Always wait for him to make the first move, not according to Antidate

By July 17, 2016Company Updates

The dating app’s have been trending thanks to the ‘swipe-to-like’ introduced by tinder. The concept of inevitably ending up sleeping with more than one person is  new and exciting to the young single adults. “The app is addictive” say many users.


There is a new app waiting to make its debut, called Antidate. So, how is it different From tinder? Antidate’s aim is to make things easier for the women as well as men in a way that no dating app has.

The twist is that, the male users are visible to women including having their location pinned down on the map. But as for women, they are not visible until they choose to show interest in a guy. Like, starting up a chat or tapping on the guy’s profile to say “hey”. These are the features offered by antidate for the privacy of women. The men are benefited as they get to sit back, relax and wait for the women to come calling.

The fact that girls could see the guys so they could have privacy and not be bugged, seemed like a two way mirror to Saha. Guys are tired of making the first move all the time on dating sites and in the real world and the girls are tired of receiving messages and being bugged by men they aren’t interested in, Keeping this in mind the founders of Antidate made the app benefiting both men and women. Girls are in control on Antidate. Currently the app is only for straight dating but will be expanding to a LGBT shortly once the founders are figured how to meet their expectations as well. The founders are working around their respective day jobs in the ad industry and as a lawyer. The app has been tested on iOS for the past few months. the pair have been testing it out on their friends. It’s a bootstrapping startup.

antidate-profile-tinder-cloneThe full version of Antidate launched last week, although they haven’t planned on proper marketing until christmas. They are on the hunt for investors.

Different from all the other apps, Antidate is not free, with a £0.69 cover price. The intention behind the app not being free is to avoid people misusing the app. If people pay for the app they will be more serious about using it. There are very few users on the app right now, 26 offline and about 4 online at all times. Antidate requires you to take a selfie to avoid posting outdated pictures on their profile. (there is a natural filter on the selfie filtering your picture). Another feature on Antidate is that you can rate the person you have met via Antidate on whether or not they resemble the picture on their profile. since that’s a major problem with online dating.

Antidate users have to be instagram users to keep the users on the app young, and social crowd who know how to make a good profile.

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