How to monetize our Instagram Clone app for iOS

By September 17, 2013Company Updates

Marketing Flyer

Update (19/09/2013): Our Instagram Clone Script is now up in the Apple AppStore. Check it out!

Wow, finally!!! So, while the actual product called Instagram, the world’s most successful photosharing mobile social network is still figuring out, how to monetize their users…an Indonesian clone of Instagram, called PicMix was able to do just that!

Amazing isn’t it? So we have already got the method, of how to monetize your userbase, all that remains is that you actually purchase our script and start monetizing like crazy, while YOUR brand becomes a house hold name 🙂

But here are some of our ideas on monetizing it:

  1. You can add custom filters which holds your partners’ brands – for which you can charge the brands.
  2. You can display ads using either Admob or iAd or even run your own custom banner manager, selling and displaying ad banners in your app.
  3. You can create in-app purchases for some filters and elements, like a movie title logo poster or temperature etc
  4. Order us to create more differentiators for you and you can have the app as a paid app in the store.
  5. But the best and most innovative way would be to create a SAAS business where you can order us to make you a Yammer like Instagram for Enterprises clone.


What are you waiting for…purchase the app and start your business!