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What defines Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) the best is that it is completely decentralized and is led by the community. Decentralization unfolded to snip out drawbacks like security concerns, middlemen involvement, and lagging process completion in the centralized financial systems. DAO is completely managed by smart contracts that are coded with certain functionality criteria. To justify that DAO operates in a decentralized manner, platform users are given the privilege to poll their votes when it comes to platform-oriented enhancements or decisions.

Appdupe is a predominant DAO development company that delivers DAO development services to encourage you, entrepreneurs, to make a revolution in the DeFi arena. In tandem with development services, we provide consultation and marketing services so as to render 360-degree services.

DAO Platform Development

Get The Picture Of What Decentralized Autonomous Organization

DAO is basically an organization formed by a group of individuals to automate the execution of decentralized functionalities. The motive of DAO is to completely eradicate the presence of central authority. And DAO makes it obvious by working on a community-centered basis. Every new proposal regarding the decentralized platform will be led by the community, and the members are given voting power. The proposals that receive the maximum number of votes will be brought to effect.

Overall, what makes DAO perfectly decentralized is the absence of a central authority or a top management panel, and all the decisions are executed by the community members.

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DAO Token - A Quick Digest

The architecture of DAO is completely decentralized, and members are the decision-makers. Be it fundraising for decentralized projects or voting; one must hold the DAO tokens for participating in any decentralized platform-oriented activities. Holding DAO tokens lets platform users indulge in

  • Submitting platform-related proposals

  • Vote on proposals introduced

  • Gain funds from funded projects

Underlying Difference Between Traditional Organizations & DAO

Traditional Organizations



The senior management holds the ultimate control over the happenings like decision-making and execution


All the members of the community come together to decide on the overall happenings by polling votes


Top management comprising board directors, executives, investors, etc., takes the decisions


Community members will cast votes to participate in decision-making

Organizational Structure


Organizational Structure

Fully democratic




Fully public


Involves human intervention


Completely automated

Applicable areas

Suitable for small-scale organizations

Applicable areas

Suitable for large-scale organizations

What Are The Highlights Of Decentralized Autonomous
Organization Development?

  • The functioning of DAO is highly democratized, meaning that the community will head all the decisions.

  • There are fewer or zero chances of inaccuracies since the entire functioning is coded into smart contracts and recorded on the blockchain.

  • A highly crucial trait of DAO is the non-involvement of third parties, unlike traditional organizations.

  • Users can indulge in the crowdfunding mechanism by buying and funding their DAO tokens on the desired projects.

  • Since smart contracts carry all the rules for the execution of any transaction, there is zero chance of bugs.

  • As any new proposals or amendments are brought into effect via the community, DAO is fully transparent.

What Are The Existing Types Of DAOs?

Protocol DAOs

Decentralized tokens that are employed in governance activities are called protocol DAOs since they are put into effect to implement changes in the existing protocols.

Collector DAOs

The purpose of collector DAOs is to gather funds so that the community as a whole can invest in buying NFTs and each member of the community will own a specific share.

Grant DAOs

Aave is a decentralized community-governed token that facilitates the lending and borrowing of cryptos. Grant DAOs are tokens that are used to fund projects, thereby supporting the community of blockchain project developers.

Social DAOs

As the name suggests, Social DAOs are meant for social networking inside the crypto communities. For an individual to gain entry into such communities, there are certain criteria like they must own a specific number of tokens, own NFTs, or must be personally invited.

Media DAOs

Media DAO is where a community of content creators collaborate to produce content and actively earn profit.

Investment DAOs

Venture or Investment DAOs are meant to gather capital for investing in Web3 startups and protocols.

Putting Together The Salient Features Of DAO

Open-SourceDAO is an open-source code that allows access to every participant, and also makes itself fully transparent.

Autonomous All the operations in DAO are performed automatically, without the need for an external trigger. Also, DAO works on a self-financed business model, where a specific percentage of rewards are directed to the treasury, hence eliminating the need for external investments.

Secured With Smart ContractsThe set of smart contracts defines the way DAO will function. Smart contracts are a pile of guidelines that will specify the overall functionality of decentralized platforms.

Distributed AuthorityThere isn’t any central management team that decides on the functioning of DAO. Rather the authority is distributed among the members via voting privileges.

DAO TokensDAO tokens are employed for any financial transactions as well as in the case of casting votes regarding any improvements on the platform or supporting project fundraising.

Runs On Blockchain TechnologyDAOs run on blockchain technology, which makes them autonomous and decentralized. Since DAOs run on blockchains, they are transparent, immutable, and incorruptible.

