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NFT Marketplace For Artists - A Devoted Platform For Trading Art NFTs

NFTs can be pooled under the classification “distinctive assets.” As NFTs have the possession of rareness, uniqueness, indivisibility, immutable ownership, etc., their growth keeps pressing on like blazes.

As reported by Nonfungible.com, art NFTs flaunt an overall sales volume of $333,696,645.60 as of 2021. NFT marketplaces, namely OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, etc., hold the pride of hosting the trade of art NFTs.

What is your take on developing an art design NFT marketplace that shelters the trading of different and appealing NFTs? What if we provide you with a pre-engineered and customizable NFT marketplace development solution? Yes, to galvanize business owners like you who are fanatical with the idea of developing and launching an NFT marketplace for artists, we have a ready-made and premium marketplace development solution.

What Do NFT Artworks Hold?

NFT artworks can be defined as arresting artistic creations in the attire of digital tokens, which further carry along significant properties. Art creators who are galvanized about the numerous add-ons of NFTs have commenced off converting their art portfolios into NFTs, and hence joining the bandwagon.

How Art NFTs Are Effective?

NFT for art are the ones that initiated the craze for NFTs undoubtedly. The concept of art NFTs gives privilege to artists in terms of securing ownership, monetization, and chiefly, recognition. To date, art NFTs are predominantly selling and chiefly, competing with other digital assets. NFT art marketplace development can fetch you good yields since today, investing in NFTs is gaining popularity to that among other financial investment options.

Our Clients

Microbuddies NFT Collection

Wanna give a test ride of our NFT collections? Make your footprints on our exclusive NFT collectibles - Microbuddies. It is an NFT strategy game that indulges cute and adorable collections of microbes that are emphasized with the production of GOO - native currency.

We dealt with their project, handing from pilot scale to its accomplishment. The client is surpassing huge revenue with their extensive gaming experience portfolio that leveraged infinite audiences. With a meek passion, we also revolutionized their gaming with a lucrative gamut of our marketing services.

XT.com - Cryptocurrency Exchange and NFT Marketplace

Bag piles of cryptocurrencies at just one tap on XT.com, a massive revenue generator in this crypto economy. A leading firm that adopted and utilizeds our tech stacks and now skyrocketed with a brilliant NFT marketplace and cryptocurrency exchange platform.

We unified their goals to make the fascinating marketplace for showcasing digital avatars, built XT smart chain features, and enabled the platforms on multiple devices.

Partnership With EOS

Our partnership with EOS has led to substantial development of blockchain platforms, especially dApps administered with a top speed of transactions, proven configurations, and security above the threshold. We utilize their compliant technological stacks that can manipulate the features of the inventive platforms leading to the finest inspiring business-grade services. We widen our scope by tailoring their standalone operating systems and adaptive technologies at one shot.


Partnership With Polygon

Inching every small step to accomplish our dApps, we partnered with Polygon-Matic, a leading blockchain firm. Polygon is an off-chain or decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that handles transactional operations with high throughput. Sequencing the Ethereum scaling solutions and frameworks to meet the requirements of building dApps is our vision and reason for the partnership. Uncoiling fast-driven transactions, low gas fees, and low carbon fuel expenditure will enhance the usability of the platforms.

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Stellar Features Equipped In Our Art Marketplace Platform

Trending NFTs

The purpose of a storefront in the digital art NFT marketplace is to display the information of the NFTs. The storefront is an important feature that lets buyers access details like price, owner, bids, and previews of NFTs.

Advanced Search Bar

The best way to reduce the time and effort required to find an art NFT is via the search bar. Our marketplace development solution will be sorted in accordance with the types of NFTs listed on it. Hence, it becomes painless for buyers to find out.


The marketplace will become incomplete without the presence of filters accompanying the search bar. There are numerous filters already incorporated, and if you need some more, we can incorporate them as well. Filters make search easy. Aren’t they?

Listings Creator

List creation is typically adding the information regarding the NFTs, which include title, description, and tags. Through listing, creators are conveying the information about NFTs to the buyers on the platform.

Listing Status

After including the information of the artworks, sellers will need to wait for the verification from the platform. To help them know whether their listing has been verified or not, the listing status can be accessed.


It is obvious that the role of the bid placer is to enable buyers to bid for the NFTs that are open for trade. Further, the bidding feature will also let buyers know the deadline for placing bids and also the current status.

