Uber for X! Uber for Everything. Wag is the new trending app used by all the pet owners! get a clone script for $999

By January 17, 2017Company Updates

wag-3Just when you think that you’ve seen it all, Here comes Wag! Wag is a startup that connects pet owners and dog walkers through an app. The app has been launched in San Francisco. The company that has existed in Los Angeles for a while now has taken it to a bigger
scale with their second launch.  As a pet owner I can say that even though it’s a 10 minute job sometimes its hard to find the time. This is perfect for both ends, how? Your dog(s) has been walked and the walker has a chance to earn some extra money (You won’t have to ask your neighbors kid for help anymore!). Wag is an Uber clone script, Just like the taxi booking app use Wag to book your dog a walk! dog-walker1

The dog owners can schedule walks for their dogs on the app. They can also check the background of the walker to be sure wether or not they can trust him, After-all you’re trusting him with a member for a family. So, like you check your nannies before you hire them you can check your walker’s profile and you’ll know everything you need to. Owners can even track their babies while their on their walk. A 30 minute walk costs $20, Wag takes a 40% cut. The new Uber for x product is kicking ass in the market! This Uber like script is a brilliant investment!

The company did not disclose any numbers but they did say that in relation to the market, SF has grown around three times as fast as LA originally performed. Look out for Wag in your city as they plan to expand in 10 cities over the next few months. After  the growth and increasing rate of sucess of  Wag  a Wag Uber clone will definitely be the right investment for you. Wag does not need marketing because even though we’d love to take our dogs for a walk every morning something or the other always comes up and it’s not like we would sacrifice the health of our dogs for anything.wag-1

The company expects new markets to become profitable after their first two or three months of operation. 95% of Wag’s user base have never used a dog walker before which is for obvious reasons, It’s never been this easy to find a dog walker and it’s always better on professional bases.The company is growing rapidly as the market for dog walking is also growing. wag-1Currently the company offers one-on-one dog walks but plan to introduce group dog walks which would cost lesser than the usual, Just like a share ride on Uber. This can even lead to more user base as well as encourage people to have pets! Let’s face it everyone needs to be welcomed the way your dog welcomes you when you get home from a tiring day. This Uber clone script will be a good investment considering how well the app is doing!

Uber for X, Uber for everything!

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