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Crypto launchpads are bonanzas for crypto project owners as they can stage their projects rapidly instead of creating sales contracts by themselves. Sticking to the centralized launchpads is disadvantageous to project owners and investors crucially in view of trust. And hence, decentralized launchpads started coming into being.

And eventually, decentralized launchpads have etched their prominence, and thus project creators have no better choice than to cling to. More essentially, project creators are deviating from Ethereum-based launchpads in order to escape from one of the main hindrances like exorbitant gas fees.

Since crypto project owners are constantly drifting from Ethereum and looking to rely on effective blockchain technologies, pull them your way by developing a launchpad on one of the efficacious blockchains, Solana.

Solstarter like IDO launchpad development, is the perfect solution for those looking for a project-friendly platform since it runs on Solana - the most sought-after blockchain.

What is A Solstarter Clone?

An easily deployable, customizable, and sophisticated launchpad solution exactly defines our Solstarter clone. This white-label IDO launchpad is built on the Solana blockchain so as to let users tuck in favors like rapid transaction rates, meager gas fees, etc.

As we bring you the IDO launchpad development on Solana, you need a blink of time to set the platform for launch. Following this, the platform can also be fashioned the way you want it to be.

Our Clients

Particulars You Need To Know About Solstarter

Solstarter is the first-ever crypto launchpad built on Solana and one of the premiere IDO launchpad platforms. Solstarter is a well-known launchpad that guarantees 100% decentralization, allocation of tokens to investors and is accessible by anyone.

Solstarter is being driven by a mission to unveil standard crypto projects to investors in an easy and decentralized approach. Do you want to follow suit Solstarter? Then create fundraising launchpad like Solstarter by establishing an ally with us.

IDO Launchpad Development on Solana

How Will You Benefit From Building A Launchpad Like Solstarter?

Solstarter holds the pride of being the first IDO launchpad developed on the Solana blockchain. Being a Solana-based launchpad, Solstarter poises benefits like low-cost transactions, scalability, and swift transaction speed.

When you create an IDO launchpad that is similar to Solstarter, you get the advantage of building a strong user community due to the advantages heaped.

Since our white-label Solstarter clone is pre-engineered and vastly customizable, will you still halt your opportunity for deploying your dream launchpad project? Let’s strike a deal!

Interested In Launching A Solstarter Like Fundraising Platform?

Significant Traits Of Our Solstarter Clone

Know Your Customer (KYC)The KYC procedure associated with decentralized platforms is a cryptographic way of evaluating the user’s identity rather than the traditional procedure. To access your launchpad, users need to provide specific details and complete the KYC procedure.

Automated LiquidityWith our Automated Market Maker supported IDO launchpad on Solana, acquiring liquidity will never be a concern for users.

Integrated Digital WalletThe launchpad comes with a provision for integrating digital wallets and availing of the customization, you can add digital wallets to the platform.

Multi-Tier StakingMultiple levels can be created for funding based on the total number of tokens staked on the platform.

Quick Allocation Of TokensThe moment the sales open up on the platform, investors can commence off buying tokens and investing in projects.

Get Native Tokens Developed For Your Launchpad Effectively

Generally, native tokens carry different purposes with respect to the launchpad. Out of everything, the main use of native tokens is to participate in sales happening on the platform. Here, in the case of Solstarter, SOS is the native token, which investors can purchase and invest in projects that are open for fundraising.

Being an IDO service provider, we will develop native tokens for your Solstarter like launchpad. The native tokens have a certain set of characteristics like name, symbol, token type, and supply. You can tell us how you want the characteristics of your native tokens to be, and our development team will take over.

Solstarter Like Fundraising Platform

Different Use Cases Of Native Tokens

Native tokens carry along some significance in conjunction with letting access to participating in sales. Here, the use cases of SOS tokens are mentioned. While you develop your native tokens, you can express interest to append any additional use cases or utilities to the tokens, and we’ll help you with that.

IDO ParticipationInvestors who are willing to provide funds for crypto projects will purchase the tokens and directly invest them in the projects.

Governance The SOS token holders will have the entitlement to give suggestions regarding the platform’s future developments.

Staking Staking the tokens and earning rewards is a highlighting benefit of launchpads. If investors stake the native tokens for a period of time, in return they’ll receive rewards in the form of tokens. In Solstarter, the reward tokens are represented as xSOS.