Digital Wallet

Our white-label digital art marketplace solution comes with integrated digital wallets like Coinbase, MetaMask, etc. However, if you want to let your users connect their wallets with the platform, our solution will support that.


Buyers can actually give ratings to sellers on the platform. Giving ratings to sellers will also help other buyers to have an idea about the seller. Hence, the rating feature is also a mandatory one.

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How NFTs Shed Favors To Artists?

Unquestionably, minting artworks into NFTs is the supreme way of protecting ownership rights. The reason for the rapid propensity for buying or selling NFTs is not about the trend it tails along, but it is also about the immutability. We have got you covered with 2 prime concerns for artists and how NFTs help in sorting them out.

ForgeryDuplicating creative artworks isn’t a relatively new phenomenon. Generally, artworks displayed at museums or art galleries are subject to theft, and history holds such records. Whereas NFT artworks shut the door for theft/duplication. As the blockchain network stores the tokens (which represent the artwork associated with them), stealing/forging artworks goes beyond possible.

MisattributionMany ancient masterpieces give us no clue in finding the creators. But that will not be the case with NFTs. Every artwork that gets minted and stored in the blockchain will include the identity of the creator. And, of course, there is zero probability of duplicating the ownership.

How Can Our NFT Marketplace For Artists Be The Best Platform?

Creativity needs to be exposed and creators need to be recognized. The hypothesis of NFTs exactly aligns with this statement. For creative artists, what can be more significant than registering their creations on a secure and decentralized marketplace, where they can witness interested buyers.

Our NFT art marketplace platform will be the best platform for both creators as well as buyers in a variety of aspects. The mainstay benefits of our platform are

  • Interoperability

  • Global accessibility

  • Faster transactions

  • Facility for listing a heap of NFTs

  • Integrated digital wallets

  • Multilingual

  • Multi-currency support

NFT Art Marketplace

How Can Artists Channelize Revenue From Digital Art NFT Marketplace?

Sales The interest in buying NFT artworks is certainly increasing. Artists who sell their NFT artworks can set the sale price by opting for either auctioning or a fixed price.

Royalty Artists who put up their artworks for sale on the platform are eligible for receiving royalties from subsequent buyers, which will add additional income in tandem with the sales amount.

Staking Holding NFTs without selling them on the platform for a stipulated period is called staking. Artists who buy and stake their NFTs will receive passive income based on the time period they stake.

How Are NFTs Given Shape?

If you are curious about gaining knowledge on the back-end process tied up with listing NFTs on the platform, then you must be glued to this section.

  • Selection Of The Type Of Blockchain Since our NFT art marketplace solutions support different blockchains, users can mention the type of blockchain they want their NFTs to be built upon.

  • MintingThe core process in transforming the usual artworks to NFTs is minting. It involves configuring the artwork with imperative data, like the owner, blockchain type, etc.

  • Smart Contract CreationSimilar to how minting appends the details of the particular NFT, smart contract creation will append the terms and conditions for the buyers.

Token Standards We Employ In Your NFT Art Marketplace

Ethereum Request For Comments is how ERC is abbreviated. ERC-721 and ERC-1155 are the commonly-used token standards as of the current times in the blockchain industry.

ERC-721ERC-721 is the widely employed token standard for minting NFTs on the blockchain. Crucially, ERC-721 is the token standard for creating smart contracts for every new token, and this standard also represents distinct NFTs.

ERC-1155While ERC-721 confines to representing only Non-Fungible Tokens, ERC-1155 can represent both fungible as well as non-fungible assets.

Hence, exactly on the basis of the token standard users prefer for their artworks, the platform will be able to generate smart contracts.

Our NFT Art Marketplace Development Company Will Help You To Launch A Crypto Art NFT Marketplace Quickly

Benefits Of White-Label NFT Art Marketplace For Artists

The birth and the evolution of NFTs have been proffering the creators with manifold yet effective advantages. Here, catch out the list of benefits every NFT assures its creators.

  • Converting any file into an NFT has become a simple process.

  • Trading these NFT arts is easier

  • Transparency is guaranteed in every aspect from minting to trading

  • Impossible to adulterate the ownership nor the artwork in itself

  • Artists have a high possibility of attaining recognition

  • Life-long royalty benefits

  • Possibility to expose artworks globally

NFT Art Marketplace Development solutions

Our Easy-To-Deploy NFT Art Marketplace Platform Development Solutions

Though art creators and buyers are flattered by the stream of benefits these NFT artworks bring in, they are equally attentive in choosing the marketplace. So, for NFT creators and buyers, what do you think will be the primary concerns while choosing a marketplace that accommodates trading? A platform that is easy to register, smoothes off the transactions, incurs low transaction costs, and the type of blockchain technology.

