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Uber is an American worldwide online transportation network company with headquarters in San Francisco, California. It develops markets, The customers with the help of smart phones use the app to book a cab. The software program then automatically sends the nearest Uber driver to the customer, giving the driver the location of the customer on google maps. The service is available in over 66 countries and 507 cities worldwide.

Taxi app booking!

dial-and-uber-3The U.S firm First introduces ‘Dial and Uber’ a web app at dial.uber.com in august in a few cities as trial, Now, its available in 29 cities that Uber is present in, in India. The Motive behind this is that to offer an alternative to the Uber app for those with budget smartphones that have limited space for downloading apps. The storage on your phone is not nearly enough to hold everything you wish to have, to make sure you have space we usualy delete an app to download another depending on which ones we need the most they stay on the phone. The solution to this problem is Web Based Uber. This also helps to deal with the poor quality internet connections in India.

Dial an Uber is from the Uber’s India-focused R&D team in San Francisco. It is limited to Uber Go, It takes only cash payments in refection go the audience that it is targeted at. Uber’s head of engineering in India, Apurva Dalal said that the feature is testament to their focus on using their technological edge to make mobility reliable an accessible for everyone.

India has become super famous for Uber’s emerging market projects. India has transformed a take a look at mattress for a substantial amount of Uber’s rising market initiatives. The company first accepted cash in the country before they expanded the payment options to several makers in Asia, Africa and Beyond. Dial an Uber can be expanded globally over time too. According to Uber, Dail an Uber is  going to make a huge impact nationwide. Everything happens in time, Just like how it happened for Uber. Uber has made its mark and will continue to come up with better facilities for the customers. cqicg14ukai3ebp

Dial an Uber 

So, on Thursday Uber announced the launch of Dial an Uber which allows you to book a cab without actually downloading the app. “We are excited to launch ‘Dial an Uber’ and ‘Request a Ride for Others’ for riders in India. Taxi booking app source code Designed to offer simple and more convenient ways to book a ride, these India-first innovations are testament to Uber’s focus on using its technological prowess to make mobility reliable and accessible for everyone” said Apurva Dalal. Prabhjeet Singh, Head Strategy and Planning at Uber said, “Many of the features are unique to India. We recognise that many of our geographies might not have effective 4G network coverage or good 3G networks but we’d want to serve riders at such places as well. The new app has been redesigned to load 50 per cent faster. The second feature is Dial-an-Uber that allows users to book cabs via webpage.”

The service currently exists in 4 cities, which are Nagpur, Kochi, Guwahati and Jodhpur. This feature makes it possible for everyone to have access to UberGo rides. Like we said before, this is mostly for the users who deal with slow or no internet access. Unlike the app, which requires you to have a minimal balance of 200 in your Paytm wallet, these users can pay in cash.

Here is how it works: dial-and-uber-2

  1. Log on to dial.uber.com
  2. Enter your mobile number to login or sign up.
  3. You will see the pricing information and fare estimate.
  4. Request a ride with a single tap that suits your financial needs.
  5. Instantly get connected with a driver and get a call to coordinate the pick up location.
  6. Pay in cash.

Request a ride for other : 

This feature allows user to book rides for their families,friends and ect. For this feature the users will need to have the Uber app on their smartphone.

Here is how it works.

  1. Set your mindial-and-uber-4
  2. Enter the pickup location of the person you are booking the cab for.
  3. At the bottom of the screen you will see an option to choose any of your contacts. You may choose a contact or enter a new number.
  4. Select the ‘rider pay in cash’ if wanted.
  5. After booking the rider and the person who booked the cab will receive a mesage with information on the driver and link to track the drier

Uber has always come up with different yet convienent updates for the customers to have a better experience. Uber not only works based on what will make them the most profit, it also considers the customers and their needs. Maybe thats why they are such a hit today.

The new app also brings features for women travelling alone, called ‘Share your ETA’. This allows a user to send their location in real-time to family and friends or anyone you want while on an Uber ride. The app also comes with an ‘SOS’ option that can be used to reach the police control room. Well, this is going to be helpful considering safety is a major drawback. Now women can take an Uber late at night and feel safe. This increases user base for Uber. create a taxi app and have the same adventure Uber did!

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