Snapchat said no to $3 Billion Dollars. Will you?

By November 15, 2013Company Updates


Can you imagine, a company that makes no money whatsoever turning down a buyout proposal of THREE FREAKIN BILLION DOLLARS? Yet, that is exactly what happened to Snapchat.


We all do crazy things when we are drunk. When we sober up the next morning, all the stupid things (Or people) we did are right there staring at us. Embarrassment at its very best! Now imagine if everyone collectively forgets what you did when you were drunk, just like you don’t remember any of it.

That is exactly what Snapchat offers!

First of all, why is Snapchat this famous? I mean what is the appeal? Facebook is like the mothership of all social networks so far. Twitter is quick, quirky and offers 140 characters of fame. What is the driver behind this secretive messaging app, that is getting millions to become addicted to it?

Snapchat is Anti – All Other Social Networks!

Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, two former fraternity brothers from Stanford University created and launched Snapchat in 2011. They are running it out of a beach front villa in Venice, California right now. It was an image and video messaging platform where the messages disappear after being viewed. It was brilliant to send sexually suggestive images or videos and not let it linger to be embarrassed about later. A killer usecase for the hip crowd. Plus, it has got just the right amount of complications to keep the adults at bay 😀

Remember the time when Facebook used to be cool? Before everybody’s Parents and Grand Parents hopped in and started commenting and liking random things? Remember how there used to be this thing called Privacy in Facebook?

Snapchat is all about catering to the community that would like to whisper and not shout messages between one another, like students talking during a lecture 🙂

Young people are now going through what is known as Facebook Fatigue. Although it has Facebook’s moniker in it, it also involves Twitter and other mainstream social networks. Snapchat is refreshingly playful and is becoming a phenomenon in its own right.

This position and rising growth enabled the heads of Snapchat to dismiss an offer no one else could refuse. They said no to 3 billion dollars because by most estimates, they are worth way more.

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 Update: Wow, it looks like Google tried to buyout Snapchat for 4 Billion Dollars?