Growth Hacking for Digital Product Entrepreneurs!

By January 31, 2017Company Updates

Who we are

We sell whitelabel turnkey digital products that people start tech ventures with. Our products become the Minimum Viable First Version of many technology ventures all over the world.xuber-uber-clone-script


For example, we had created something like Uber that when you buy from us at $999, you will get a scalable Laravel PHP MySQL server, iOS & Android apps along with a website for your customers to book rides/handyman/escorts in; iOS & Android apps along with a website for your service providers to declare availability and service your customers’ requests assigned to them automatically. And the whole thing is managed from an Admin panel giving you a God’s Eye View of your business which you can run from your couch ūüôā For anyone who is looking to start a venture in the On-demand economy space, they ¬†will get their MVP for¬†an unbelievable amount and with this they usually validate their business, execute,start building traction, get funded and keep us on a retainer or build their own team. An Uber for dog walking service that got funded and covered in TechCrunch had our product as its first version. The biggest competitor for Uber in India used our Android Driver side app before building their own.

The Hack!

What we did as competitive intelligence gathering was Google for our competitor’s products. These were also turnkey products that had user and provider apps and…you guessed it, an Admin Panel to run the business from.¬†We went straight to their Admin Panel demos and looked for all the people who had signed¬†up to test the demo apps. We scrapped off their email ids. We repeated the process for all of our competitors and ended up with an email list of 3500+ people who were serious enough to test the apps out. We further hung out at our competitors’ pre-sales forums and read the messages for feature requests, bugs etc and improved upon our own product that we were building.

uber-drivers3On the day of launch, we sent out an email using Sendy and Amazon SES to these people (A little unethical to cold mail but hey, they were looking for it).  We have 1000+ visitors and more than 20 people bought our product priced at $999. Three of them came back for customization orders worth $5k to $10k. From this point on, we enjoyed a jumpstarted organic growth that any good digital product in our category had.

Bonus Hack!

A lot of product stores out there have a LiveChat widget running on their main website. Here they answer questions about their products and services via Chat and get them into a funnel. But so far I have not seen a single turnkey product seller have a Chat widget in their Admin Panel to guide and stay in constant communication with their demo testers, who are their most prospective leads ever. So if you don’t have a way to livechat with people test driving your product, please do create one right away!

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