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BEP20 Token Development
Create Your Own BEP20 Token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

BEP20 token development involves creating tokens of the BEP20 token standard on the Binance Smart Chain. Binance Smart Chain is nothing but the latest smart chain network that runs parallelly with its former network of Binance chain. These two chains work together, bringing the best of both. i.e., speedy transaction of Binance chain and smart contract functionalities of Binance smart chain. Some of these noteworthy qualities of Binance smart chains make it the best platform for BEP20 token development for trading purposes.

As a dominant BEP20 token development company, we assist in developing native BEP20 tokens that operate chiefly on Binance smart chain. We extend our full support for BSC token development for entrepreneurs who are looking to stand market best over the other rivalries. So, with no further delay, get onboarded with our technical expertise to avail of the endless benefits that the BSC market has to offer.

What Are BEP20 Tokens?

There are multiple crypto tokens in existence and they are categorized based on their token standards and the blockchain technology used to build them. BEP20 is a token that belongs to Binance Smart Chain, a popular blockchain known for its low transaction cost and high speed. These BEP20 tokens can represent assets/shares in a business/project or money stored in the vault. Interestingly, BEP20 shares similarities with BEP-2 (Binance Chain’s token) and ERC-20 (Ethereum’s token) and it is compatible with both the token standards.

Our Clients

Our BEP20 Token Development Services

Token Development

As a BEP20 token development company, we create tokens based on the input specifications (token name, symbol, and total supply) you give us.

Token Listing

Token listing is a process of letting potential token investors know about your tokens. We’ll look after listing your tokens on crypto exchanges and launchpads.

Token Wallet Development

The purpose of a token wallet is to store and manage crypto tokens securely. We provide token wallet development exclusively for storing Binance tokens belonging to the BEP20 standard.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are a set of protocols that define the functionality of tokens. Our avid blockchain developers will develop robust smart contracts for your BEP20 tokens.

Mintable Token Development

Mintable tokens are those that don’t have any fixed total supply when they are developed. With mintable tokens, whenever the demand for your tokens increases, the supply of the tokens can be increased. We develop mintable BEP20 tokens.

Do You Have Plans For BSC Token Development?

What Is The Underlying Difference Between A BEP2 & BEP20 Token?

Generally, blockchain networks experiencing voluminous transactions may lead to network congestion. To avoid such pitfalls, Binance introduced another chain, which is Binance Smart Chain.

BEP2 is a token standard of Binance Coin (BNB) belonging to the Binance chain and these tokens can be used in centralized and decentralized exchanges. On the other hand, BEP20 is the token standard of Binance Coin (BNB) that runs on the Binance Smart Chain that is compatible with ERC20 and other blockchains. BEP20 can be employed in crypto exchanges and Dapps as well.

Binance Smart Chain Token Development

Tokens are the important component of any blockchain-based application or platform or Dapps. Tokens carry a varied set of values depending on the purpose for which they are created and circulated. BEP20 is a standard for creating tokens on the Binance Smart Chain that is secured with smart contracts.

We are a BSC token development company that can help you develop tokens based on the Binance Smart Chain. The processes involved in building your BSC tokens are acquiring requirements, designing, and developing. If you are planning to get your BSC tokens developed by our expert blockchain team, first, decide on the number of tokens, the name of the token, its symbol, and crucially, the number of tokens. We will take over the design and development of your tokens from then on!

What Are The Attributes Of A BEP20 Token?

  • Token OwnershipEach token will have an owner, who holds the right to allow or stop the minting of tokens.

  • Mintable tokens Once the tokens are developed, they can be minted for generating tokens further. By minting the tokens, the overall supply of tokens will increase.

  • Black-list Tokens Tokens can be blacklisted if the site that generates the tokens is found to be malicious or suspect.

  • Burnable Tokens Tokens that are developed can be burnt if the owners wish to reduce the overall supply in the market. Tokens are generally burnt with the intent of increasing the demand for tokens, which will increase the price of the tokens.

  • Capped TokensToken owners can decide whether they want their tokens to be hard capped or soft capped. Soft cap tokens refer to the minimum amount of funds that can be raised and alternatively, hard cap tokens refer to the highest possible amount of funds to be raised.

Notable Benefits OF Every BEP20 Token

  • Decentralized BEP20 tokens will be decentralized, thus, letting token holders experience transparency throughout the token handling process.

  • Cross-Chain CompatibleBEP20 belongs to Binance Smart Chain, while BEP2 belongs to the Binance blockchain. BEP20 tokens are compatible with BEP2, thereby facilitating cross-chain compatibility.

  • Multi-Currency SupportWe will develop your BEP20 tokens that can be bought and sold through different types of cryptocurrencies.

  • Dual-Chain ArchitectureBEP20 tokens are built on the dual-chain architecture that is compliant with both the networks of BSC.

  • Low Transaction FeesUnlike Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain charges low transaction fees, and hence, minting your BEP20 tokens can be done at low costs.

  • Proof Of Stake (POS) & Delegated Proof Of Stake (DPOS)POS allows staking the tokens. And DPOS provides token owners with the right to involve themselves in governance activities like voting.

Get Reliable BSC Tokens Developed From Us

Striking Advantages Of BEP20 Tokens

  • BEP20 tokens are flexible in that they can be interchanged with BEP2 tokens.

  • Token users will have to pay less minting fees and transaction fees.

  • Token holders can enjoy staking and voting mechanisms.

  • The token architecture is scalable and hence, paves the way for greater efficiency in the future.

  • Guarantees secured smart contracts that usher in a secured blockchain ecosystem.

  • Supports interoperability that enables the transfer of tokens across multiple blockchain networks.

Some OF The Popular BEP20 Tokens In Existence

  • CAKE

  • BUSD

  • BAKE



  • BUX


  • C.R.E.A.M

  • SXP

  • WBNB

Get Your BSC-Based NFT Marketplace Developed From Us

All these times, Binance has been one of the rulers in the cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Recently, Binance has rolled out its own NFT trading platform, and BNB (Binance Coin) will be the currency associated with buying and selling NFTs on Binance’s marketplace.

If you wish to launch your own marketplace for NFTs, approach us. We have already bagged a big name in developing NFTs and providing white-label NFT marketplace development solutions.

What Is The Pricing Structure For Developing BEP20 Tokens?

After comprehending our Binance Smart Chain token development services, the first thing that strikes your mind will be the cost of developing the BSC tokens. We clearly understand that you will have the intention to know the pricing quotation for token development. In order for us to declare the cost of building your BEP20 tokens, we need to know certain requirements. They are

Features to be integrated into
the BEP20 tokens

Number of tokens to be created

Support and maintenance

Want To Know More About Our BEP20 Token Development Services?

Ally With Appdupe For Binance Smart Chain Token Development Services

Appdupe is a seasoned blockchain development company that keeps thriving by delivering industry-standard development solutions. Our core expertise lies in providing white-label solutions for cryptocurrency exchange development, NFT marketplace development, DeFi platform, and a plethora of other blockchain applications.

Vast experience, adept blockchain development team, and timely updates are the reasons for which you should opt for our BEP20 token development services.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

BSC is a blockchain network, while BEP20 is the token standard for creating tokens on the BSC network.
The cost of developing BEP20 tokens relies on factors such as the number of tokens and the features to be implemented.
Yes, MetaMask accepts BEP20 tokens, where you can store your tokens.
You can simply email us at [email protected]. And we’re available on WhatsApp +9163692 50989

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