‘Idea For A Change’ Is How We Launched 2018 – An Exciting Year, to be!

By January 2, 2018Company Updates

The year 2017 was an exciting one overall! As it’s time to finally part ways with it, we tried giving it a decent amount of send-off treats. We at Appdupe, came together to give away some meaningful wrap to the year.

We organized a couple of events some of which passionately resonated with happy endings, goodwill gestures, doing sensible things and so many of these. What on earth is more important than making people feel great about themselves? This we thought can be achieved if we make people realize that as humans we all depend on each other for great things to be brought on board.

“Together we can break and make things”

Hence we corroborated themed face-offs, where each team (designers, marketers, engineers, data analysts and sales experts) had to conceptualize and pictorially represent their ‘Idea for a change’. Given a day and a half for ideation, execution and submission, we gathered a good set of photographs loaded with exceptional visionaries.
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“We saw sheer optimism in all of them”

Also, here are the flicks we took during the time of showdown events exhibiting each of their purpose and the stance they claimed between the panel of judges.

What you see is what we did – Fun factors and more!

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