Tired of one night stands? Hinge will give you a break from temporary love

By October 14, 2016Company Updates

There are two types of dating apps in the market right now. Some that are leaning towardshinge-2 the younger user base trying to find a hook up and other sites that are trying to help users find the “the one” for them. Some of these apps like, Tinder and Bumble are well known for what they
do. On the other hand there are websites like match.com, OkCupid that do not exist in the form of an app, they prefer being websites where users can browse through profiles of other users to find themselves a     potential match. The only problem with these websites are it takes a lot of effort to fill in the details and keep track of your matches.

Where do the young users who are looking for more than just sex look? The answer is Hinge. It is not just another Tinder Clone Script. Hinge calls its self a ‘relationship hinge-3app’. The app is no longer free it costs $7 since it has so much more to offer to you. CEO and co-founder Justin McLeod explain that often dating apps are used like games by todays generation. They are looking to make an app which is a  mix of  match.com and Tinder. That’s funny because the founder of match.com lost his girlfriend to someone she met on the site. ouch, that must have hurt.

Hinge has not had a huge user base in the past, but with the alterations in the app that might change soon. A lot of users are looking for a break from playing games. Wouldn’t it be nice to have fun with someone knowing that it’s leading somewhere? thats what we want and that is exactly what Hinge is offering us with a small price but then again nothing good comes free. Hinge is headed in the right direction.

If you’d like to create a Tinder Clone venture in your neighbourhood or with a spin like Hinge, get it here: Tinder Clone App Script for $499