Uber for Organs? Here is your next big investment. Get it at $999

By December 22, 2016Company Updates

This is one of the most unique, investment opportunity you’ll come across. We hear about new apps being launched in industries like music, movies and news everyday but this startup is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Some would say that this is the next big industry to disrupt. Just like Uber, imagine getting an organ transplant. Cant believe it? yes, with this new startup we might just be able to connect donors with the ones in needs with not much of hassle. uber-for-organ-2

Compared to improving modern technology and services, this industry has been left behind. You don’t have to wait for months in a hospital to find an organ that matches your blood and waste your time with modern medicine substitutes anymore. Like sharing photos with your friends across the world you should be able to find an organ around the world. After all, this is a matter of life and death. uber-for-organ-1

Open up the app and tell them your blood type and what kind of organ you’re looking for. Immediately you will be shown a list of nearby transplanters who have organs you need. Because of the old-economy hegemony of Big Organ Transplantation, we can’t call our transplanters “doctors,” but that’s fine because “doctor” is an archaic term that doesn’t even begin to gel with the decentralized, crowdsourced disruption that is our new economy. Millennials don’t need “doctors.” They need an organ that suits them.

What if the transplanters aren’t qualified? Check their star ratings. If a transplanter gives bad service by coming late or abandoning the user in a bathtub full of ice with two large incisions making where their kidneys once were, The users will give them just one or two stars. When you’v got this system you don’t need to worry about how you’ll be taken care off.

The payments are handled by the app. Instead of charging high for transplants, they use a real-time bidding system where the price of the organs and transplants varies based on the demand. If the organ is not in demand you’ll get a great deal. Some people in Big Organ Transplantation sneer at this as a “black market.” It’s pretty clear to anyone living in our economy of disruption that it’s just simple capitalism.uber-for-organ

This doesn’t stop with just connecting the person in need and the person who can provide it. users can frictionlessly share their new organs with the world. Users can even volunteer their own organs, their friends, or even their families organs for transplantation (They share all organ revenue 60/40 with the donating user).

The future is here. It’s a great investment since theres no competition and its bound to work with all the users desperate to get an organ. What are you waiting for? Grab it before it goes viral!

Get yourself your own Uber for Organs here : http://appdupe.com/uber-for-x-clone-script/