Listen Up London! A Golden Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

By September 25, 2017Technology
Taxi booking app development

The recent events have changed the course of Uber in London. With its license getting revoked in a few days, Uber is out of the equation in the taxi services industry. This is definitely a huge blow for Uber but the silver lining in this downfall is that there is going to be a huge demand in the taxi services industry and Entrepreneurs who want to try their luck in the London market should definitely grab this promising opportunity!

What can you do?

If you are a London based entrepreneur or someone who is trying to establish a proven business technique in London grounds, this serves as a golden opportunity to you. How do you ask?

With the introduction of Uber’s business model, there was a vast change in the dynamics of how the on-demand services industry worked. Uber’s successful business model can be implemented in the clone script and can be tweaked to your need and delivered as a white label solution to your brand to avoid any future allegations.

With the use of Uber for taxi clone script, an Uber like app can be built easily in no time.

What is Uber Clone Script?

Simply put, it is a taxi services app built with Uber’s business model as the basis and it comes as a complete clone script with features that can be personalized to meet your marketplace demands.

This Uber for taxi clone script comes with a powerful admin dashboard to control every transaction and can be built with a very minimal investment and it helps non-technical entrepreneurs to realize their dream of establishing a booming venture in an already thriving marketplace.

How does this app work?

The Uber for taxi app is divided into two apps. One is for the customers and the second one is for the drivers. These two controlled by a centralized server.

Customer App: This is for the customers who want to avail the taxi services.

Drivers App: This is for the drivers who register their profile and help out the customers.

Admin Panel: The centralized admin panel controls and records all the transactions and helps in the communication between users and drivers.

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