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By May 15, 2017Company Updates

‘Shop on your behalf’ delivery app that currently operates in the U.K and Spain raised about $10million in further funding. The total raised amount by the company shoots up to a modest $20million in comparison to other players in the on-demand delivery space.  Backing the round are family investment office STE Capital, with participation from Samaipata Ventures (the Spanish VC started by the founders of La Nevera Roja, the take-out ordering service sold to Rocket Internet) and a number of other previous investors.

Jinn the same as ‘Shop on your behalf’ plans to use the increase in capital to grow and “consolidate its presence in the main markets”. This means there will be more focus on the geographies. The start up is already seeing success, rather than expanding into new locations the app is focusing on creating awareness of the app in the locations it already exists, and ensuring that more consumers in those locations are aware of Jinn’s brand and proposition. categoreis 

Similar to Postmates in the U.S. and local competitor Quiqup, which is backed by Delivery Hero and Rocket Internet, Jinn lets you order anything locally for delivery, not just food. So, users can order almost anything they require through the app. Users browse the location-based app for items that they want to purchase or enter the request in a free form text field once the order is placed, one of the employers will go to the store collect the product and bring it to you.

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Meanwhile, the startup is continuing to push into categories beyond takeout food, such as groceries, which co-founder and CEO Mario Navarro tells me now accounts for 15 per cent of orders, up from 5 per cent a year ago. Non-food items like beauty and health products are also a target. Both of these categories play into an on-demand delivery narrative in which companies like Jinn aim to compete with and offer an alternative to Amazon’s own ‘Prime Now’ same-hour or ‘Fresh’ grocery shopping offering. Instead of having a central warehouse and bringing goods into the city, Jinn is attempting to turn every local store into a loosely connected warehouse powered by its courier network, and one that is much closer to where consumers reside. Navarro also says he is relaxed about Jinn drivers accepting work from other sources, including competitors. They are categorised as self-employed, after all! To that end,  5,000 couriers are registered with the app and about 1,000 are active on a monthly basis. The app is headed towards huge success.

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