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By November 30, 2016Company Updates

Cargomatic announced earlier that it had raised $8 million for expansion. Intresting fact is that Cargomatic is hoping to be the ‘Uber for truckers’ by connecting shippers and truckers. This would be more convenient for both parties since the truckers can work according to their availabilty and will make more money than usual. Companies give-in their details of the cargo they need shipped while the truckers use the app to accept and track their routes. This is a huge opportunity since the US-market alone is worth $70 billion. cargomatic-2

Competitor Trucker Path an app for truckers has raised more than Cargomatic. Around $20M Series A funding led by Wicklow Capital of Chicago and involving a partner, Chinese social media giant Renren. cargomatic-3

This brings together truckers, freight brokers and logistic companies as well as serving B2B companies and the commercial freight transportation industry. The truck driver is given one place to conduct all the business by the marketplace. This company is not looking to become ‘Uber for Truckers’, what they want is a lot more.

Cargomatic focuses on local transportation while the competitor concentrates on large scale transportation (regional and long distance). Cargomatic uses small trucks and vans for transportation.  Trucker Path claims to have nearly 300,000 users and 20% growth per month over the last 6 months.

This isn’t too far from Uber itself. It will be interesting to see where this is headed.

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