Get the First Class Lounge Wifi with your economy ticket

By November 22, 2016Company Updates

loungebuddy-1You do not need to have a first class ticket to get into some of the world’s best airport lounges. How? Loungebuddy will do the trick, get you into a lounge without a first class ticket. Sometimes its just about experiencing it with a friend or maybe experience the high life without paying as muchloungebuddy2 the iOS app (for now) consists of a database of airport lounges across the world and depending on your needs wether it’s a play area for your kid, Specific food/drinks or A place with Wi-Fi access Loungebuddy will provide a list of available free and paid options. The app is available currently only for iOS users and  will be launching for android users soon.

To start off fill out a profile in the app that will include your itinerary, frequent flier programs and status, memberships and credit cards. The app will tell you where the closest eligible lounges around your gates are.
Few of the lounges will let you pay for one time free access or just sign up for their frequent flyer program. The app also shows you reviews by other users that have visited the particular lounge before you choose it, It also shows you pictures and what alcohol is available, because lets face it that is one of our top reasons to visit the lounge.

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