Uber For Beauty! StyleBee Clone For $999!

By March 24, 2017Company Updates

StyleBee, a new startup that brings stylists to wherever you want them. With StyleBee, customers can order beauty experts from their smart phones. The experts will come to wherever you are and provide you with several services. What else do women need? The effort and time you took to get to the parlor is not needed anymore. Get your hair cut, styled, coloured and etc. From hair to face StyleBee offers you almost anything you need

The booking can be done as early or later as needed and the services are not too expensive. They have a standard price for each service. Uber for x clone StylBee is going to be the next big thing in the market! Like Uber for taxi, Uber can get you a makeover with StyleBee! Targeted clients are people who are too busy to schedule time to meet within the timings of the salons, or for those who need a last-minute styling or blowout for an event. With StyleBee  don’t waste anytime. It’s all done before you know it with no more effort than clicking a button on your phone.
The founder of StyleBee is Anna Santeramo who got the idea from her own experience of not having any time between work and sleep to go to the salon. Customers can now book appointments from home or office with two hours notice. Once the request is sent, StlyleBee fixes the client up with he nearest available professional who will bring their own tools and do the job. StyleBee is one of those services in the sharing economy that depend on a supply of professionals who can use skills they have in their spare time

A good number of employees on the StyleBee platform are professional celebrity makeup and hair artists who were referred to Santeramo through mutual friends or by other artists. It’s a good way for them to make some extra money when their salons are closed.  StyleBee tests the artists before they become a part of the team. They are tested on professionalism, skill and anything else that is needed for the job. This is necessary  since they will be attending clients in their personal space (Home or Office).   StyleBee has a set of guidelines for its service providers and a set of tools it requires for certain jobs, all to ensure that customers get the best possible experience.

Customers can rate the services and their stylists or makeup artists and vise versa. They can even request to have the same person for further requests. Right now, StyleBee has been live in Los Angeles since September but expects to expand to San Francisco Bay Area in a few months.

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