Looking for a Housecall Clone Script? Get it for $999

By November 21, 2016Company Updates

There are too many apps in the market now that provide home services on-demand from your phone. A San Diego startup company ‘Housecall’ came up with slightly different but kind of the same idea. House call provides services  like swimming pool cleaning, carpet cleanings, electrical work and so on all in one app. The CEO, Ian Heidt had been working on a different project when this idea came up. He said his vision (also his teams vision) was to create something original and new. Worked out pretty well for them.

Housecall currently offers more than 20 different types of services.  housecall3Which include :

  • taking  the trash out
  • housekeeping,
  • window cleaning
  • plumbing
  • painting
  • locksmith work

It currently is a team of 6 working towards success. Each of these maybe individually available in other apps but in Housecall you can get them all in one. Want your house cleanedhousecall2 and your living room painted? Order them to be done on one app!“When we launched it, it was literally just us addressing any of the places where home and technology like home automation intersect,” Heidt said. “Then we started bringing in
all these other professionals from other categories.

While singing up, users select the services required from various categories and can look up the price of the service providers. Housecall is only available in San Diego at the moment but they’re looking to expand soon. The company has definitely come a long way

Housecall has raised $1.5 million from investors. If you’re looking to have your own uber for handyman like venture, click on this link and get it now! http://appdupe.com/uber-for-x-clone-script