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By May 26, 2014Company Updates

So last night, my Co-Founder Kavi, went out with his friends to have a beer and just catch up, an acquaintance of one of his friends joined them. This person had graduated from an IIT (The most revered educational institution in India). As with most IITians, their first go-to-topic was them graduating from IIT a year ago. This person had more of a tale than that, he got an impressive Rs.45,00,000 (USD 85000, which in India means everyone wants to wed their daughters to you) as his starting annual package, from one of the most sought after companies which only hire from IIT and IIM.

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He asked everyone else what they were doing, and when Kavi responded that he is running a product development company, he started taking Kavi to school about it. He elaborated on how ‘Product Development’ is a science and how his awesome company builds software products for international multi-million dollar clients and that he himself was in a team that was creating a crucial product for Caterpillar and so on. He went on about how the esteemed Vice President of the company who holds internal workshops discussing impactful things around the world. He said “And last week, my Vice President said that there is this one Indian company, a startup, it looks like.”, he said. “They have this amazing product line up, created within a very short span of time. Their products aren’t perfect but it beautifully aligns with their vision and they are getting their gear better in an exponential rate. My colleague showed them to me. And then he showed us this website…it was called…I think..AppDude..something..”, he recalled.  At this point, Kavi suggested “AppDupe?”. “Yes! That’s the one. You know about it too?” he exclaimed. And now, Kavi, back in the driver seat, declared smiling, “I Co-Founded AppDupe!”.

Needless to say, the rest of the evening, the IITian took notes from Kavi and asked to meet him later, to discuss his methodologies, when it suited him 😉

We are small bootstrapped outfit and we are happy in getting noticed for our vision, which is to help in the journey of any mobile tech entrepreneur. We are also sad about the fact that not all of our clients understand that these are not just some web scripts that you can throw into a server, connect the database and it is done. Events like these show us that AppDupe is becoming bigger than ourselves and that we should now start serving this entity and its eco-system. We are constantly getting better at meeting customers’ satisfactory requirements. We have vowed not to build any more new products, without getting the ones we have to an advanced, mature state that you can blindly trust in building a business around.

Here’s to hopes and dreams!

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