Hater hooks you up with people who hate the same things as you. Hater Clone Script for $999

By February 9, 2017Company Updates

Have you ever bonded with someone over the things you hate? Just like girls bond with other girls over the girls whom they hate, you can use the things you hate to find true love. Watch out for the new kid on the block! Apart from the many dating apps we’ve come a across this one is brilliant!


Hater, a dating up that launched very recently matches you with people who hate the same things as you. How long were you going to write “I love dogs, i love reading, I love to watch sports” on your bio’s? Now Be real, put down  I HATE SALADS! I hate skinny girls who think they are fat!  Anyway, let’s not get carried away.

The app launched on February 8th and is now available in beta for IOS. The Android users will have to wait till spring to use the app.  It offers you 3,000 hand selected topics to weigh in on butt selfies, build the wall, slow walkers and tipping less than 15% are just a few. The app then find a match for you based on your mutual distastes and other factors like location, because let’s face it it’s a major factor.


The founder of the app Brendan Alper left his job at Goldman Sachs to become a comedian and first had the idea as a joke. Later on he realized the idea should turn into reality since it’s a KICKASS one that’s going to make him a billionaire!

The app has been in testing since December in New York and had a positive response. The 3 most hated topics are the presidential election(Shocker!!), bad side walk etiquette( oh we can talk about this for hours!)  and drain hair (girls watch out). As for the loved topics my mom, the ocean and guacamole.  This app does not encourage negative behavior, Haters gonna hate on hater! but no, Hater’s team have stressed that this not to promote negative behavior.  They’ve been carefully curating the topics themselves, and they’ve got a one-strike policy for any anyone who acts in a way you’d want to swipe down on. They have not had the need to ban anyone yet.

When hate comes upon us, we need someone we love.

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See you soon! Keep hating.