Workday has done it again, other than Zaption and Platform it has acquired a new startup.

By August 17, 2017Company Updates

The two-year-old Calif based start-up has been acquired quietly by Workday, it went public in 2012 and now has a market cap of $20.9 billion. The words of the deal were not disclosed by either party. Pattern’s CEO Derek Draper, announced – acquisition to his network on LinkedIn and refused to comment further on the matter. As soon as this happened, as a part of the transition, Pattern had to end their Pattern service late last week. The aim of Patter was to lighten the load of managing customer relationships for salespeople and was backed by Felivis Ventures, SoftTech Vc, First Round Capital and various angel investors who last year provided the company with a sum of $2.5 million in seed funding.

Along with the co-founders- Josh Valdez, and Zack Moy, whom were each ex-Googlers and were running the company with five other former colleagues from Google. Valdez and Draper met at Wildfire, a social media marketing company that sold to Google in 2012. Draper wrote on LinkedIn earlier this week “Thrilled to embark on this new adventure” and “Looking forward to building the future”

Big data analytics of Workday include vendor Platfora, acquired last year, and also the online learning company Zaption which was also acquired by Workday last year but shut down promptly. Similar to the Pattern and Workday deal, the deals between these companies and Workday were also not disclosed. As for now, this is happening, Pattern is about to changes and we’ll have to wait to see what’s in store for both companies in the coming future.

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