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Be the real-world pioneer in exploiting our Splinterlands Clone App

Now, it is a spectacular time to conceal conventional gaming to the latent stage and ascend the blockchain games with NFT-based assets. We provide consistent NFT-based gaming developments by widening the hype of NFTs - scholastic games to the metaverse. The compound effect of the Play2Earn model in NFT gaming will encapsulate your wildest dreams.

The NFT-based gaming platform in its modern fashion exclusively revitalizes the enthusiasm and craze of gamers. With adept versions of games having metaverse, we instill the splendid of all! Splinterlands bestow top-scale businesses and startups who want to endeavor in the gaming industry, to diminish their pits and downfalls. Gain traction of vivid customizing features incorporated clone of Splinterlands that can feed your business by elevating your horizons.

Our Clients

Microbuddies NFT Collection

Wanna give a test ride of our NFT collections? Make your footprints on our exclusive NFT collectibles - Microbuddies. It is an NFT strategy game that indulges cute and adorable collections of microbes that are emphasized with the production of GOO - native currency.

We dealt with their project, handing from pilot scale to its accomplishment. The client is surpassing huge revenue with their extensive gaming experience portfolio that leveraged infinite audiences. With a meek passion, we also revolutionized their gaming with a lucrative gamut of our marketing services.

XT.com - Cryptocurrency Exchange and NFT Marketplace

Bag piles of cryptocurrencies at just one tap on XT.com, a massive revenue generator in this crypto economy. A leading firm that adopted and utilizeds our tech stacks and now skyrocketed with a brilliant NFT marketplace and cryptocurrency exchange platform.

We unified their goals to make the fascinating marketplace for showcasing digital avatars, built XT smart chain features, and enabled the platforms on multiple devices.

Partnership With EOS

Our partnership with EOS has led to substantial development of blockchain platforms, especially dApps administered with a top speed of transactions, proven configurations, and security above the threshold. We utilize their compliant technological stacks that can manipulate the features of the inventive platforms leading to the finest inspiring business-grade services. We widen our scope by tailoring their standalone operating systems and adaptive technologies at one shot.


Partnership With Polygon

Inching every small step to accomplish our dApps, we partnered with Polygon-Matic, a leading blockchain firm. Polygon is an off-chain or decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that handles transactional operations with high throughput. Sequencing the Ethereum scaling solutions and frameworks to meet the requirements of building dApps is our vision and reason for the partnership. Uncoiling fast-driven transactions, low gas fees, and low carbon fuel expenditure will enhance the usability of the platforms.

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An encapsulation of Splinterlands Clone Development

Meet our Splinterlands Like NFT Blockchain Game - Prudently assessing every aspect of this blockchain game, we open our gates to avail this metaverse-based venture.

Splinterlands makes the players afford money by trading, buying and selling digital cards that deserve a monetary value. They can fight with the players in every exclusive stage of the game and earn new cards! But it needs mastery and attempts, but practice can make it. These cards are, however, NFTs that are unique and possess a distinct value. Players can also score new cards by reaching higher stages of the game. Hence, you have the only lucrative opportunity to invade massive customers into the blockchain game.

Major integrands of White Label Splinterlands Clone

The Splinterlands Clone works in four distinct and fascinating ways:


The players will obtain DEC rewards every time they win a match, provided they are in the ranked mode. If a player attains two games consecutively in a row, then they have a chance to receive a bonus DEC.

Receiving Gifts

Players get a great chance to attain gifts after completing their daily quest. Also, they attain a season reward of around 15 days when the season ends; even other players on the battlefield can send them gifts.

Card Flipping

Players earn passive income by trading and renting packs as well as cards.

Burning Cards

DEC awardees can burn cards. Burning a card will remove its presence.

Being eccentric is a boon
Launch NFT-based Digital Trading Card Game like Splinterlands

  • Rarities

    No annoyance or disappointment in missing out on your favorite stages in the blockchain game. The Splinterlands clone is a white-label solution that typically proffers four stages to boost the enthusiasm of gamers. These include Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, which are well equipped with robust features.

  • Elements

    Splinterland clone characterized with totally seven different elements that make gamers enthusiastic and inquisitive. They are inclusively Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death, Dragon, and Neutral.

  • Abilities

    It is mind-boggling to stretch out more than 64 abilities that can give another coating of jollity by still embracing the platform.

  • Cards

    The gamers obtain more than 500 cards with a unique combination and permutation. This kind of tactic energizes the players to go ahead by maximizing their efforts.

  • Multiple Wallets

    It incorporates multiple wallets including Metamask, Wombat, Wallet, and Venly. The feature allow players to opt for their wishful and supportive wallet.

  • Multi-lingual Support

    This gaming blockchain platform proffers the feature of supporting multiple languages that can eradicate the barriers of traders.

  • Stats

    Battlefields and conflicts are the unique attributes of a blockchain game. Stats is one particular feature that gives the intact details of costs and armors that gamers can experience explicitly. These include attacking tactics, high intensity of the attack, weapons with accessories, and health measurement. Keeping time as a measure will enhance the gamers' adrenaline, thus making the experience more amusing.

Components incorporated in Splinterlands Clone
NFT Marketplace like Splinterlands

Our exclusive and explicit Splinterland clone proffers different and craze-driving facets to the development.

ShopJustifying this feature with an example will work. For example, if the gamer wants to purchase an item like a special skin type, then they can approach a shop and get whatever is affordable and feasible. A shop will engage the gamers meanwhile to purchase their packs, nodes, land, potions, or even skins.