Our Range Of DAO Development Services

DAO Smart Contract Development One of our chief DAO software development services include robust smart contracts development that forms the basis of decentralized platforms.

DAO Node DevelopmentNode is actually a computer that is connected in sequence with other computers, which form the blockchain network. Different nodes hold different purposes and we develop multiple nodes like mining, authority, archival, light, etc.

DAO dApp DevelopmentOur Decentralized Autonomous Organization development company is a master in developing reliable dApps for different use cases. dApps run on blockchains and are backed with smart contracts.

DAO Integration Irrespective of any traditional business platform, we can integrate the DAO protocol to transform it into an entirely community-driven platform.

DAO-Enabled NFT Platform DevelopmentMake the best use of the growing demand for NFT marketplace development by integrating DAO. Our skilled team can develop an NFT trading platform that works on the basis of DAO.

DAO Blockchain DevelopmentDAO protocols define the way the entire system has to work. Get our DAO blockchain development services to highlight decentralization in your business.

DAO Platform Development If you have requirements for building a DAO platform from the ground up, set out to our DAO blockchain software development company. We will develop a DAO-based platform for any business requirement you bring to us.

What Are Some Use Cases Of Decentralized Autonomous Organization?

  • AgreementsIt is obvious that decentralized platforms are autonomous and execute functions when the specified conditions in the smart contracts are met. DAO agreements are when the traders abide by the rules mentioned in the agreement for executing a certain transaction.

  • Voting Voting system is the mainstream functionality of DAOs. A new proposal in DAO will come into effect, only when that proposal manages to receive the maximum votes.

  • Fundraising Crypto projects can start raising funds only when the project is verified and supported by the community. Again, governance is what backs the fundraising process.

Decoding The Entire Functionality Of A DAO


In order to lay the foundation for DAO, all the community members will come together to define the rules in the form of smart contracts.


Smart contracts are the basic framework that enables the functioning of DAOs. And these smart contracts are visible, auditable, and verifiable by community members alone.


DAO issues tokens that are employed for fundraising, voting on new proposals, filling the treasury, etc.


Members can buy the DAO tokens either with cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.


Once the members add funds and the funding process comes to a close, the DAO is ready for deployment.


In case any new additions need to be brought into effect, the community will once again come together and poll votes.

DAO Blockchain Development - Business Models

  • Play-To-Earn Decentralized gaming platforms are featuring play-to-earn models, where players can get rewards in crypto or NFTs just by playing and winning the objectives.

  • Learn-To-Earn This is an education-focused model, where people will get paid for learning or acquiring new skills, which can benefit the DAO community.

  • Invest-To-Earn Individuals who contribute to the DAO will in return get to earn as the DAO network grows. They are the investors who chip in the major source of income.

  • Work-To-Earn This model really empowers individuals who work full-time in an organization. And these employees will get to enjoy flexibility and skill recognition.

  • Contribute-To-EarnKey players in various industries like finance, tech, engineering, etc., who come forward to contribute to the community by sharing their insights will get paid.

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Steps Involved In DAO Platform Development

  • Requirements Identification We start by knowing the motive behind your project, and goals by carrying out a comprehensive analysis. On the basis of the requirements,we get from you, we can develop smart contracts.

  • Smart Contract DevelopmentReliable smart contracts are developed with the project specifications as the input. These smart contracts will act as the functional authority for all the happenings on DAOs.

  • Smart Contracts Testing Once smart contracts are deployed, they cannot be changed further unless the community supports the amendments with the maximum number of votes. Hence, our blockchain testers will ensure there don’t exist any bugs.

  • Front-End Development & Launch We will then develop the front-end of the DAO based on your specifications. Once the front-end development gets completed, the application will be tested as a whole and launched on the blockchain network you pick.

Why Should You Choose Our DAO Blockchain
Software Development Company?

  • Team of certified blockchain developers

  • Hands-on experience in multiple blockchains

  • Employment of latest technologies

  • Transparent and rapid development process

  • 24x7 post-development support

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

DAO takes the abbreviation Decentralized Autonomous Organization. DAO is headed by a community comprising a group of individuals who decide on the rules for the functioning of DAOs.
The structure of DAO is fully flat and not hierarchical, unlike centralized organizations. The deciding authority is spread among the people who form DAO’s community.
MakerDAO - software for maintaining stablecoins; DASH - a cryptocurrency that is managed by its users; Augur - a decentralized market prediction platform.
The revenue of DAO comes in the form of dividends. And these dividends are paid to the investors or members of the organization.
Appdupe is a leading DAO blockchain development company that has wide experience in developing blockchain apps. You can contact them for knowing further.

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