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Launch Your Ethereum Based ERC20 Token Before Long

Ethereum platform built based on blockchain technology is nothing but a network of computers i.e. nodes, linked with one another. More so, the whole network can be viewed as a single structure called “Ethereum Virtual machines”. Many DApps are built on this Ethereum platform. And the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain usually takes place through the exchange of Ether(native currency of Ethereum) or Ethereum tokens.

Quite interestingly, the Ethereum space is blooming like ever before with the ERC token creation trend heading to revolutionize every industry. So, Ethereum Token development grants a lucrative advantage for entrepreneurs to utilize this ground-breaking technology and burgeon in the crypto world. Besides, the ETH token creation proves to be a lot more beneficial to be used on any blockchain applications, ICO launch, DApps, Decentralised exchange, etc.

We at AppDupe, offer top-class Ethereum token development services to create your own Ethereum token with outstanding features. We are bolstered by a strong developer team who have practical experience in the creation of ERC standards such as ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, ERC223, etc. Get to our superior Ethereum Token Development Company to launch any tokens right away with 100% satisfaction.

Our Wide Array Of Ethereum Token Development Services

Token Development

Token DevelopmentOur Ethereum token development services comprise designing and developing fungible and non-fungible tokens. The tokens undergo the process of burning and minting.

Migration Of Token

Migration Of TokenWe support the migration of tokens to improve the reliability and scalability of the developed tokens.

Cold Wallet Development

Cold Wallet DevelopmentOur services extend to Cold wallet development. A cold wallet facilitates the storage and management of assets even in the absence of an active network connection.

ICO Development

ICO DevelopmentWe aid you in the Initial Coin Offering services to generate funds from the general public for your new project.

Ethereum Wallet Development

Ethereum Wallet DevelopmentWe develop robust Ethereum wallets for handling and managing the assets with utmost security.

Token On Exchange

Token On ExchangeOur service offering includes listing your tokens on the cryptocurrency exchanges to promote its usability.

Our Clients

Various ERC Token Standards We Develop For You

  • ERC20 ERC20 token development involves ETH token creation on Ethereum blockchain that can be easily integrated with the wallets and exchange platforms.

  • ERC223ERC223 perfectly complies with the standards of ERC20 tokens. It means that features and smart contracts supported by ERC20 are also compatible with ERC223.

  • ERC721ERC721 is a non-fungible token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Each of the ERC721 tokens are rare and unique.

  • ERC827ERC827, the latest standard is an extension of ERC20. Its design is specifically focussed in the execution of calls in the transfers and approvals.

  • ERC777ERC777 is an advanced standard that has improvised on the security issues of ERC20.

  • ERC 865ERC865 is created to eliminate the issue faced by the standard ERC20 token. It excludes the gas fee, instead allows users to pay fees for token transfer transactions.

  • ERC1400ERC1400 tokens are developed combining the new and existing standards. They are partially fungible, thereby improving the transparency of the ownership rights to the investors.

Empower Your Crypto Business With ETH Token Creation. Seek Our Pioneers In Ethereum Token Development To Rank At The Top Of Other Rivals

A Brief Overview On ERC20 Token Development Services

ERC20 token development involves the creation of different types of ERC tokens keeping ERC20 as the base operational standard. Speaking of ERC20 token development, the process to create your own Ethereum token requires the aid of a development company to provide you ERC20 token development services. The ERC development company takes care of the design and development of reference tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, bestowing you with the end product to commence your crypto business in no time at all.

ERC20 Token Development Services

Working Of ERC20 Token Standard

  • ERC20 stands for Ethereum Request For Comments, and 20 is an authorized ID number that differentiates various tokens.

  • These tokens adhere to a set of rules which is otherwise known as a list of functions. The rules are defined by the token creators that ensure these tokens work on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • All these rules are written in the smart contract. Thus, it eliminates hitches like unfair exchange rates, hacking, etc., making ERC20 more reliable for users.

  • The ease of use of ERC20 tokens in the Ethereum platforms is creating a new and potentially revolutionary success.

Pivotal Features Of ERC20 Token

Transferring TokensAtomic swapping involves the mutation of tokens that allows the tokens to get transferred from one form to another.