You can take advantage of our white-label NFT art marketplace development solutions, which are really cool to customize and launch. What’s next? Get familiar with our smashing ready-to-deploy art marketplace solutions.

OpenSea CloneOpenSea remains to be amongst the most popular NFT marketplace that hosts the sales of a plethora of NFT arts. The chief most advantage projected by OpenSea is the variety of Non-fungible Tokens getting heaped on the platform. You might be hungry to develop a similar marketplace, and hence we have got you the OpenSea clone, which satiates your hunger with tempting perks, like cost-effectiveness, less time to deploy, and overall customizations.

Rarible CloneIn the layout of marketplaces for NFT art trading, Rarible is a not-to-be-ruled-out one. What does our Rarible clone hold for you? It plainly supports NFTs belonging to different categories, a diverse count of cryptocurrencies, and is personalizable from end to end. Moreover, we will also develop the native tokens specifically for your platform.

SuperRare Clone Our SuperRare clone is also one of the perfect solutions for developing your art design NFT marketplace. This ready-made platform solution houses a swarm of significant features, chiefly, a storefront, listing creator, integrated digital wallets, bidding options, a search incorporated with many filters. In the first place, we will know the blueprint of your NFT crypto art marketplace, and exactly on the basis of that, we will design & develop the marketplace platform.

Foundation Clone Foundation is an interesting marketplace for exchanging art NFTs, as there are two types of auctioning mechanisms. Also, to join this platform, users will require an invite link. If you want to build a marketplace that supports two types of auctions, you can consider procuring our Foundation clone. This thoroughly tested and pre-developed NFT marketplace for artists will sit on top of others!

Nifty Gateway CloneNifty Gateway is a very eminent marketplace that has a crucial reason for bragging about. Yes, this marketplace has recorded the sales of some notable art NFTs and one among them is Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days.” You can build a similar but your version of the marketplace by roping in our Nifty Gateway clone.

Strong Points Of Our NFT Art Marketplace Development Solutions

  • Simple User InterfaceOur NFT marketplace for artists has a simple user interface that aids platform users in easily accessing the marketplace without any challenges.

  • Significant FeaturesThe marketplace has got an array of significant features from filters to the digital wallet. All these features clubbed together will provide a superior user experience.

  • Dapps & Digital WalletsOur NFT marketplace for art is integrated with Dapps and Web3 digital wallets, which you can customize based on your requirements.

  • Multi-Tier Security Security is the main concern for traders and yes, the platform has got multi-tier security features. To add on, we will provide regular security updates for enhancing the platform’s overall security.

We Are Masters In Building Your Platform Using Multiple Blockchains

Our white-label crypto art NFT marketplace is a superior choice for entrepreneurs like you aiming to launch a benchmark platform. Older is the time when NFT marketplaces are built on particular blockchain technology. The vogue floating is to launch a marketplace that seamlessly supports interoperability by building it with multiple blockchain networks.

If you want us to develop your NFT art marketplace platform on varied blockchains, then consider it done. Here you go with the list of blockchains we put into effect to come up with a high-standard marketplace.

  • Ethereum

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Polygon

  • Polkadot

  • TRON

  • Cardano

  • Stellar

  • Corda

  • Hyperledger

  • Open chain

  • Azure Blockchain

  • Startis

Reasons That Will Make You Hungry For Partnering With Appdupe

We have streamed every deets about our white-label NFT art marketplace solution. And now, you will get a few more benefits you get to enjoy by partnering with us.

Uncompromised quality

Brainy and seasoned team of blockchain developers

Timely updates

Custom-built token standards

Fully customizable

Usage of the latest tech stack

Prolonged tech assistance

Get Straightaway Into The NFT Crypto Art Marketplace Development

Tech Stack

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We have a troop of subject matter experts who will help you in resolving your queries and impart knowledge on the scope of NFTs and marketplace development. You can quickly contact them through [email protected] or +91 938 484 3395.
There are many advantages that surface up in our white-label solutions. However, if you would like to know, the core advantage is the readiness to deploy.
Undoubtedly, our solution is designed to accept partial as well as full customization. You can feel obviously free to inform us how you want your marketplace to be customized.
In order to disclose the cost of building your marketplace, we need to derive certain inputs from you ranging from the number of blockchains used, features, customizations, and other factors.

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