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Axie Infinity Like NFT Game Development For Tapping
Into The NFT Gaming Sphere!

Online games are now being injected with a dosage of Play-To-Earn functionality, which in turn guarantees to double up the gaming experience. There is no denying that online NFT gaming platform like Axie Infinity with the Play-to-Earn feature catalyzes the user acquisition besides increasing the overall gaming experience multifold.

Axie Infinity is a pioneer and one of the much-lauded NFT gaming platforms, which set ablaze among vehement online gamers and NFT aficionados to try their hands at. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, NFT marketplace like Axie Infinity lets players buy, breed, sell and battle them against other axies.

To your surprise, it was reported that during the pandemic, the people of the Philippines were highly active on Axie Infinity and rewards from the game were their major source of income. If this gaming platform tickles you to create a similar one, then turn to us as we have a completely customizable and white-label Axie Infinity clone.

Axie Infinity - A Revolutionary NFT Gaming Platform Of Recent Times!

NFT gaming marketplace like Axie Infinity is the perfect conclave where online gamers and fruitful rewards come together where the former grabs the latter by winning the battles or consummating certain objectives.

Axie is the term used to describe the individual creatures on the platform, each of them with a unique set of attributes. Gamers must possess at least 3 anime characters in the original Axie Infinity gaming platform to participate in the battles.

What makes this game exclusive and attractive to gamers is the availability of in-game tokens. We also aid you in the creation of native tokens like Axie Infinity Shard Token (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which can further be sold in exchanges. Simply, the earning capability induced in this game and the interesting set of battles is what make this platform quite impressive.

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In-Built Functionalities Of Our Axie Infinity Like NFT Marketplace

BattleThe core theme of this NFT gaming platform is to let gamers introduce their axies to the battle. In the battle, either axies will compete with live opponents or environment-based opponents.

LandThe battles happen on lands, which are further tokenizable, and players can buy them as a part of their in-game collectibles. Interestingly, after buying the land, players can upgrade them using the resources they get to witness while playing.

AXSAs of Axie Infinity, AXS represents governance tokens, and holders of these tokens can give out opinions for enhancing the platform. According to your preference, we are bound to develop the governance tokens for your Axie Infinity marketplace clone software.

Breeding Players can breed the axies they own with the aim of producing offspring. Any axie can be bred only 7 times, and breeding will also cost some count of AXS and SLP tokens.

Marketplace The marketplace is where the anime are bought and sold. Additionally, players can also purchase other in-game collectibles. Also, we can customize the in-game collectibles or resources just like how you want them to be available for your players.

Do NFT Games Like Axie Infinity See Any Future? - Yes, They Do!

If there is an NFT game that has the competence to constantly topple other games, and remains to be players’ favorite in recent times, then it is Axie Infinity like gaming platform. As this NFT game is making circles over the internet, it’s high time you need to perceive the milestones it has bagged by its side.

  • According to Dappradar, to date, the Axie Infinity marketplace has recorded a trading volume of $3.94 billion.

  • One of the Axie NFTs accounted for top sales pricing of $2.33 million two months ago.

  • Currently, the platform flaunts more than a 2 million user base with average daily active players of 2,317,110.

  • As of this date, the token price of AXS is $72.3.

If you feel ignited by the astounding growth and the scope of such rewards-themed NFT gaming platforms, then adopt our Axie Infinity clone solution, which can be perfectly customized and launched at the phase of your choice.

You’re Just Next Door To Create NFT Game Like Axie Infinity

What Defines Axies?

Axies are the principal characters of your blockchain game like Axie Infinity, which gets subjected to trading, breeding, and battling on the platform. Each axie will have 6 body parts and 4 stats, which are quite distinguishable from one another. Here is an unveiling of the different body parts, the stats, the class they belong to, and the types.

  • Axie Infinity Platform Development
  • Body Parts Each Axie Is Made Of







  • Axie Infinity NFT Marketplace Development
  • Classes To Which Axies Belong To







  • Stats Of Axies

    The health of the axies is denoted by HP. The HP level of axies will determine their capability to withstand the opponent’s attack.

    This is a crucial stat that influences the axies to strike down opponents. The higher the morale, the higher the chances of the axie knocking down others.

    The skill stat of the axies represents the ability to make use of multiple stats at a time to knock down the opponents. Therefore, axies with a high level of “skill” have high chances of escaping from possible attacks.

    Speed is obviously one of the traits of axies on the platform. And, of course, axies having higher speed will have the chance to attack the opponent first.

  • NFT Game like Axie Infinity
  • Classifying Axies On The Basis Of Their Types

    Origin axies are simply the foundational ones created during the launch of your Axie Infinity clone software. You can let us know about the number of origin axies you want to add to your platform while deploying.

    Mystic axies are the ones that will be developed further, with the origin axies as the base. We will make sure to maintain the scarcity of mystic axies through smart contracts.

