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By February 21, 2017Company Updates

Motherhood can be an extremely challenging and mind boggling experience without a perfect support system. A predominant number of mothers around the world would vouch for this statement. Amidst all the juggling a mother has to do, a five minute time-out could be too much to ask for. Peanut, a new app poses to be a knight in a shining armor. Peanut resembles the famous dating app Tinder, helps mothers to meet others like them who happen to share the same locality to hang out, get to know each other and even better, set up play dates for their children. The comparison (with tinder) could be justified given the fact that one of Peanut’s co-founders, Michelle Kennedy is cognizant of the world of dating apps. She spent six years at an online dating company Badoo and played a vital role in the development of dating app, Bumble. So this is the new trending Uber For X (Peanut clone)  on the market right now. Who would have thought mothers could go out and have a good time with their little ones!


It is quite common to use apps for friendship/love in today’s world. Peanut follows the Tinder method in order to connect like-minded mothers. It’s rather a choice of similarities in ideologies than a preference of looks (as in the case of dating apps). A swipe up gives the other mum a wave and the down swipe skips the profile. Peanut intends to connect people who share the same interests. To list a few examples of common interest, it could be the languages they speak, the age of their children, or about their careers. In the process of avoiding the challenge of dealing with people with contrasting mind-sets for its users, Peanut accepts to be failing at encouraging diversification in interactions as the app curtails openness and technically creates homogeneous groups of mothers.peanut-2
Michelle Kennedy, a parent herself, understands the muddles of making friends after going through one of the biggest transitions in the life of a woman. Her say on todays moms communities is that they might still be slightly cliched or old fashioned. She doesn’t think they should cling on to Facebook groups or the traditional online forums. She then arrived at this easy-to-use app which has a simple and clear design. Peanut allows its users to create group chats, create events and hold polls for the same. Once the poll is done, it can be turned into an invite by a tap and it can saved into the user’s calendar by another tap.

Other than the huge hurdle of user adoption, Peanut on the whole is a very helpful app for mothers to share and cherish their similar experiences through a common forum which is user friendly and not jargon-heavy.

Uber For Taxi? Uber your self a friend!

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