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By April 13, 2017Company Updates

“Aero, is an educational toy designed to teach basic concepts of aerodynamics.”

Aero helps learning about the dynamics of flight, as you control a beautiful albatross soaring over the ocean. Aero’s new Distance Rings feature gives users the option to display rings around the aircraft for more situational awareness while on the Moving Map. The rings show distances of 5, 25, and 50 nautical miles around the aircraft. Distance Rings are very helpful. Aero is  one of a kind app, we haven’t seen anything like it. The idea is still raw and pure. Get an Areo app clone and start up your own app to make history. 

E6B Conversions allows users to perform a number of tasks that are helpful during the flight planning stage as well as during the flight. The following options are available with E6B: Unit Conversions: distance, temperature, and weight. Calculations: calculate fuel

The app can be downloaded easily. When downloading data from AWS, the Easy Button feature allows users quickly select and download all files associated with a specific region with just one tap without the need to individually select each item. Aero’s Giant Report Shortcut feature is available on all platforms of Aero. It allows users to display Giant Reports quickly and conveniently. Simply type an ICAO code in the search bar, then tap the Giant Report Shortcut icon and hit.

There are different ways to use the app on an iPad. It works almost the same way with minor changes in the buttons. The app is making history with its unique concept. 

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