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Discord - A Befitting Social Media Platform For Promoting Your Online Games

Social media platforms are the front-runners pertaining to online marketing right from reaching out to target people to engaging with them and tracking the overall marketing efforts. In the array of such social media platforms, Discord is a significant one since it entitles users to form communities using the server feature.

When Discord was initially rolled out in 2015, the intention behind was to facilitate smooth communication between online gamers. Inside the app’s server, players can create multiple channels around different gaming topics and thereby build a community of like-minded gamers. However, later in 2020 Discord announced that it would be a multi-purpose communication platform.

Discord marketing is a promising social media marketing platform since you get to tuck in the significance of creating a dedicated community that actually has an interest in your online gaming. As a Discord game marketing company, our role would be to spot out the potential players of your game, invite them to the Discord server, educate and engage with them.

What Are The Appealing Features Of Discord?

  • ServersA Discord server is simply a collection of channels, which lets the server owners completely customize the server. Typically, a Discord server can hold as many as 800, 000 members. Notably, the servers can be made either public or private depending on how the server owners want it to be. Nonetheless, whenever someone wants to join a Discord server, irrespective of whether it is public or private, they have to get in through the invite link.

  • ChannelsChannels reside inside the servers and can be voice-based as well as text-based. Both voice and text channels are effective in interacting with members via conducting AMA sessions or live talks, announcing the latest updates, etc.

  • User Profile Discord users can create their profiles by giving in their names, setting up a profile picture, and describing a bit about themselves in the “About me” section. Also, similar to any social media platform, Discord users can send direct messages to other users on the platform. Not to leave, users of Discord Nitro, a paid version of Discord, can choose animated images and set them up as their profile picture.

  • Voice & Video CallingHow could a social media platform lack a voice/video call feature? Discord supports voice and video calling features and members can also strike up a group calling comprising 50 members, at max.

Our Clients

How Do We Effectuate Discord Server Marketing For Games?

Create An Exclusive Server The sole purpose of creating a server that is exclusive to promoting your games is to aggregate all of your target audiences. Once we create the server, we’ll start setting up channels based on the way you would like to customize your Discord server.

Add Potential Gamers To The Server After laying out the foundation, i.e., creating the server, our marketing specialists will discover the interested gamers. Post that, touch base with them and if you turn out to be interested, then, they’ll be provided with the server’s invite link.

Interact With The Members So, after establishing a definite base of target gamers, we indulge in taking the process further by educating them on what your game holds for them. Before everything, our content writers prepare promotional as well as educative content that will be shared inside the server’s channels. The purpose of interacting with the members is not only to educate them but also to know their preferences.

Inter-Server Promotion Inter-server promotion is one of the efficient ways to expand the reach of your games through Discord itself. And our Discord team will take care of advertising your Discord server inside the other servers that are exclusively created for games.

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