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My Crypto Heroes Clone
Create NFT Based RPG Battle Game Like My Crypto Heroes

NFT gaming is a new module in the gaming space that is taking over the world. The introduction of NFTs and blockchain technology into games has created an amazing opportunity for all the gamers around the globe to get paid for all the time they spend playing. The concept of Play2Earn is itself exciting and attracting a huge chunk of the gaming community. Yes, the cat is out of the bag!

If there is a perfect time to venture into the gaming industry, it is now. Build a game like the Crypto Heroes and offer a treat to all the gamers out there. Create a world for the players to battle among themselves in avatars of their favorite historical figure. Imagine the greatest scientist Albert Einstein fighting against the legendary conqueror Napolean Bonaparte. Interesting, isn’t it? What are you waiting for? Give us a call, and let’s start developing the game that will be the talk of the town for the next decade.

My Crypto Heroes- An Overview

My Crypto Heroes is an RPG style NFT game built on the Ethereum blockchain network. The gamers get to collect the virtual avatars of historical figures and take them on a quest to find rare items in the virtual world or have combat with other players to win extensions.

The game has different forms of digital assets, lands, heroes, weapons, etc. These assets are non-fungible tokens that can be sold in prominent NFT marketplaces like the Opensea enabling the gamers to earn by playing the game. The Crypto Heroes ecosystem has four types of users, the farmers, the warriors, the creators, and the traders. All four types of users will have a source of revenue in the game. Thus making it a space where time and passion will become assets.

Now, be a hero and develop a play2earn game like CryptoHeroes with us.

Our Clients

My Crypto Heroes Clone: How Does the Game Work?

My Crypto Heroes game clone is a pre-built game with interesting gameplay.

  • The user signs up with the game using their crypto wallet, e.g., MetaMask.

  • The gamer will have to buy a minimum of three heroes from the store to form a team.

  • After buying the heroes, the gamers will have to buy extensions which are probably equipment that will help them finish certain tasks easily.

  • Once the player is all set with a team for themself, they can choose the mode of game they want to play. The quest mode is where the gamers have to go into dungeons, finish tasks, and win extensions or opt for combat with a fellow gamer.

  • Whatever is the mode the gamer chooses on winning, they’ll be rewarded with NFTs. The players can either use these NFTs in the game or sell them on an NFT marketplace like OpenSea and make money.

Now, let’s start building your NFT game right away!

Game Modes Of My Crypto Heroes Clone

  • PvE ModeThe gamers get to send their heroes into the dungeons on a quest to collect EXP and rare items called extensions. They are probably ERC-721 tokens. The EXP collected on the quest will enable the players to level up their assets.

  • PvP ModeIn this mode, the gamers get to battle with other players in tournaments with respect to their strength levels. The players who top the leaderboard will be rewarded with original extensions.

The Different Types Of Assets In My Crypto Heroes Game Clone

Assets play an integral role in NFT games like My Crypto Heroes. Check out the various assets we have built-in for the RPG-style game.

  • Heroes
    A hero is a virtual character that represents the player in the ecosystem. A user needs to own a minimum of three heroes to enter the game, making heroes part of the ecosystem. All the heroes are ERC-721 tokens with different rarity levels.

    Extensions are in-game weapons that can be used by the players to accomplish certain tasks. A user can find an extension on their quest or win it on a tournament battling with other players. These extensions come in different rarity levels: legendary, epic, rare, uncommon, and common.

    The gamers can own virtual lands in the NFT game. These lands are ERC-721 tokens that can be sold on marketplaces like OpenSea.

My Crypto Heroes Clone- The Ecosystem

  • Farmers
    Farmers are the ones that go on a quest into the Dungeons to find extensions that can be used to complete various tasks in the game.

    The warriors are the ones that fight in battle combats against other players for fame and to win rare items.

  • Creator
    My Crypto Heroes game clone is not just a space for the heroes but also for the creators. The artists can design stellar warrior skins and sell them in the market.

    Yes, this NFT game is home for the traders too. The traders can buy and sell the digital assets in the market and earn the native token in return.

