Influencers Get Benefitted From An Influencer Marketplace?

  • Build A Community For artists, building a community is crucial. By doing so, they can create an exclusive community of audiences and engage with them.

  • Feature Premium Content Artists can feature premium or exclusive content on the platform, thereby moving a step closer to drawing fans.

  • Expand The Fanbase NFT marketplaces are open to global audiences, which will be helpful for artists in expanding their fanbase across different demographics.

  • Royalty Monetization via royalty is the chief benefit for artists. Every time when artists’ exclusive creations get sold on the platform, the royalty amount is credited.

Why choose us for Influencer NFT Marketplace Development?

Cater to customization requirements

Security-rich smart contracts

Transparent development process

Cross-chain compatibility

Supportive team

Choose The NFT Influencer Marketplace Development To Facilitate Influencers To Monetize Their Content

Tech Stack

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Developing an NFT trading platform for Influencers will let them expose their creative works to their fan followers. This, in turn, will increase the number of influencers signing up for your platform.
Appdupe is the one-stop for innovative blockchain development services. You can any time approach our team to discuss your ideas on developing an NFT marketplace exclusively for influencers. Email at [email protected] or let’s have a quick call +916382665366.
Well, we will be able to give you the complete pricing structure for developing your marketplace after documenting your requirements.
We understand that the NFT marketplace is brimming with competitors and it is normal for entrepreneurs like you to have an urge to launch the marketplace soon and pull audiences. Give us a detailed set of requirements, we’ll analyze and let you know the launch date.

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