Start a college dating app with Flamer – Tinder Clone Script

By April 28, 2016Company Updates

So what’s the new buzz going around in your college? Tinder.


This famously known Dating app has been a big time saviour for all the singles or just broken ups. And for the ‘already committed’, you probably enjoy swiping left or help your friends swipe away the options for perfect matches. You enjoy it anyway!

Tinder has somehow sneaked into everyone’s much-coveted application list and it has become ultimate quest for finding matches.


According to the recent research, Tinder has over 50 million active users, who login to their profiles 11 times a day and spend 90 precious minutes on an average in finding new matches and ice breaking, that includes celebrities as well.

But most of these users are young hearts or the college goers like you, who are looking forward to falling in love, indulge in casual relationships, or catch up with a fling.

With everybody being on Tinder, finding the person next to you with unique chemistry is dauntingly difficult. It’s good to have options, but you have to go through all random profiles to find the hotties from your own college.

Student with tinder clone dating script app in classroomSo, what’s next?
A narrowed down version of the Tinder – Flamer!

We created Flamer, a complete Tinder clone with a scalable server, wonder web version, iOS and Android apps, keeping in mind all the concerns that Tinder users are facing currently.

With Flamer, you can create an online dating platform for your college. People must register with the college mail id and so, only your college mates will be getting passed into the app.
It’s quick. Within no time, you can find everybody in your college who could be your sweetheart.

Much like Tinder, Flamer lets swipe right or left through the reams of the potentials matches from your college itself. You can also super like the profiles to show intense interest to them.
Before Swiping, you can click on the profiles to see their photos and read a description about them.
It’s as natural as you get introduced to someone you like in your own college.
Maybe you have a crush in your college and haven’t yet confessed, only when you swipe right you will know what they think.

The embarrassment factor is limited as they wouldn’t know what’s in your mind until they swipe you right.

The options for a perfect match is amplified in the college as you can find the right combination of your age and common interest to talk over. Why search elsewhere if you can find companionship right next to you at your campus.

Since, the other person is from the same college, it’s fair to trust them, keeping away from from all the creeps out there on Tinder.

It’s not restricted to dating only, you can also find friends and buddies to hang out.

Indulge in like-minded conversations with an instant messaging option.

When you get ‘It’s a match’ , you can take it forward as you wish.

Jackpot! It also has incredible monetizing potentials to add to your pocket money. You also charge the user with a minimal subscription cost, for getting more swipes or to search for matches between departments etc and everybody will pay to be in it 😀


If you are planning to launch Flamer and be the ‘Dating Guru’ in your college, we can help you out.

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