How much does it cost to build an App like Uber?

By September 8, 2017Technology

Uber business model has a growing demand among business entrepreneurs around the globe. Though started as a taxi service app. Uber’s business model is now widely spread for various services with a slight change in the model to meets its requirements. Uber is a taxi ordering app with millions of users which operates in 77 countries. The service is generally 35 to 50% cheaper than traditional taxi cabs. And that is exactly why many want to follow its path.

“Uber for X” is a service based on Uber’s business model which is widely used in the following start-ups :

  1. Taxi services
  2. Food ordering
  3. Online Dating
  4. Beauty services
  5. Courier services

The cost of developing a Uber like app depends on a vast variety of things such as app architecture, developer rates, features, country and industry and many other things.

Uber app has two separate applications with different functionality:

Passenger/Customer app – for those who need the service

Driver/Service provider app  – for those who get orders and provide you the service needed.

List of features is first huge factor which decides the cost of a Uber like app. Some of the features of both passenger and driver interface will overlap, but each has its essential ones too.

The cost components involved in the creation of Uber like app are as follows :

  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • Native app development (Android/iOS)
  • Design
  • Management and quality assurance

Backend Development

Connecting all the features and constructing the infrastructure is the foundation of backend development.

Using different languages like JavaScript, Python or Ruby to build the app’s core and linking it to user interfaces, both passenger and driver app. All of that data would be stored on a single database system.

Web Development

Developing a real time web app with simple and easy to understand layout is a critical step and an effective cost component.

Native iOS/Android

In recent times, any app is developed in Android or iOS or both. Any trusted service based company is capable of developing both platforms these days.

The backend and functionality are the same for both iOS and Android, while tools and frameworks in use would be platform-specific.


An app’s appeal depends on a pleasing and easy-to-use user interface with little or no required explanation. Self-explanatory features with clearly understandable functionality are necessary for the success of an app among the mass.

Management and Quality Assurance

The bugs should be fixed from time to time and the maintenance of error-free profiles is needed so that the app can be recommended by the users to others. Also, the app should occupy less memory and run smoothly without lags.

Overall, quality is of utmost importance when comes to developing an Uber-like app as it involves real time services with live stakeholders.

So in conclusion, how much does it cost to create an app like Uber?

By now, it should be evident that the cost of developing an app like Uber depends on numerous factors. A number of functions and their complexity are negotiable. But it can be said that the cost of creating such an app is less compared to the revenue it can generate once developed.

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