Chain CompatibilityThe tokens are developed in a way that it works well with currencies and tokens of different blockchains.

Assured Return On InvestmentSince there is enormous token usage in the market that promotes the effective trading of base assets, the rewards on returns are also high.

Agile Token ListingThe quality of tokens determines how fast it gets listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. In that way, all tokens developed based on the ERC20 standard get listed rapidly.

Optimized DesignERC20 is designed in a way that is safe and secure by itself. This means it cuts down the need for external protocols to standardize the design or prevent hacking.

Standard Smart ContractsThe ERC smart contracts come with a predefined set of rules, including all the amenities for executing the token functions more rigidly.

Token BurningThe scalability of the token depends on its ability to undergo the burning process in the right time intervals. In regard to that, ERC20 tokens undergo burning mechanism rapidly.

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Merits Of Choosing Our ETH Token Creation Services

  • Unfettered Token CreationWe provide endless support in creating ERC tokens of all standards in alignment with the needs of your business plan.

  • Post-Launch Technical AssistanceThere is no full stop to our services once we are committed to you. We continue to extend our support even after the deployment of tokens to sort if any issue arises.

  • Hardened Security ProtocolsOur security token exchange services comprise developing a product integrated with strict security protocols complying with the standards. It assures the safety of user’s data and the security of exchanges.

  • Boost Fundraising via ICO ICO platforms are built in the annex with ERC tokens to popularize your tokens and raise more funds for your project easily.

  • Smart Contract Integration Implementing smart contracts with ERC token creation eliminates the need for intermediaries and third parties.

Road-Map Of Our Development Process

1 Gathering Business Ideas
Understanding the needs of the client for Ethereum token creation.

2 Analyzing And Planning
Research on the latest updates and plan according to the needs of the clients.

3 Prototype Creation
A demo version of the product is built with all the collective ideas.

4 Token Development
Developers with hands-on experience in the latest tools and tech begin to work on developing the ideas.

5 Token Launch And Distribution
Devising of distribution strategy and deploy developed Ethereum tokens on the respective platform.

6 Whitepaper Creation
Present all the details of the project in the white paper.

7 ICO Launch & Marketing
Along with token, ICO platform is also launched and marketed.

Ethereum Token Developers

Hire Ethereum Token Developers

Being the leading light in Ethereum token development services, we build Ethereum tokens that are highly scalable and highly secure on the Ethereum blockchain. We are backed by industry-best developers who have domain-specific expertise in creating Blockchain wallets, Smart contracts, ERC20 token wallet development, and more. On top of that, our skilled developers have had hands-on designing and developing a number of successful decentralized applications[DApps] and Ethereum tokens for various businesses. Knowledge coupled with experience is surely a phenomenal combination which is the reason for our satisfied clients globally.

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Why Choose Appdupe As Your Development Partner?

Ethereum Token Development Services

We at AppDupe, being the leading Ethereum development company, offer an end-to-end solution with well-defined security features for ERC20 token wallet development. Get to us and build your Ethereum tokens on any of the smart contract standards, DApps, etc., suiting your business needs. Some of our service highlights are given below.

  • Uncompromisable Ethereum token development services.

  • Well-qualified expert team with thorough knowledge in blockchain technology.

  • On-time delivery of solutions.

  • Client’s data is kept safe bounded by the non-disclosure agreement.

  • 24*7*365 support and maintenance service.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

ERC tokens employ smart contracts and work on the Ethereum blockchain, unlike bitcoins with their own blockchain. ERC tokens can be fungible, non-fungible, and semi-fungible, with a combination of features for each of them.
We could tell you the timeframe if you could give us your requirements. Connect with our ERC721 token development company and get the time duration for the development of ERC tokens right away. But once we set out on development, we assure the delivery of tokens on the mutually agreed timeline.
Of course, yes. Once the tokens are built, they are sent to your wallet, and you possess complete ownership of it.
Yes. Our Ethereum token development company offers consulting services for clients who are interested in launching Ethereum tokens but have no idea on how to go about it. We have our experts to answer your queries and provide you with the support you need.
Connect with us over a call - +916382665366 or email - [email protected]. You can also visit our website and live chat with us. We are available to serve you anytime by all means.

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