iPhone X costs $999, so does Uber! A billion dollar venture in your pocket!

By September 27, 2017Technology
iPhone X Cost

Its that time of the year. A new iPhone revealed. So does a new business opportunity! Sounds alluring?

Shout out to all non-tech Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs from AppDupe. We, at AppDupe, develop customizable clone scripts and aim at helping entrepreneurs who are driven by the idea of a startup. We develop an on-demand Uber like app. You might have read about clone scripts and other organizations who are good at developing Uber like app. But what allows us to stand out is that we deliver an Uber like app at the cost of the new iPhone. Yes! You read it right! Now you can start an on-demand taxi service like Uber at the cost of your iPhone.

The Effort(Problem):

In order to develop an Uber like app, it takes long tiring hours to get the code right, if you are starting from the scratch and you need to invest way more than what an iPhone would cost. And it takes more time to kick start the venture as the app needs to be developed from the basics. Not to forget the time taken to assemble a team of developers and other mind-numbing tasks that need to be taken care even before the app can be prototyped.

Shortcut to Success(Solution):

Clone scripts offer immediate solutions to your business venture and it requires hardly any time to hit the market. These clone scripts are loaded with features that are personalized to meet your expectations and are delivered in no time that you can start generating revenue from Day 1.

AppDupe, with its dedicated developers and experienced professionals who are the finest in their respective fields, offer robust solutions to meet your business demands and help you in developing an on-demand Uber like venture with ease.

Let’s discuss the technical aspects put into the development of an Uber like app, shall we?

An app like Uber has two different apps integrated together.

User App- This is used by the customers to request a cab.

Driver App- This is for the drivers who are willing to pick up the customers.

Admin Panel- The administration panel controls and records all the transactions between the customers and drivers and helps in the smooth interaction.

Some of the salient features available in the app are as follows:

  • Live Geo-tracking the customers and drivers.
  • Check the available taxi around your vicinity.
  • Change/Cancel Booking.
  • Work history of the driver.
  • Detailed profile of the driver.
  • Review system that allows the customer to review and rate the drivers.

Many more functionalities are available as added features which can be customized according to your business requirements.

So start your booming venture in an already thriving marketplace and be a trendy success with the ready-made clone scripts. We are here to support you throughout your venture. AppDupe codes. AppDupe cares.

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