OpenThis option facilitates boosters without letting the player die or go out of control without energy. Hence, players can raise special powers to improve their gaming experience. To avail, these gamers have to get the option on the screen and buy what kind of booster they wish to have.

MarketCustomers can obviously get the card details stacked with information. It comprises card sales, card rentals, land sales, and other essential services that instantly aid gamers in selecting their cards. Players are most welcome to choose the cards on the basis of the edition. Foil, rarity, element, and role.

FilterHigh usage of filters will track the activity of users, i.e., how they seek their desired games and where they navigate. It restores a lot of effort from the users, thus giving enhanced usability. Users can selectively purchase cards from the gaming platforms based on their price, rarity, speed, health, attacks, and stages. Other additional details like price, Lvl, BCX, Power, Card ID, and seller appear as they go to any section.

CardsThe activity of users in experiencing the card features is only possible after they create their own account and log in with their wallet details. It adds a different attribute to exclusively enjoying the games and shopping.

CombatsMost entertaining aspect of a game that scaffolds battle details like Battle Log, Top Battles, Leaderboard, and Last Season. Using shopping options, players can check for their rewards to claim them with the auction. Different leagues that stimulate players are also not missed out like top battles involving BRONZE, GOLD, SILVER, DIAMOND & CHAMPION embraced with total participation and ranks attained.

EventsThere are events on the platform which are already predetermined. Players can sort out upcoming events, regulations, rules, public events, types, coins, and other relevant details. It consolidates details like timings, rules, prizes, and entry fees.

GuildThis attribute reflects gaming details that encapsulate ranking names, stages, ratings, membership, members, language, and other options. To approach the target gaming information, users can use the filter to search.

Help to Reach OutThis facet is crucial in providing the whole process involving how to play, purchase, sell, and other details. They also can seek FAQs, key management, locking and unlocking cards, etc.

Have an enthusiastic Gaming platform Splinterlands Clone!

Cumulative Mechanism of Splinterland Clone Script

A mind-boggling world encapsulated with a novel concept, arousing leagues, and NFTs really provokes the players to attain a euphoric state. Splinterlands is a one-to-one game that specializes in fighting and battles. The players are initially paired with another player of the same ranking. These players will be all set with their allotted battle parameters with a random selection. After, the pair will receive a deck of cards, and they begin to fight, abiding by the game rules. In the game, players can exchange or trade their assets, even though they have the privilege of purchasing various products like cards, lands, potions, and dice to characterize their role.

All these products serve their primary purpose in the game; they can be traded or bid to other players. With this, players are awarded with their participation in every competition or event. Users will often get a chance to score in the Splinterlands clone script gaming platform irrespective of their experience, skillset, or card size.

Jackpots for winners - Splinterland Clone

The main token of appreciation you get is the reward - Dark Energy crystals. DEC possesses monetary value, which can be bought and exchanged with USD. The monetary value is quite less however, users can earn these rewards by just participating and playing.

Ranked Rewards

Players will earn DEC whenever you win the game in the ranked play mode.

If the player is a winner of two or more games at a stretch, then they will get an incentive as DEC.

By exploiting Gold foil, Promo/Alpha edition cards in the game will also make them receive DEC.

Also, when the player is in a guild, it gets added to the DEC which they score.

Season Rewards

Players will get an end-of-season bonus every 15 days which is the so-called Reward chest.

Depending on the type of league or competition, the players receive the number of reward chests before the season gets over.

Daily Rewards

It comprises the daily battles which are displayed on the battle screen.

Player gets a random quest around 23 days of the period.

The quest bar will also increase when the player wins the match using Splinter in their quest.

A button will be available when the player achieves the 5 matches consecutively using the Splinter in their quest that aids them in getting their rewards.

Even the gamer can place a quest if they have any objection to the quest assigned to them, but it is possible only once per day.

Also, it is obvious that the summoner in the battles is from Splinter mentioned in the player’s quest to make a count towards their progress of quest.

Immense perks for exploiting our Splinterland Clone

  • Enriched Resource of Peer-to-peer trading platform

  • Boundless Trade

  • Revenue models portrayed in the marketplace

  • Diverse Staking

  • Transparency without encryption

  • High throughput of transactions

  • Multifold security

  • WAX; enables efficient trade

  • Create account easily

Revealing why Appdupe tops in development of Splinterland Clone

Appdupe is a mega-firm that splashes out concrete gaming platforms with elite expertise and highly advanced technological stacks. Besides greener technologies, we have the following

  • Abundant in NFT Token Creation

  • Decipher Gaming Platform

  • Low Budget

  • Mind-boggling Features

  • Meets Market Requirements

  • Enhanced Usability

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Splinterlands is free to play exclusively, but the player must purchase the Summoner’s Spellbook to earn rewards. However, it is not an NFT and cannot be traded instead; it characterizes the player’s account to enable access to features of Splinterlands.
The Founder and CPO of Splinterlands are Matthew Rosen.
Splinterlands is a blockchain-based game that extensively uses digital cards. All these cards are NFTs which are traded in the game like other cryptocurrencies.
Splinterlands is a blockchain game that allows the trade of cards which are NFTs.
Splinterlands' worth was around $0.40 in August 2021, but with Appdupe, we allocate you the best package that meets your needs and budget with astounding gaming functionalities.

Award and Recognitions

topdevelopers.biz - Top Blockchain Development Companies Award
itfirms.co - Top Blockchain Development Companies Award
Mobile App Daily - Top NFT Marketplace Development Company Award
Goodfirms - Top Blockchain Development Company Award
Softwareworld - Top Rated NFT Marketplace Development Company Award
Topdevelopers.co - Top Blockchain Development Company Award
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