Pre-Checklist Before Starting Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Business

By January 12, 2018Technology

Cryptocurrency is booming and there seems no stopping it. In the recent years it has proved its worth in the business sector as well. With secured, peer-to-peer networking it has enticed a plethora of experienced trading professionals and start-ups alike.

Sceptics were quick to condemn the fate of cryptocurrency economy. But watching the meteoric rise to fame many investors are making profits in cryptocurrency trading business. The simplicity and the transparency of the cryptocurrency have simplified everything. Every three months a new cryptocurrency is born. Each cryptocurrency is born with a little hype. This blog post is for upcoming entrepreneurs who want to start their cryptocurrency exchange.

Prerequisites for Cryptocurrency Exchange

  1.       Place you want to start the business.
  2.       Research about the regional regulations you want to start the business in.
  3.       Partner with online payment provider.
  4.       Keep track of transaction history and liquidity.
  5.       Implement the top-of-line security practices.
  6.       Offer customer support.

Expand Your Exchange Horizon

Decide where you want to implement the exchange. You can either do it globally or in the local region. Get your necessary licensing and approvals for your exchange. Consult your legal expert on the licensing terms, laws and regulations.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Deep Research on The Regulations of The Place

Every country has its own KYC norms to eliminate money laundering. Have a clear idea of the rules and regulations in the country and adhere to it.

Create Partnership with Online Payment Processors

Next strike up a deal with online payment processor for faster payments. Cryptocurrency has no real asset value so to have clarity over transactions you can partner with payment processors.

Track Your Transaction History and Liquidity

The transactions have to be liquefied to operate successfully. There are three ways to establish liquidity: One, you can simulate trading activity by owning two artificial accounts. Two, you can implement an API interface for your bitcoin. Three, Join a whole bigger network.

Ensure Transactions and The Customer Data are Secure

Any exchange containing all the transactions and customer data needs top notch security. Completely eliminate the chance of security breach within your exchange.

Establish customer support

Another vital component of the successful exchange is the customer support. This ensures that customers can start trading and can have their grievances heard through customer support.

We have seen the checklist containing the prerequisite of creating a cryptocurrency exchange. Now you may have an idea of starting your own cryptocurrency exchange globally. All you need to do is, drop a line on this number +1 (315) 314-3250 or Email at