Seeds of a Revolution

By November 20, 2017Company Updates

Some call it ganja, some call it Mary jane, and many call it marijuana. Cannabis(Scientific name), is a genus of flowering plant in the family Cannabaceae. Out of the known 483 compounds in the plant, Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) is the most psychoactive and maybe the reason behind the hype surrounding the plant since centuries. It was also a characteristic which saw its use and abuse as a recreational drug, subsequently leading to ‘illegalization’ since the early 90s – a hasty move, or a calculated one, as the legislators seemingly overlooked the medicinal properties of cannabinoids which has the potential to change the pharmaceutical industry as we know it. Little did they know that they had waged a war against nature, a battle that the latter has a reputation for winning every single time.  Backed with records of countless people who have and are successfully being treated for conditions like Crohn’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Arthritis and even HIV wasting and cancers, the people’s movement demanding for the legalization of medical marijuana became a force that the lawmakers could no longer ignore. In December 2012, the U.S. state of Washington became the first state to officially legalize medical marijuana in a state law with the state of Colorado following close behind. Massachusetts is the most recent state to initiate a legal market for adult use marijuana with governor Charlie Baker giving in to voters’ demand and agreeing to sign new regulations. As drugs have increasingly come to be seen as a health issue instead of criminal behavior, medical marijuana has also been legalized or decriminalized in many states of the U.S and the movement is poised to see further development with nationwide legalization on the cards.  

Uber for weeds

The Rolling Trend

The future of legal marijuana looks greener than you’d think. The green economy is preparing to boom and the big players are all set to dive right in. This is the right time for you to cash in on the growing trend. Cannabis legalization has pushed the frontiers of scientific research and with over 22,000 published studies as of 2015, cannabis is now being looked upon as a medicine with specific applications that is expected to expand in the years to come. Advancements on genetic  levels have equipped growers to define their product and make it more consistent and predictable. This lays a strong foundation for the marijuana empire to build upon. Recent developments saw Constellation brands, the company behind Corona, Modelo and Svedka investing a 9.9% minority stake in 2 billion dollar Canadian medical marijuana company Canopy Growth which as a world-leading diversified cannabis company boasts of a collection of brands and curated strain varieties supported by over half a million square feet of indoor and greenhouse production capacity. Identifying early-stage consumer trends is the secret behind the success of companies and medical and recreational marijuana use is a trend about to blaze like wild fire. Like any new trend, this too opens avenues for a plethora of related apps.

Uber for weeds

Seeing Green

Developments in the legal status have businesses pondering over the next big question. How to benefit from it? The answer is simple. You give people what they want and they give you their money. Most cannabis users prefer to use it in the comfort of their homes and the next best thing to growing cannabis for them is to give them an option to have it delivered to their doorsteps. With us, you could do just that by creating a XUBER app that lists suppliers and your company can deliver cannabis or cannabis-based products to people who want it, where they want it. XUBER, once set up, will be white-labelled with your brand name which you can promote as your own. It can be monetised from day one and needs very little management.  A user could simply download the app on iOS or Android, browse through categories, search specific items, add them to the checkout cart and provide their location coordinates to enjoy hassle-free deliveries to the specified location. The users get an unencrypted experience with push notifications at every stage. As an admin, you have complete control from the powerful admin dashboard and can use it to view vital details like the total no. of registered stores, delivery requests, completed deliveries, revenue earned, no. of registered drivers, no. of vehicles available for delivery, vehicle and driver details and so on. You could give your customers the power and comfort of choosing their products and services delivered, all without even stepping outside their homes and before you know it, everybody will have your company number on speed dial.

Contact us today and watch your Uber for weed venture grow to new heights in the coming years.