How Does Our Axie Infinity Like NFT MarketPlace Work?

Here, we will take you through a rundown of how our NFT gaming platform like Axie Infinity, will function.

  • To get started, maiden platform users must finish off the profile registration and wallet integration procedures.

  • To tap into the battle, the players should own at least 3 axies, which can be purchased inside the marketplace itself.

  • If players are smart enough to play and win battles, they get to earn tokens. The earned tokens can also be staked to attain bountiful rewards.

  • Meanwhile, players can start breeding their axies so as to come up with completely new axie creatures.

  • On top of all these in-game activities, players are given the privilege to tokenize the lands, build and sell them on the marketplace.

Native Token Creation For Your NFT Gaming Platform Like Axie Infinity

It is fundamental that NFT gaming marketplaces involving the Play2Earn feature will employ a certain supply of tokens, which have utility value in them. For your NFT marketplace like Axie Infinity, we will develop the utility tokens on the basis of the inputs you give us.

  • $AXSAXS (Axie Infinity Shards) is the governance token built on the ERC-20 token standard. This token holds a dual purpose. One is governance, i.e., gamers can enroll their votes for the platform improvement. And another is gamers can stake these tokens on the platform for a long time and get rewards accordingly.

  • SLPAnother praised token of NFT marketplace like Axie Infinity is the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens. Gamers can access these SLP tokens when they win the battles. After acquiring these tokens, they can trade them on any exchanges and gain monetary value.

How Our NFT Based Gaming Platform Like Axie Infinity Solutions Stand Out?

NFT games have managed to procure the attention of online gamers in a short span due to the stack of benefits they have by their side. Moreover, the benefits they hold will also influence new gamers to start swarming towards NFT gaming platforms.

  • Shielded with hack-proof security protocols

  • Copious chances for grabbing rewards

  • Decentralized nature

  • Splendid gaming experience

  • Fast and highly safe transactions

And everything that a gamer looks into an online NFT gaming platform!

How Can You Reap Revenue Through Our NFT Marketplace Like Axie Infinity?

NFT games like Axie Infinity are super-fascinating for players as they have plenty of prospects for earning monetary gains. Altogether, platform owners can also enjoy a high degree of revenue through different user activities on the platform. They are

  • Gamers pay the breeding fees in terms of AXS tokens.

  • Successful trading of different in-game resources like axies, lands, etc., will incur charges.

  • Staking Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and further selling them out in exchanges.

Be Prepared To Build NFT Game Like Axie Infinity With Us

Why Should You Adopt Our Solution To Create Axie Infinity Clone?

By considering the development of the Axie Infinity like platform, we know you are taking a huge into the NFT verse. To make your venture a massive success, we will craft your Axie Infinity like NFT marketplace being mindful of the latest tools and technologies. Check out the array of benefits of our NFT gaming marketplace development solution.

  • 100% Transparent

  • Smooth and risk-free transactions

  • Rewarding scheme

  • Advanced admin dashboard

  • Secure and advanced CMS

  • Integrated crypto wallet

What Are The Use Cases Of Native Tokens?

  • Staking The platform’s native tokens have the provision for staking and token holders who wish to stake the tokens and reap rewards in the long term can stake those tokens. You have the absolute privilege to frame the reward program that will encourage the gamers to stake more.

  • Governance “Community approach” is what decentralized marketplaces follow. The community of the platform is obviously the gamers. Hence, you can allot them governance rights through which they can put down their opinions in accordance with the platform’s improvement.

The “Whys” Of Partnering With Us
For Axie Infinity Like NFT Game Development

We have a broader experience in developing blockchain and NFT projects, and the portfolio of marketplace development projects listed on our website affirms it all. Head down to catch what more benefits we have in store for you.

  • 10+ years of industry experience

  • White-label marketplace development solutions

  • 100% flexible solutions

  • Multi-device compatibility

  • Different blockchains

  • Futuristic and user-friendly interface

  • Multilingual

  • 24x7 Technical support

  • SEO friendly

  • Promised delivery

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The Axie Infinity clone is one of our stellar white-label NFT gaming platform development solutions crafted to stuff the gamers with the most enchanting gaming experience. And importantly, you can launch this NFT gaming platform in a shorter span.
Our blockchain developers are masters in handling different types of blockchain technologies. Hence, if you have plans to build your NFT gaming platform on a blockchain of your choice, you can tell us during the initial requirements gathering stage itself.
You decide the number of native tokens you want to supply on your platform, and we will develop those counts. Alongside the count of tokens, you will have to state the symbol and name of the tokens so that we can develop them accordingly.
We have got you multiple ways to contact/schedule an appointment with us. Either you can directly schedule the appointment in the calendar below or chat/call us. Hope to hear from you!
Firstly, we need to sit down with you to absorb your business requirements. Once we do that, our team will head to analyze the tech stack and tools needed for your platform and the tentative time for completion. Based on all these criteria, we will come up with a budget.

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