Going Green by Starting Your Own Taxi Business

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“Outdoor air pollution kills 3.3 million people, mostly in cities, every year. That’s more than HIV, malaria, and influenza combined – yet the sparse coverage of official data means many cities are not even monitored.” – The Guardian

It is evident that what we are inhaling is not oxygen but a mixture of poisonous gases. So, every day we are breathing poison. We may blame technology and hold a lengthy meeting on ‘how to control air pollution’  while coming to the meeting in a car that emits poisonous gases.

All of the time, we blame others and technology, instead of remembering the role we play in controlling air pollution as individuals. You and I, are we taking any steps to plant trees or minimizing the carbon emissions from the vehicles we use?

I can understand that we cannot wholly restrict ourselves in using technology, as our lives and technology are entwined. You may go to office by car, bus or auto and I may go by bus; We just cannot walk to the office. Practically, it is not possible to live without technology. But we can minimize its usage, if possible.

The primary source of air pollution

It is a shocking discovery that seventy-five percent of carbon monoxide emissions come from automobiles. Urban areas are the worst affected, as the emission level there stands between 50 and 90 percent. Cars occupy the most significant share in air pollution. Let us discuss the ways to reduce air pollution.

What is Green Transportation?

We cannot live without transportation, and we cannot deny that a wide range of problems, including global warming, environmental degradation, and so on, are due to excessive traffic. Green transportation is something that relies on renewable or regenerated energy, instead of natural resources. We can use bicycles, electric bikes, green trains, electric motorcycles, multiple occupant vehicles, and so on.

We can use bicycles when we prefer to go to nearby places. A bicycle is a form of exercise also. Bicycles are cheaper to buy and even more cheaper to maintain. Electric bikes and electric vehicles help in green transportation, as they do not release any harmful emissions.

Multiple Occupant Vehicles

Multiple occupant vehicles are taxis, cabs, and so on. To travel long distances, multiple occupant vehicles are a good choice. Group of colleagues can prefer taxis, as they are going to the same destination. We cannot avoid going to distant locations, but we can save money and oil (petrol or diesel) if we prefer to travel in a group to the same place.

Developing an app like Uber

Companies in the taxi business, such as Uber, contribute to green transportation as they offer ride-sharing concepts. Uber helps customers, as well as the environment, and is still equally profitable. Entrepreneurs who wish to start a taxi business can include environment-friendly concepts such as ride sharing.

In today’s world, mobile apps and website are essential for a taxi business to be successful. Instead of developing an Uber-like app, which involves a lot of time and money, Entrepreneurs can rely on apps such as a Uber clone.  

Uber clone is available at a reasonable price within a short span of time and with customization features. You can include ride sharing or any other green transportation concepts in your app. Appdupe, the leading clone app developer, offers you the best cost and time efficient Uber clone app.

We can’t change the entire transportation industry, but we can start with small ripples. Taxi industry helps in green transportation in a way that it reduces the number of individuals operating cars. Create your Uber clone app to provide your support for green transportation.

Go green; Save the Earth.

Instant Revenue through Instant UberEats Clone App

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Instant coffee, instant breakfast, and so on, everything is instant nowadays. Take competitive exams, business whatever it may be; Executing tasks at a faster rate has its value.

Need of Instancy

Indeed, we want to get our work done instantly, isn’t it? Why do you need to wait when you can get something done immediately? ‘Instant’, ‘immediate’, ‘urgent’; these are all that we are going to discuss in this blog. Read further to know how to generate instant revenue.

Instant Revenue

Revenue is income, obtained from selling a product or service for customers. It can also be defined as a monetary unit that we receive during a particular period in our business. What if the period is concise? that is exactly what instant revenue is.

In layman terms, instant revenue is earning money within a short period. How is it possible? Is it legal? These are the questions that we usually encounter when someone speaks of instant revenue. But, please stay away from these questions. Reasoning out things is nothing wrong. First, you have to overcome your fear.

The right ‘go-to’ market strategy is the need of the hour nowadays. When you know the procedure to get things done legally and also within a short span of time, then you are the king in whatever you do. Uber is an excellent example to quote for achieving instant revenue. Uber was raised to the pinnacle of success within nine years of its existence. There are many real-time examples of companies who produced instant revenue in their life because of their strategies.

Way to generate instant revenue

In this digital age, success is something that is entwined with technology. Hence, it is wise to inculcate technology in your business to achieve success. Currently, E-commerce is gaining momentum. To get instant revenue, investing money and time in e-commerce is undeniably a good plan.
In the worldwide food market, online food delivery stands at $83 billion. Apps like UberEats succeeded in getting instant revenue, as people welcomed the idea of online food delivery with open arms.

Need for a UberEats clone app

If you have a look at the present scenario of e-commerce, you could find out the successful role played by the UberEats mobile app in it. Based on the UberEats app, a UberEats clone app is possible with today’s technology. You can also earn instant revenue from such clone apps.

Unique features of UberEats clone app

The following unique services are available in the UberEats clone app. Appdupe, the leading clone app developing company guarantees you with the following services:

1) Mobile app
2) Web app
3) Admin dashboard
4) 100% customizable
5) Credit card & Paypal

Mobile app

UberEats clone app is built in native iOS and Android source code, which makes it possible to install the app for all your users, without any difficulty.

Web app

Both front and back-end websites will be created for you as well as for your customers, and you can also view the check order history, feedback, and so on.

Admin dashboard

Appdupe provides you with an admin dashboard, which helps you to control and access your entire business.

100% customizable

You have every right and liberty to customize the features of your clone app with friendly guidance and support from Appdupe.

Credit card & PayPal

UberEats clone app is built with PayPal mobile SDK, Stripe credit card processing, and cash on delivery as default available methods. Appdupe is willing to add more payment options upon request.



