Carrot Dating App Clone Script

By November 9, 2013Company Updates

Carrot Dating Mobile App Clone Script Available for Download and customization from

Carrot Dating is in the news now, for being such a trend setter and bizzare dating app. What is it?

It is a mobile dating app similar to Tinder or Swoon, with an inbuilt e-commerce engine. So that when asking a random person out on a date, you can bribe them with something from the internal store which can range anywhere from Dinners, Flowers, Chocolates, Gadgets to Holidays.

Does it work?
Hell yeah!

Can I Haz it?
Ofcourse! Do you know where you are, its AppDupe! We can find people in our dev shop who are just gulping down free pizzas and making the Redbulls from the fridge disappear, and give them this task to do.

What needs to be done?
We need to fork our existing Tinder code to include an ecommerce engine.

What will be the cost?
Anywhere from $1500 to $2000.

So if you are up for it, you can have a clone of this highly funded and featured Carrot Dating app, for you to rebrand, rethink, customize and launch as you own!