Pokémon Go and chill, the new dating trend?

By July 17, 2016Company Updates

Surely no one expected a PIKACHU to help their dating/sex lives. Pokemon Go might just be what you’re looking for! With new technologies and Originality this app holds the future of your dating life. When you see a person at the bar or a coffee shop vigorously swiping through their smartphone, you probably thought he/she was on tinder. Now, there is a huge chance they’re playing pokemon go. A gaming app that has taken over the US and spreading fast among the other cities as well, Who grew up not watching pokemon? of course this game is a HIT!tinder-clone-pokemon-go-and-chill-gal
Speaking about pokemon go as a gaming up, there might just be more to it. it’s not just about catching a pokemon it’s about finding a catch.

People all over the world have been mentioning that pokemon go has helped them in their dating lives. users meet other users playing pokemon go and Ask them about their collection, there it starts! In most cases it leads to a date whether or not you have a more superior collection. Finding a date on pokemon go is a lot more Old-school. Rather than swiping through a phone to find a match, You can have a real conversation with a person which in many ways is preferred considering the drawbacks of dating online.

tinder-clone-pokemon-go-and-chill-guyThis way of meeting people and starting a conversation with them is way more natural. Who doesn’t like the good old pick lines used on them? do those happen any more? sure do. Pokemon go taking over tinder highly depends on the type of users and their luck.

Tinder losing its fame has only itself to blame, swiping through profiles? how long can you swipe to find someone you think you might like. People are always looking at new ideas and new ways. pokemon go is giving you a new way to meet people, Have a conversation not just look at their profile and decide if you may or may not like them. Of course, most tinder users stop using the app once they’ve found their match vie Tinder or not. As for pokemon go there’s still a lot to do after you meet the one(of the many).

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