Besides the services mentioned above, Appdupe is renowned for developing your clone app within 48 hours for a reasonable price. Get in touch with Appdupe to launch your UberEats clone app.

Starting an online food delivery business? The right App for you is…

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What to eat?………… What to wear today?………………The two big questions that haunt the youngsters of this generation. In the world of mobile-driven technology, it is easy to have, what we want to have at our doorsteps. Ordering our favorite food is as easy as paying bills online.

UberEATS, an on-demand 24×7 leading food delivery platform, helps in delivering our favorite food item from great restaurants at our doorsteps with many choices. Besides the existing features in UberEATS, this blog provides you with some upgrades in UberEATS App. If you are someone who wishes to be a great businessman in this sector of online food delivery, I suggest you, read the blog till the end to create your UberEATS clone.

Feature of Quality feedback:

As UberEATS has tie-ups with more than 80,000 restaurants in nearly 200 cities of the world, it may be at times  confusing for the customers to order what they want to have. Variety of choices at times leaves us bewildered. For this problem, there is a solution in this app. The “mix selection with quality feedback” feature in this app provides us with the feedback of what others felt about the menu or about the restaurant. So in addition to the location of nearby restaurants, UberEATS  provides others’ quality feedback also. This new upgrade was done recently in November 2017 with reference to the blog by Ambika Krishnamachar and Calvin Lee, the product managers of UberEATS.

Feature of Personalization:

This feature of Personalization on this app helps you to choose the food of your choice. This app will give you the favorite food items in a particular restaurant by filtering out the other options. This personalization is done by how you order food items frequently by using this app. Restaurants also feel happy about this upgrade as they can filter out their menus instead of sending lengthy ones.

Feature of Favorites:

UberEATS has this feature of saving our favorite food options and displays it on the top. When a food item or a restaurant is selected as “favorite” by us, then it will stay at the top of our feed.

Ghost Restaurant:

UberEATS app also provides a new feature called Virtual Restaurant(Ghost Restaurant). Krishnamachar comments this feature as “fairly experimental”. What this Virtual Restaurant does is, it collects the unavailable food items’ details from the customers and sends the list to the restaurants, informing them about the customer’s needs. Then these restaurants fix the problems by introducing the food items. Therefore it helps both the clients as well as the customers.


Apps like UberEATS is a thriving business. And those who invest money in such a market are highly satisfied as it turned to be a great success. Hence it is wise to start a business in this area. The development of an app like UberEATS involves the risk of more money and time. Therefore Entrepreneurs find it difficult to invest such huge money in it. There is a smart solution for this problem. Food delivery clone app does this. UberEATS clone app doesn’t need huge capital investment. Setting up a clone app like UberEATS can be done within two days. Not only the time and money of the entrepreneur are saved, but also the entrepreneur can create magic in his business using customization feature available in the UberEATS clone app. If you are an entrepreneur and wish to start a business with minimal capital in this sector; then, UberEATS clone app is the right thing for you. Follow this link to create your own UberEATS clone app within 48 hours…..

Start your own business!!!  Live like a King!!  GO with the technology to do wonders!!

online food ordering app | UberEats Clone

The Rise of On-Demand Food Delivery Business

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On-demand apps have seen a significant rise and have been a trending business past couple of years. The On-demand apps like Uber, Lyft, Dash, etc. have capitalized this boom to create a profitable business plan. The success of Uber and creation of similar apps and clones like UberEats Clone has got validation from the public as well as investors to create a booming industry.

Let’s get into some statistics now.

  • Four out of ten people have used On Demand in the USA.
  • More than half of the people involved in these services have improved financial status.
  • Nearly half of the consumers have an annual income of less than $50,000 and 22% have $100,000 or more.
  • Food Delivery stands at $98 billion that is the 1% of the total food market and 4% of the food sold through restaurants and fast-food chains.
  • The CAGR is estimated at the 3.5% in the next five years.
  • The industry will reach around $24 billion by 2025 by the entry of new players

Traditional Aggregator Model

The aggregator model is built on a traditional model that is used by food delivery companies offering access to different choices of restaurants to the users under a single platform. By logging in to the site or the app, users can compare menu and peer reviews on multiple restaurants. The aggregators collect a fixed margin of the order that is paid by the restaurant. However, there is no additional cost to the consumer.  An aggregator like UberEats, this is an asset-light model, earning EBIDTA margins are 40 to 50%.

New Model Of Delivery

The new delivery players are allowing consumers to have a competition to compare offerings and order meals from a group of the restaurant on a single go. This enables the new segment to boom playing a crucial role as a logistics company to the restaurant. The new delivery players will charge a small fixed fee to the consumer while having a set margin per order with the restaurant. The new players will achieve EBITDA margins around 30%. The entry of the new players will capture new accounts and allow the on-demand food delivery apps to operate globally.

New Delivery Opportunity

The growth in new delivery is driven by two significant factors with regards to consumer demand.

  1. Substitution of dining in a restaurant.
  2. Enjoying the same quality of food

Consumers are drawn into the on-demand food delivery apps that were started with the traditional pizza delivery. It is estimated that 70-80% of the customers who have used new delivery platforms have managed to retain their customer. We at Appdupe will create on-demand food delivery apps that will enable you to retain your customer base with ease.  

User Benefits You Didn’t Know If Bitcoin Wallet was Integrated with Uber Clone Scripts

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Ever since the introduction of bitcoin this technology has taken world by storm and is already many companies have brought it in action. Bitcoin has various advantages for its users like deduced tax, reduction in cost of the products, secured but transparent transaction and much more.

Of many benefits that’s it offers us, let’s get to know more about the profits of integrated Bitcoin wallet with Uber Clone script, it would be apt to know what wonders Bitcoin can do to our day to day financial transactions.

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