Make Your Fundraising Launchpad Live In A Prescribed Time

An Overview Of Our Launchpad’s Working

  • Register On The Launchpad Project creators/owners will have the registration process as the first step on your Solstarter like IDO launchpad.

  • Wallet IntegrationSubsequent to registration, users should integrate their crypto wallets. They can use any of the integrated wallets available on the launchpad itself.

  • VettingOnce the registration is finished off, the projects will be reviewed by the platform as a measure to verify projects’ authenticity. After validating the projects, they will get listed and thus become qualified for fundraising.

  • Investors Shortlist ProjectsInvestors explore the launchpad, settle upon, and fund projects that seem to have a future according to them.

  • Fundraising Based on the native tokens staked, funds can be raised in multiple rounds. The number of tokens raised in each tier and the number of users who participate in the tier are taken into account.

Filters Offered In Our Fundraising Launchpad Development Solution

Ruffling through a pile of blockchain-based projects can be tiresome for investors. To smooth the way for investors, our development team has integrated some highly helpful filters into our white-label Solstarter clone.


Projects that procure the investors’ attention are termed trending projects.

Recently Listed

Bootstrapped and crypto-backed projects will keep making their way into the launchpad. Hence, investors can easily access all the recently-listed projects using this filter.


In addition to exploring already listed projects, investors can also get an idea of upcoming projects.


Obviously, different projects will be of different prices. Investors who can afford expensive ones can opt for this filter.


Of course, every coin will comprise two sides and so are the price levels of projects on the platform. If investors are interested in affordable projects, this filter will help them out.

Frequently Visited

Projects that are frequently visited by investors are also accessible.

Perks Of Our Solstarter Like IDO Launchpad Development Solution

Since you are about to get your IDO launchpad developed from us, how could it be without encompassing some remarkable benefits? Here they are!

  • Trading In A Jiff Investors will look for instant trading options, and our IDO launchpad will abide by their expectations by facilitating faster trading.

  • Availability Of LiquidityThe main deal with launchpads is the availability of instant liquidity. This launchpad will ensure investors are receiving liquidity instantly based on their trading.

  • Affordable Smart Contract DevelopmentSince the launchpad involves tokens, it is necessary to integrate the smart contract with the tokens. We will develop smart contracts for tokens that will be really affordable.

  • Immediate Token PurchaseAmong the multiple benefits, the facility for purchasing tokens immediately is a highlight. Supremely, investors are also given the option for bulk purchase of tokens.

How We Approach Your Launchpad Development?

You will glib through the process we follow for the fundraising launchpad development on Solana.

  • Concept Ideation We start by evaluating the ideas that you have brought to us. We will indulge in in-depth planning in terms of implementing the requirements and deadlines you specify.

  • Documenting WhitepaperThe very next process after meticulous evaluation of requirements is documenting the whitepaper to let you know the ins and outs of our white-label launchpad solution.

  • Marketplace CustomizationUltimately, the launchpad you develop will be the front-liner in terms of user acquisition. We will take into account every customization you share with us and mirror the same on the launchpad. Voila, you get your launchpad developed as per your customizations.

  • Token Creation We carry out token creation for your launchpad, and yes, you can instruct us on all key traits the tokens should hold.

  • Testing & DeploymentOur QA team will run a specific set of test cases created in consideration of your requirements. Once all the requirements get validated, we’ll proceed with the final phase, the deployment.

Compelling Reasons For Tying Up With Us

Marking your partnership with us will come in the form of a bag of advantages.Explore the bag!

Expertise-drenched developers

White-label solution

Customizations at the heart of the solution

Constant updates

Clinging to deadlines

Are You Looking For An IDO Launchpad Development On Solana?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Even we believe that uniqueness is important for user acquisition. Hence, we will adhere to the customization requests you submit and our experts will also give out the suggestions as per the observed market trends.
Of course, the Solana blockchain is a favorable blockchain in the context of faster trading and affordable gas fees.
Yes, we will integrate the digital wallets of your requirements. Our Solstarter like IDO launchpad is highly pliable for customizations. Thus, you can integrate any number of digital wallets into the platform.
From the phase of requirements gathering to launching, there are numerous stages involved. Though we have a pre-developed launchpad solution, implementing modifications you require s needs time. Overall, the level of customizations will decide the delivery time.

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