NFT Marketplace To Trade The Heroes And Extensions Of The Game

The primary idea of an Ethereum Blockchain Game Like My Crypto Heroes is to create an ecosystem where gamers not just get to play but also earn. In a play2earn game, the source of income is trading the in-game assets. In My Crypto Heroes clone script, it will be the extensions, avatars, and the lands.

  • Lands A user who owns a land gets to earn while other gamers visit their land on a quest. The higher the visitors, the higher the value of the land. The users can also acquire the land or territory of another user by defeating them in battles.

  • Heroes The value of a hero depends on the number of battles he has won and his quests. If he happens to top the leaderboard of the battles, the demand would be high. These heroes can be bought in the marketplace.

  • Extensions In the case of the extensions, the more it is rare, the higher is its value. These extensions can be acquired by the players on their quests or by winning combat. They can also sell these extensions back on the marketplace.

Creating Native Token and Governance Token for My Crypto Heroes Clone

The economy of the game depends on the native token. We will develop you a token similar to the GUM of My Crypto Heroes. Apart from the development process, we also help you with the tokenomics for the native token.

This token will be the primary mode of transactions in the gaming ecosystem. The users will be able to buy rare items or extensions from the marketplace using the native token. Also, the gamers will be rewarded with these tokens for winning combat tournaments with fellow users.

Now, give us a call, and let’s Build RPG Game like My Crypto Heroes.

Our Development Process Of My Crypto Heroes Like NFT Game Development

The development process of the My Crypto Heroes game clone is a transparent process keeping you aware of the complete process.

IdeationThe beginning of the development process is brainstorming. We take your idea and storyline for the NFT game and analyze it to understand the requirements to build it.

DesignDesigning is the core for an RPG style NFT game. Our creative team will start building a virtual world the exact way you dreamt it to be. It will not be just a game to earn but also a visual treat for the gamers.

DevelopmentOur extremely talented developers team will develop the game in a way it is secure and also provides a seamless experience to the players.

Testing We run hundreds of tests on every phase of the development process to ensure that the NFT game has no glitches.

Deployment The last step in the process is to deploy your game. We will present you the fully developed version of the game, and on your call, we will deploy it.

NFTs And Gaming Is A Match Made In Heaven

The future of the gaming sector will be built around NFTs and blockchain gaming. Gaming will no more be a medium of recreation but a fun medium to earn money. The NFT games like My Crypto Heroes clone enabled with a marketplace, a liquidity pool, an amazing gaming experience, and unlimited scalability will drive the gaming sector to a new era. Lead this new future from the front by building an NFT game that will attract amateurs, professional gamers, traders, and investors. What are you waiting for? The gaming industry already has 2 billion users; now go get them and give them a chance to earn while playing. To begin with, give us a call, and we’ll help you with the development process.

Why choose us for NFT Based RPG Battle Game Like My Crypto Heroes?

The era of NFT games has already begun, as stated earlier. Now, start your journey into this era with a stellar game like My Crypto Heroes.

  • We practice complete transparency in terms of development. As the game creator, you will be kept updated on every stage of the development process.

  • We have a well-experienced gaming team who takes care of everything from pre-production to concept art and asset production 2D and 3D asset. We got you!

  • When you join hands with Appdupe, you are provided with 360-degree development services that include design, minting tokens, native token development, wallet integration, and whatnot.

  • Are you worried about the numbers? We will help you with the tokenomics part too.

  • And if you are thinking about a marketing strategy for your NFT game, we would like to subtly put here that we also do marketing services.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

My Crypto Heroes game clone is an RPG style game where players go on a quest to find treasures. The users can also battle each other in tournaments for fame and to win rare items.
The cost to develop an NFT based RPG game like My Crypto Heroes depends on various factors like the 2D and 3D designs involved in the game, the storyline of the game, the blockchain on which the game is developed, etc. Give us a call and share your requirements to get a quote instantly.
The main source of revenue for the gamers would be trading in-game assets in the marketplace. In addition to this, we can also embed your game with liquidity staking features which will be an add-on.
We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you, ensuring that your ideas stay safe with us.
Straight off, you can email us at [email protected] or call us at +91 9791101817. .

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